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Boxing Betting

Boxing is a sport that features opponents fighting one another through punching. Participants must wear boxing gloves in order to compete. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, boxing was one of the trendiest underground events for people looking to make a quick buck. 

Gambling has always surrounded the sport. Fans simply placed their bets on a certain fighter and hoped for their guy to win. Due to its popularity, Boxing has become a multi-million dollar business even with its illegal origins. As we will discuss later, gambling is still a large part of the sport. 

Boxing made its first appearance at the Olympics in 1904 and has seen a number of tremendous fighters establish their reputations in the Olympics since. In the mid-1800s, the current rules as we know them today were introduced to the sport. John Chambers developed the Marquess of Queensberry rules which made it mandatory that fights should be fought in a ring and should be fair. 

The rules also stated that fighters should be standing up and also outlawed wrestling and grappling. Participants are not allowed to hit anywhere below the belt area. Finally, matches consist of three-minute rounds with one minute of rest between each round. During this time of rest, fighters are often provided advice and encouragement from their coaches. Fights can be ended early with a knockout punch, but they also can last up to 12 rounds and ultimately be decided via decision. 

Boxing has become one of the most popular sports in the world. Countries such as the U.S.A, Mexico, England, and Russia all have tremendous followings of the sport. One thing that separates boxing from other sports is its fanbase. 

While professional sporting leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB have immense popularity, each of those sports is filled with fair-weather fans. Many of these fans will only watch the sport’s championship if their team is in it. However, boxing fans are dedicated. Many of them tune into every event and are familiar with all of the fighters. 

Boxers can also make an incredible amount of money in their fights. Prizes tend to be in the million-dollar range, which adds plenty of motivation for fighters to accept invitations to matches. The prize money has gradually increased overtime as the sport has grown in popularity. 

Boxers are also placed into different classes, which are determined by their weight. For example, the heavyweight class consists of fighters who weigh around 200 pounds. 

On the other end of the spectrum, lightweight fighters check-in at around 112 pounds. This is important because it provides both boxers with a fair chance of winning and forces the result to be determined by skill rather than a physical advantage. 

Boxing Picks

Boxing features more than just an opportunity to pick a winner of the fight for bettors. However, betting on who you believe is going to win presents the bettor with a 50/50 chance of winning. However, you will make a higher amount of money if you correctly bet on an underdog to win. This is the most well-known and popular form of betting in the sport, but there are other bets you can make. 

Another bet is to predict when the fight will end. Do you believe a fighter has a chance of a first-round knockout? Go ahead and place your bet on it. Although risky, the payout will not disappoint if you are correct in your prediction. 

You can also bet on if you believe the fight will go the distance. This is a 50/50 bet one can make. 

One form of betting that is popular in the boxing community is double chance bets. This allows bettors to predict who will win and how they will win. For example, a bettor can select one fighter to win the match and then predict if they will win via knockout or by decision. This bet is a high-risk, high reward play.

Prop bets predict if certain things will occur during a fight. For example, bettors can predict if fighter A will knock down fighter B. If it ends up happening, the bet cashes. Oftentimes, experienced boxing bettors will try their luck with a number of prop bets. While people new to betting may hope to guess and get lucky, prop bets are better suited for avid fans of the sport. But hey, luck certainly plays a role in gambling. 

You can also make in-fight bets. This allows you to adjust and change your prediction based on how the fight is going. Sportsbooks will change the original odds and lines throughout the bet, which will allow bettors to see the lines via the sportsbook. They may see something change and instantly change their original bet. 

While there are some other minor forms of betting in boxing, these are the ones you will most commonly see. 

Boxing Odds

The odds are presented as a guide for bettors. Whether you are an experienced or a first-time sports bettor, being able to understand the odds is of the utmost importance. If you find yourself in Las Vegas and you have a desire to bet on a boxing match, you’ll want to at least have a basic understanding of how to read betting odds. 

Boxing odds are fairly similar to other sporting odds. But if you are unfamiliar with how odds work, placing bets on things you don’t understand is obviously never a good idea. Let’s take a look at how odds in boxing work.

Whoever is the favorite in a fight will have a – sign followed by a number next to their name, while the underdog will have a + sign and a number. The – sign is an indicator of how much money you will put in to earn $100 dollars. Since this is the favorite, the profit you stand to gain will not be as much. If you selected the underdog, the number next to the + sign is how much money you could make after betting $100 dollars. So if a fighter has -120 next to their name, a bettor would wager $120 dollars in an effort to make $100 dollars. But if the opponent was listed at +145, a bettor places $100 dollars on the underdog and could make $145 dollars if his bet cashes. 

One of the more common mistakes new bettors make is assuming that the boxer with the + sign next to their name is the favorite. Make sure you remember that the – sign is always the indicator of the favorite in terms of odds. 

A betting line with overall lower numbers is typically indicative of a potentially more competitive fight. When a fighter is listed at a higher number, this means that they are heavy favorites. For example, if a fighter is listed at -500, they are expected to win by a landslide. But this presents a riskier bet since bettors could lose $500 dollars if an upset were to occur. 

Boxing Stats

Statistics give a good idea of who the best fighters in the sport are. So understanding what stats in boxing mean is of the utmost importance, especially for bettors. If a bettor wants to do more than the bare minimum and actually research a fight, statistics are a great place to start. 

The first statistic worth mentioning is the knockout or KO. Odds are you are aware of what a knockout is. But if you are not, a KO is when one fighter punches his opponent so hard that they fall to the ground and are unable to continue, therefore leading to a victory for the first fighter. The main stats revolving around the knockout are KO wins and KO ratio. KO wins simply tell how many victories a fighter has compiled via knockout. KO ratio is the KO wins divided by total fights. 

Winning and losing streaks are vital in telling what direction a fighter is trending in. If a fighter enters a match in the midst of a four-fight winning streak, that is certainly a good sign. On the flip side, you should be aware when a fighter is in the middle of any kind of losing streak. However, streak records are more than just straight-up wins and losses. Fighters can have streak records, including wins and losses by decision and KO. For example, a fighter may have a three match KO losing streak. Unless a bettor has a very good feeling about that fighter, it may be smart to stay away from someone who has lost three consecutive matches via KO. 

Fights won or lost via decision are kept on record. Fighters who have strong stamina and are intelligent boxers can often win by decision. Although KOs are a more exciting manner of winning, there are boxers whose strategies revolve around going the distance and winning by decision. 

The average time of fight is another stat worth looking at. As aforementioned, there are boxers who like to go the distance. But others prefer to attack early and aim for an early-round TKO. This is especially important for prop bets. If a boxer has a reputation for knocking opponents out in the early rounds, bettors could place a prop bet according to that stat. 

Bettors will want to pay attention to all these statistics. Odds do a great job of helping you get a general idea of a fight, but statistics present you with the necessary information to place successful bets. 

Boxing Betting Trends

Trends are necessary for betting on boxing. They help bettors understand how a fighter has performed in recent bouts. 

One trend to check is a boxer’s record over their past five matches. This allows one to see if they have been winning and performing well. One trend that is interesting is how well boxers perform at a certain location. This is more important than you may think because some fighters simply perform better at different locations.

One thing to remember is that a fight from five years ago may not be that relevant today. Boxers are constantly training and improving, so these kinds of stats may not be all that helpful. However, looking at head-to-head trends is crucial before betting on fights, even if the head-to-head matchups occurred a few years back. Head-to-tend trends present bettors with an idea of how well fighters match up with one another. Although boxers don’t always rematch with each other, it certainly is worth paying attention to when a rematch is scheduled to take place. 

Trends should not be overlooked by bettors. While stats and odds are extremely important, trends are the icing on the cake for placing a quality bet. 

How to Bet on Boxing

In order to bet on boxing, one needs to formulate a prediction and compare it to the odds of a sportsbook. Sometimes, your projection may line up with a sportsbook’s odds, and other times, it will not. But it is important to be confident in what you believe. Finding matches with an underdog who you think can upset the odds is always a good place to start. It is better to lose $100 dollars taking a chance on a large payout than betting a large sum of money only to make $100 bucks. This does not mean you should never bet on the favorite. There are times where taking the favorite is the smarter choice. 

It should also be remembered that gambling is not a guaranteed business. You might do as much research as possible and still lose money. Upsets are bound to occur, especially in boxing. But by researching the odds, trends, and stats, you give yourself a far better opportunity to cash your pick. It is the difference between a random guess and an educated guess. 

There are plenty of different websites where you can place bets on boxing. You can also place bets at casinos. It is important to make sure you are in a legal betting location before placing a bet.

Boxing Betting Frequently Asked Questions

The legality of betting on boxing varies on a state-to-state basis. You will want to research if sports betting is legal in your current location. Also, some states require bettors to be at least 21 years old, while others list the minimum age at 18.

You will want to research the odds, trends, and stats before placing your bets on boxing. You can also formulate your own lines and odds once you become more experienced.

Many states allow bettors to bet online. However, you will once again want to check your state’s laws and restrictions on the matter.

There is no one best sportsbook. Bettors may want to compare a number of different sportsbooks before placing their wagers. Or, they may find that one sportsbook is more reliable than others. But this is a matter of opinion.

There are boxing events throughout the year. You can place your bets at almost any time.

Sportsbook odds stem from oddsmakers who research the fight and design the odds and lines in accordance with the fight. They are not always perfect, but they do a good job of summarizing a fight’s projection.

If you google a certain fight, there will typically be plenty of websites featuring predictions by experts. This is a smart strategy for inexperienced bettors who could use the advice.

Bettors must first find a legal sportsbook in their state, and then they can choose how much money they want to bet on a fight.

ESPN and other sports websites often provide statistics for boxers. If you google trends online for a certain fight, you will find results.

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