Boxing Schedule

Getting into the Boxing Schedule

Boxing is not like any other sport as there is no official league like baseball or football that has a commissioner to hold court. There are hundreds of promotions that host events, but typically the big four sanctioning bodies are where things get more organized as the IBF, WBA, WBC, and WBO each have their own championship for each weight class. They are scheduled to defend their titles every so often and make sure the challengers are deemed worthy. 

Brief Introduction to Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular sports with a long history behind it. Boxing has been around for over 350 years. On January 6, 1681, the first recording boxing match took place. It obviously has grown since then as it is a form of organized fighting and has been a part of the Olympics since it appeared in 688 BCE. The scheduling of the fights has typically been handled by a promoter who would try to get stars to fight in order to make more money. 

History of Boxing Schedules 

The beauty of boxing is the fact that you can fight at any time as long as there is an agreement between the fighters. Money is the most significant thing in the professional sense, but some of the more prominent fighters are trying to bolster their records and convince people that they are the best. The boxing betting guides really help separate these fighters as they mostly do not have many common opponents. The marquee used to be the heavyweight division but now has jumped to smaller boxers over the years. 

Main Events on Boxing Schedule

The boxing world consists of so many promotions that there are dozens of big main event fights that happen throughout the course of a year. Typically, these are around the championship fights or a big-named fighter taking on another big-named fighter, similar to what Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather were. With the emergence of celebrity boxing, big-time events are happening even more, so check with some of the individual promotions themselves to ensure you do not miss a marquee event. 

Boxing Main Venues

When you think of big fights on the boxing schedule, you tend to think of prestige venues like Madison Square Garden or the MGM Grand. Those are home to some of the more iconic fights and continue to be as the sport continues on. However, boxing is a global sport and has been hosted in large venues like Wembley Stadium and the O2 Arena, to name a few. 

Boxing After COVID-19

The boxing world, like every other live event industry, had taken a significant hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this has changed boxing betting as there is more of a need for an alternate fighter in case a fighter tests positive for the virus. All promotions take precautions to distance fighters before the event and make sure there are no positive tests floating around. However, each promotion is different and could regulate it however they best see it fit. 

Boxing Schedule Frequently Asked Questions

This can change throughout a boxer’s career as to begin, they will likely box more to get added experience under their wings and bolster their records with more fights. Typically, as boxers have made a name for themselves, the number of fights decreases per year.

There is no set number of matches a fighter needs in order to become a professional fighter. However, seasoning throughout the amateur ranks seems to happen for a handful of years as they gain experience against tougher competition.

That is more of a personal preference as promoters try to provide name value and championship fights to their cards in order to generate interest. With so many promotions going on at once, it is possible to have multiple “big fights” going on at once.

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