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Cycling Schedule

Getting into the Cycling Schedule

Cycling is one of the niche sports and is not nearly as popular as football, basketball, or soccer. However, it has a sizeable following of loyal fans who follow its professional scene and don’t shy away from engaging in the exciting world of cycling betting.

As a sport that occurs only outside, cycling has a fairly interesting schedule, seeing how it happens throughout most of the year – skipping only the winter months (November-January). That is possible mainly because cycling races happen all over the world, allowing them to occur in warmer countries during otherwise cold months before moving back to Europe for spring and summer.

Brief introduction to cycling

There are many professional cycling competitions, but the main one is the UCI World Tour, which is a series of races that include +30 road cycling events throughout a single season. The UCI World tour season traditionally kicks off in late February and concludes in late October or November.

The cycling schedule is set so the races can occur in favorable weather conditions, seeing how races wouldn’t be able to happen during winter. That is also why the season’s first race has been moved to the United Arab Emirates before moving to Europe in March when the weather is suited for road racing.

History of Cycling Schedule

The inaugural UCI World Tour season happened in 2009, so the history of the competition is fairly short. That also explains why the cycling schedule hasn’t changed by much over the years, barring some small adaptations.

Initially, the season started in late January in Australia before moving to Europe and concluding in October. The same format was in place until 2021 when the UCI World Tour did not visit Australia, but the dates have remained mostly unchanged except for skipping the Australian race.

However, since the organizers reserve the right to make changes to the schedule, it’s fair to assume the current cycling schedule won’t remain the same for years to come. But, considering the fact that cycling races can occur only during Spring-Fall, it’s fair to expect each UCI World Tour to happen between February and November.

Main Events on Cycling Schedule

The main events on the cycling schedule are the three Grand Tours, which is a term to describe the most prestigious and demanding races of the year in Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, and Vuelta a España.

The three races are traditionally scheduled for May (Giro d’Italia), July (Tour de France), and August-September (Vuelta a España) and are often covered by cycling betting guides as some of the most popular events to bet on.

Cycling Main Venues

As the biggest and most prestigious events of the year, the three Grand Tours are not only some of the most popular cycling betting events but also happen on the most renowned and demanding tracks on the schedule.

Besides the three tracks, a few climbs are known for being the toughest climbs in the world of professional cycling. Those include Passo di Mortirolo, Alto del Angliru, The Monte Zoncolan, and Muro di Sormano.

After Covid-19 Details

The COVID pandemic affected the world of professional cycling, but things are returning back to normal. Still, the UCI World Tour has implemented some measures and health protocols, knowing that while the peak of the pandemic is behind us, the virus continues to spread and affects our everyday lives.

Most notably, all riders need to be vaccinated and need to return a negative PCR test two days before any event. Moreover, the riders need to test during the events between the stages, with an intermediate PCR test conducted during the three Grand Tours.

Cycling Schedule Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2019, the UCI World Tour has consisted of 38 events, spread across the season, which runs from February-November.

There are a total of 19 teams who compete in the UCI World Tour. These include the top teams from the previous seasons and the top the Pro Teams for one-day races.

Eddy Merckx is the current best rider in the history of the UCI World Tour, with 11 Grand Tour victories, including five Giro d’Italia and Tour de France races and one Vuleta title.

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