Esports Matchups

eSports are a relatively new phenomenon that is sweeping the world. In some countries, eSports are actually the most popular sporting event to watch. Many times people gather under one roof and watch people compete against each other playing video games. This is what brings the sport together. You can play many different games for eSports and some of the most popular are sports games or games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends.

eSports Scores and Matchups

eSports scores are relatively easy to determine as the score is indicated by the game itself. The scores for this are pretty automated in the sense that it is whatever the game tells you the score is. eSports contests are nice in the fact that they are automated so the involvement of human error is very minimal. This is what one of the draws to playing in eSports events are.

The matchups are usually generated by seeding the tournaments as they are usually very big tournaments. For the individual events you will see a big bracket of up to 64 teams in one spot at one time. They are tough to seed, however, so you will not always see teams in the correct seeding which could lead to “upsets”.

Understanding eSports Records and Point Spreads

The records of eSports, much like the scores, are easy to determine. It is all automated and scored by the game itself. The game will tell you whether you win or lose and how many points you score. This makes it easy for the point spreads as they only occur in sports games. Most of the time it is just a win/loss bet on eSports as it is very tough to note a point spread in games where you have to attack fortresses and kill enemies.

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