Golf Matchups

The sport of golf is much different in terms of sports betting than the other professional sporting events that are out there. You will still find some similar betting options, but the bets might be set up in a different way. 

Golf is also a sport that doesn’t have events taking place every single day, and most of the action is on the weekend. The PGA Tour is the biggest league when it comes to professional golf, but there are other leagues and organizations out there as well. 

Before you go and place a bet on golf, you have to understand how the schedule works and what matchups are out there. 

Golf Scores and Matchups 

The PGA Tour has tournaments every single weekend, and these tournaments typically begin on a Thursday and end on Sunday. The field is trimmed down after the first two rounds as that is known as the”cut.”

If you are going to be betting on golf, the first step that needs to happen is that your golfer makes the cut. The normal tournaments that are offered by the PGA Tour are not played in a head-to-head format, but rather it’s every person against the field. 

There are some events in which match play is offered, but that changes up how you bet on golf entirely. This is also a sport in which the scores don’t reset each day, and all four rounds factor into the winner. 

Understanding Records and Points Spreads 

Another major area in which golf is different from other sports is that you aren’t going to see a “record” next to each golfer. You can easily find the number of PGA Tour wins that a golfer has, but it’s so much more to it than that. 

Made cuts, top-10 finishes, and runner-up finishes are also important stats when it comes to looking at a golfers resume. You also want to look at how each golfer has fared at a certain course, as that is more important than overall wins.

Betting on a Single Golfer with Point Spread in Golf

When it comes to point spread for golf betting, you will be betting on a single golfer against a score that is set. For example, you might see Tiger Woods -9.5, and that’s in relation to the score to par. 

If Woods shoots 10-under or better than he would cover the spread, but anything worse than that would not cover the spread that is set. Futures betting is most common when it comes to golf, and you will find a long list of future betting options for every golfer. 

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