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Golf Stats

The sport of golf might seem pretty simple on the surface, as the ultimate goal is putting the ball in the hole. This also might seem like a sport in which stats don’t matter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

If you are going to be placing a bet on golf, you have to know what stats to look for and what those stats mean. Plenty of stats can help you become better at golf betting, but the stats can change dramatically week-to-week. 

This article will discuss some of the ways in which golf stats can help you bet on the game and win big when betting on each tournament. 

Golf Stats History

The game of golf has not changed much over the last 100 years, at least when it comes to rules and scoring. The object of golf is still the same, and players continue to play on the same courses around the last century. 

One of the biggest differences in watching golf on television is that the broadcast now has plenty of information and stats to offer up. You can get stats on how fast the swing is and how much break is going to be on the upcoming putt.

This information was always available to the golfers, but it’s now available to the bettors. Not only is it now available, but it’s now available within seconds, and that can become crucial information when betting. 

How to Bet on Golfers Using Golf Stats

If you are going to look at stats for golf, you need to know how to use that information to help you make a wager. Golf can be a pretty complex game, and it’s best to use the available stats to help you bet on just one individual golfer and to know what golf odds are good or not. 

There will be betting options for each hole or each round for the golfers. Look at the stats, such as the number of fairways hit and greens in regulation, to help you make these wagers. 

If a golfer is not in the fairway or can’t seem to get on the green, it’s going to be hard for that player to score. Those numbers could tell you to bet on a player to post a high score for the round or each hole. 

Not only can you find stats that help you bet on each golfer, but you can also find stats for each golf course. Every course will have more difficult holes than others, and you can find those stats to aid in your betting. 

Advantages of Betting on Golf Using Player Stats

The biggest advantage of betting on golf using golf players’ stats is that you have now armed yourself with more information. Of course, the sportsbooks have this information as well, but you can be a better bettor if you know how to use these stats to your advantage by creating your golf betting guides.

Sports betting always involves doing a ton of research, and there are some specific stats that you should be looking for when betting on golf. These stats don’t always help you pick the winning golfer each weekend, but they can open up some terrific betting options if you focus on one golfer or one specific hole. 

Golf Stats FAQs

Yes, golf stats might matter more than the stats in any other sport. It can become easy to handicap certain golfers and tournaments if you know each player’s stats and how they are performing during that event.

GIR means “greens in regulation,” which is one of the biggest stats to look at when betting on golf. If a player does not have a high GIR percentage, their chance of making a birdie or par becomes increasingly less.

The best golfers in the world are usually the best putters, and it’s important to make putts when on the green. There are a couple of different layers when it comes to looking at putting percentage, but the best golfers in the world usually make the biggest putts when it matters most.

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