US Open Odds

The US Open golf tournament is one of the four majors that takes place every year in professional golf. This tournament is run by the United States Golf Association and it has no affiliation with the PGA Tour. 

If you are looking for golf odds then the US Open is going to be one of the featured tournaments. The US Open odds will look very similar to other golf tournaments, but this simply comes with a bigger focus. 

The US Open always takes place in the month of June on the golf schedule and it is the third major of the year. US Open golf is usually a huge challenge for the players and that is the goal of the USGA. 

US Open Golf History

The US Open was first established all the way back in 1895, and it has used largely the same format since 1898. The US Open has the largest purse out of any of the other four major golf tournaments, and the final round is scheduled for the third Sunday in June.

Even though this is played in the United States, it is an open tournament to players from around the world. There have been six different countries represented by a champion since 1950, but the winner usually comes from the United States. 

The 2022 US Open was held at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts and it was the 122nd edition of the tournament. Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Willie Anderson have all won the US Open four times in their careers. 

How does US Open Golf work?

The US Open is one of the four major golf tournaments that takes place each year. This event is not played at one specific course but is instead rotated between a number of different courses. 

There are some golf tournaments that are easier for the players to make birdies and eagles, but that’s not usually the case at the US Open. The USGA likes to make it a challenge for the golfers in the field, and there are 156 golfers each year.

All 156 golfers will tee it up on Thursday, and the field will be cut down to the top 60 scores and ties after two rounds. There are some exemptions given out to players to play in the US Open, but there is also a qualifying process that is in place for the other spots. 

Why to bet on US Open Golf?

The top reason to bet on US Open golf is the simple fact that you can win some money while doing so. Golf is typically a sport that isn’t always the easier to win, but there is a much bigger focus when it comes time for the US Open. 

You want to do plenty of research when betting on the US Open, and you won’t have any trouble finding golf betting stats to use. Betting on the US Open is also fun, and will give you a rooting interest while watching the event. 

US Open Golf odds

You are going to find many different types of US Open golf odds, but this is a sport where traditional American moneyline odds are the most commonly used. Even though there will be some other bets that look differently, you are going to see moneyline odds most of the time. 

One nice thing about moneyline odds is that you can quickly tell how much money you can potentially win. tHis becomes even easier when you use $100 as your example. 

Let’s say that Tiger Woods is at +700 to win the US Open. That means that a $100 wager would result in a payout of $700 if Woods was able to capture the title. 

US Open Golf types of bets or most common bets 

Pick the Winner

Of course, the most common way to bet on the US Open is to simply pick the tournament winner. Golf is a sport where making a future bet is usually the way to go, and this will be a common option that you find.

Future odds on the US Open are going to be posted almost 12 months before that event tes off, and the golf odds will update until things really get underway. This is a bet that can come with a pretty big payout if you win, but it’s also incredibly hard to do. 

Head to Head

Even though golf is an individual sport, you will still see some golf matchups when looking at the US Open odds. These matchups will usually be set based on where players are positioned in the standings, or it could be as simple as looking at the groups. 

If you are making a head-to-head bet then it’s going to be very similar to Moneyline betting in other sports. All you have to do is choose the golfer that is going to post the best score for one specific round or for the entire tournament.


Even though golf odds usually look much different than other sports, you can still find over/under betting options. When it comes to golf, the over/under betting odds look at a specific score for a player. 

Similar to the other golf options discussed, you will find these over/under odds for one specific round or for the entire tournament. 

Golf Props

Prop betting used to be saved for events such as the Super Bowl, but they are now offered on every golf tournament. With the US Open being one of the biggest events of the year, there will be no shortage of golf props to look at and wager on. 

Every sportsbook is going to go about offering golf props a bit differently, and you will have to look at the complete list before deciding what to wager on. You always want to look for value in golf prop odds, and the better golfers will tend to have more options to choose from. 

US Open Golf Betting tips

One of the best golf betting tips to remember is to always do your research before making any bets. Taking a close look at the golf stats can help you identify some trends that can then be used to make wagers.

Golf is a sport in which players tend to go on streaks, and you always want to look for players that are playing the best. The US Open also uses the same courses at times, and you can choose golfers that have had some success at that course. 

Another golf betting tip is to use different types of bets in order to give yourself the best chance to win. Picking the eventual winner of the US Open can result in a big payday, but it’s also hard to do. 

Be sure to mix in some prop bets and bets on many different golfers so that you have some good chances. 

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As soon as the golf schedule is released, it’s immediately time to start looking for US Open odds and start getting your wagers in. Check out the latest sportsbook offers on this page and choose the one that works for you.

After you have received your top offer then it’s time to start making bets using the US Open golf odds that you find. 

US Open Frequently Asked Questions

The US Open takes place in June, and it is on the third weekend of June. There is no specific date, but it’s always the third major golf tournament.

The US Open is played at different courses throughout the United States that meets certain criteria. The USGA selects these golf courses on a rolling basis.

Yes, prop betting will be one of the top betting options when it comes to the US Open. This is just one of the many ways to bet on the US Open, but it’s usually considered one of the best options out there.

The odds for the upcoming US Open are usually available as soon as the previous tournament has ended. These future odds will be changing daily until the actual tournament tees off, and then the odds will update after each round.

The winner of the US Open is the golfer who has the best score after all four rounds are completed. If there is a tie then those golfers will compete in a two-hole playoff where the aggregate score will determine the winner.

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