2/3 Betting System

2 3 Betting System

Getting Started With 2/3 Betting Systems and Combined Bets

When placing bets, the possibilities all sports bettors have are almost endless. Bookmakers offer bettors a wide range of sports and different sports markets within individual events to identify the bet that best suits their tastes, likes, and betting strategies such as 2/3 system.

Sports fans and bettors will also find combined bets within all these options. This is a system where several bets are placed simultaneously, and the ultimate result will depend on the combination of events. 

These tend to be amusing both for sports bettors and bookmakers. Learning the 2/3 Betting Systems (two out of three) and what combined bets offer is the starting point to making the most of any betting strategy.

What are combined 2/3 System Combined Bets?

The world of bets is divided into two main types: simple and combined. A simple bet is one in which only one selection or result is involved. A good example is the winner of a tennis match or an over/under wager on the number of points in a soccer game. 

On the other hand, combined bets sometimes involve more than one selection. Here, appropriate examples of these types of bets include the winner of the tennis match plus the number of points scored.

The key to combined bets is multiplying the odds for the selections. Hence, the prize or profit is higher. However, all the bet choices must be correct for it to be a winner. Therefore, the more variables the combined bet adds, the harder it will be for the bet to find success. Also, the greater the risk, the greater the profits obtained, so the bettor must find the balance between risk and possible gain.

Generally, combined bets must include markets from different events. Although this last requirement is true in many cases, most sportsbooks now offer combined wagers where bettors can select combinations within the same markets or events.

Popular Types Of Combined Bets

When making combined bets, bettors can include as many selections as they want. But, of course, the bookmakers can set a limit of choices, usually set at 12. This relatively substantial number shows how flexible some sportsbooks have become.

As bettors add selections to their betting slip, they will see that various options appear next to the multiplying factors depending on the number of bets they make. For instance, betting a selection with a factor x3 means that bettors are wagering on three choices or outcomes. Here is how some of these bets break down.

Double Combined Bet

As the name suggests, a two-pick combination bet is one where bettors only have two selections. Calculating the total odds is as simple as multiplying the odds of both teams. This is the safest combined betting mode since bettors only have to hit two picks for it to win. 

On the ticket, the bet will appear as a double with the multiplication factor of one (1x). This means that the bettor made a single wager, even though it has multiple parts. 

Triple Combined Bets

If bettors add a third selection to the bet slip, they make a triple combination in which all three choices must be correct to win. On the ticket and according to sports betting principles, bettors will see that the word triple appears with a multiplication factor of x1. However, within that triple bet, bettors can also combine events to form doubles to apply a factor of x3. 

In this instance, bettors do not lose the entire stake if a selection fails. Another option for combined bets of three choices is the Trixie. This unique option includes a triple and three possible doubles between all the picks.

Multiple Combination Bets

Fans can apply for a series of selections within any combined bets, and players can make several wagers by combining all the bets. There are up to seven types of combined bets with more than three combinations bets:

  • Trixie: Four bets combining three selections. Here, bettors opt for three doubles and one triple; they must hit two picks to make a profit.
  • Patent: Seven bets combining three selections. Here bettors are applying for three singles, three doubles, and one triple.
  • Yankee: 11 bets combining four selections. This includes six doubles, four triples, and one quad.
  • Super Yankee or Canadian: 26 bets combining five selections. There are ten doubles, ten triples, five quadruples, and one quintuple.
  • Heinz: 57 bets combine six selections. There are 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 quadruples, six quintuples and one sextuple.
  • Super Heinz: 120 bets combining seven selections. There are 21 doubles, 35 triples, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, seven six-folds, and one seven-fold.
  • Goliath: 247 bets combining eight choices. It holds 28 doubles, 56 triples, 70 quadruples 56 quintuples, 28 sextuples, eight seven-folds, and one eight-fold.
  • Lucky 15: 15 bets combining four selections.
  • Lucky 31: 31 bets combining five selections.
  • Lucky 63: 63 bets combining six selections.

How To Place A Combined Bet

Placing a combination bet, like a 2/3 System bet, is very easy. Users simply need to log in to their favorite sportsbook and go to the events that they are interested in combining. Every time bettors select a market, the bookmaker will add them to the ticket and the types of combined bets they can make. 

The multiplication factor and the odds will also appear on the betting slip details. Then, users only must enter the amount they wish to bet, and they will get a calculation of the potential profits they will win if they are successful.

While bettors are adding selections to their bet slip, messages or icons will appear, giving them a choice to cash out and close out the bet early to ensure they take at least a small profit. Once bettors have completed the bet slip with all the selections they are interested in combining, the type of combination, and the overall amount of the bet, they must then simply confirm the process.

Pros And Cons Of Combined And 2/3 System Betting Systems

As bettors will have been able to conclude throughout an overview of the 2/3 System and combined betting system, these types of bets have many advantages. However, they also have their drawbacks. All bets have pros and cons, but analyzing these is always an advantage. 

The same goes for different betting markets, as all betting markets have their strengths and weaknesses. It is crucial to fully understand the system that you are using to bet and locate where potential weaknesses lie. Therefore, before continuing with a combined bet, bettors are advised to assess the pros and cons of all systems, including the 2/3 System and other combined methods.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Users can get great benefits as these might come in the form of potentially higher payouts, bonuses, and promotions that may apply to these types of bets.
  • There is also a wide variety of combination bet types to keep one’s betting game exciting and diverse.
  • These bets will also allow bettors to get value at the lowest odds.
  • Some bettors have commented that these wagers are simply some of the most exciting in the market.

However, on the opposite end, 2/3 System bets or combined bets are also subject to certain drawbacks:

  • The more selections bettors include, the higher the risk of losing the wager.
  • Bettors can also get carried away when seeing the potential payouts.
  • Every bet must be thoroughly analyzed and considered.
  • It’s only sometimes one of the top positive long-term betting strategies.

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2/3 System FAQs

Starting from the premise that 100% safe bets do not exist, it seems complicated to justify the existence of safe combined bets. As players add selections to a combined bet, the risk is more significant since mistakes ruin the chance. System bets help to minimize risk since bettors can obtain certain benefits if a particular selection fails.

Yes. Logically, a simple bet is better if you are looking for security. Yet, a 2/3 System or combined bet keeps the excitement alive for longer and will always offer bettors more exciting odds. The key is to find the balance between risk and reward. Finding that balance will give players a better chance of succeeding.

Although this depends on the sportsbook, combined bets are usually offered for all different markets and sports betting options. Football, soccer, and basketball can see 2/3 bets offered.


Most sportsbooks offer promotions that excite the various betting segments, such as 2/3 System bets. Players can therefore take advantage of this factor.


Yes. Most sportsbooks will allow users to calculate their odds before placing a 2/3 System bet. When they do, these will also show players the total value of potential earnings they can make.