Boxing Betting Guide

Boxing Betting Guide

How to Bet on Boxing: Boxing Odds and Types of Bets

Betting on boxing is one of the oldest traditions in sports betting. You can trace competitions back to some of the earliest human civilizations. Everyone loves a good fight, and if a contest was occurring, one could assume that folks were betting on it. The modern world is no different, and betting on boxing has never been more action-packed and exciting than it is today!

But how do you bet on boxing? What are some of the best tips and tricks for finding the right fights to bet on?

The article below will look at all of it from the rules, strategies, and common mistakes of wagering boxing events. We will also cover frequently asked questions and tips for success when betting on the sweet science!

Boxing Explained

The art of boxing is complex and incredibly difficult. When fighters walk into the ring, they are mentally prepared for a mental and physical war. Luckily, boxing is one of the most accessible sports to understand as a fan or bettor. 

We will not go into all of the fine print and nuances of boxing rules and regulations. But we will do a high-level overview of how a boxing match works. A fight is typically scheduled for 12 rounds. Two fighters enter the ring and try their best to knock each other unconscious. Each round is scored by the judges using a point system. If both fighters are standing when the smoke clears, the victor is the man or woman with the most points. 

While it is rare, a fight can end in a draw if both fighters finish with the same amount of points. This is usually done to prevent the losing fighter from taking any more unnecessary damage. Contests can also be stopped by the doctors, the referee, or the fighter’s corner throwing in the towel. 

Boxing is a sport, and without rules, a match could spiral into chaos. 

Here are some of the things that are not allowed in boxing and could cost a fighter a point deduction.

  • Biting
  • Holding, grappling, or wrestling
  • Grabbing the ropes
  • Slaps and elbow strikes
  • Punching the back of the head
  • Punching a downed opponent
  • Kicking

Boxing Organizations

An important aspect to understand about professional boxing is the organizations that boxers compete in.

There are a combined 17 weight classes in boxing and five influential organizations in which a fighter can win titles. The best of the best succeed at winning world championships in multiple organizations.

See the significant boxing organizations and titles listed below:

  • World Boxing Organization (WBO)
  • World Boxing Association (WBA)
  • World Boxing Council (WBC)
  • International Boxing Federation (IBF)
  • Ring Magazine Title

Boxing Odds and Types of Bets

Once you have the rules of boxing understood, the next step is to understand what bets you can make and how they work. The section below will look at the types of bets you will most likely encounter when shopping for the best betting lines.

Bout Betting

Bout betting is the most beginner-friendly and straightforward bet to understand in boxing. You are making a wager on who will win the bout outright. When making a bout bet, you will leverage all of your research and statistics to determine which fighter will emerge victoriously. 

Fight Goes the Distance

A fight going the distance bet is just as it sounds. You are betting that a fight will last the entire 12 rounds or the duration of the event. If you see a matchup in which both fighters have a history of going the distance, this could be a good option when the odds are right. 

Round Betting

If you have sound boxing instincts and find yourself predicting when a fight will be stopped, round betting may be a good option for you. Round betting is placing a wager on when the contest will end or if it will go to a decision. 

Method of Victory

A boxing match can typically end in three different ways. Possible methods of victory include:

  • Knockout (KO)
  • Technical Knockout (TKO)
  • Decision

A bet on the method of victory is your prediction on how a fight will end. Another potential outcome in boxing is disqualification; however, it is unlikely to find a sportsbook offering these bets. 


Betting on the over/under is deciding how long the fight will last. Styles make fights, and it is not uncommon for a fight to end in a decision. Watch out for trends in a boxer’s past battles. The chance to bet on the over when you see a history of decisions could be an excellent option. 


Parlays are when you chain together multiple matches into one wager that needs to be 100 percent correct to win. If you pick three separate fights for your parlay, you will need to choose every bet correctly to win. 

Prop Betting

Many folks consider prop bets as fun and exciting wagers that can be made on any aspect of a boxing match. Examples of prop bets in boxing include how long a fight will last, point deductions, which boxer will throw the first punch, or if the fighters will touch gloves to kick off the event!

Boxing Betting Strategies

With so much advice and strategies available for fighters and bettors alike, having a solid approach when making your wagers has never been more vital. The topics below will look at strategies that can lead to more wins when betting on boxing matches. 

Monitor for Fight Camp Updates

While any news coming out of a fight camp or preparations for an event should be taken with caution, good information does also present itself. Monitoring how a fight camp is going relies on your ability to read between the lines. Coaches and boxers always claim they are in the best shape of their lives, but you can find clues to determine the true story of a camp. 

Look At a Fighters Momentum

Momentum is tremendous for a boxer’s mental and physical form. While a loss can provide the opportunity to fix any problems in a boxer’s game, it also gives them time to dwell on it. A recent loss can be a massive blow to their career and mental state. On the other hand, stringing together multiple wins in a row will keep a boxer training hard and raise confidence. 

Check their Sparring Partners

Preparation plays a huge role when it comes to success in boxing. The best training partners will mimic the opponent’s style, allowing a competitor to see what the fight will look like. The most experienced bettors will factor this in when making their decisions.  

Learn More About Coaches

It is easy to find mountains of information on the most prominent boxers in the world. But what about the prospects and undercard fights? Sometimes these fights can be the biggest winners and should never be overlooked.

The best way to evaluate the skill and potential of a fighter is by looking at their coach. Excellent coaches train great fighters. Coaches will generally have a stable of fighters and sometimes work multiple matches in one night. When you find a fantastic coach, there is a good chance they will be in the corner of winning fighters as well. 

Tips for How to bet on Boxing

When it comes to boxing, bouts can be unpredictable, and one shot can change the course of an entire fight. While nothing you can do will promise a winning wager, here are some tips that can increase your chances of success. 

Understand How Fights are Scored

Fights are scored round by round. Each round is scored individually using a point system. Should the fight go to a decision, meaning neither fighter was knocked out or stopped, the fighter with the most points will be awarded the victory. 

Utilize the Data Available

Today’s sports record numerous statistics, and boxing is no different. There is so much data available that can be utilized to make better decisions at the betting table. Leverage this data, and the results will pay for themselves. 

Don’t Bet on Every Bout

When it comes to the pro sports bettors and the folks that consistently make money betting on fights, knowing which bouts contain the most value is a crucial aspect of a good bet.

Betting on every fight of the card is not required and should be avoided! It’s not an excellent plan to bet on a bout because you think a boxer will win. You must also check into the line on a fight to ensure that it is a wager worth making.

Shop for Sportsbooks

When it comes time to investigate sites and online sportsbooks, picking the first option available is a rookie mistake. There are plenty of options for betting on boxing, and you are crippling yourself by not shopping around for the best odds and opportunities that fit your needs. Ensure you are doing your research when choosing a site or several sites to place your wagers!

Don’t Always Pick Your Favorite Fighter

This is a common mistake among new sports bettors and should be avoided at all costs. Emotions have no place when wagering your hard-earned money, and decisions should be made on logic and research rather than preference. Try and take your heart out of the equation and pretend like you do not care who wins before you make your bet. 

What to Avoid When Betting on Boxing

When betting on boxing, mistakes are a common occurrence. Many new boxing bettors follow the same trends when making their first few wagers, sending them down a long and challenging learning path. Below, we will look at some of the biggest mistakes when betting on boxing. 

Listening to Boxing Media

While excellent resources and journalists give exceptional information into boxing, be careful about who you rely on for insights and advice! The boxing and sports media generally love their hot takes before an event. Statements and predictions are typically made to stir a reaction. The main objective for many news sources and websites is clicks, views, likes, shares, and engagement. 

Believing Injury Reports

Rumors of injuries and controversies coming out of training camps before a fight are pretty standard. The truth is, fighters lie. Typically, a fighter would never reveal a genuine injury as they don’t want to give the opposing camp any knowledge that can be used against them before a fight. A boxer is more likely to cover up an injury and only release those details after the boxing match has taken place. It is not good to put too much weight into leaked injury details. 

Betting on Heavy Favorites

Underdogs win all the time, and with so many matches taking place throughout the year, plenty of opportunities are available to cash in on the right one. Look for the styles and physical attributes that will cater to an underdog. It may seem like a sure thing when the odds are overwhelming in one person’s favor, but you have to consider the value and risk of a bet. Risking 1000 dollars to win 10 is not the best practice for sports betting information

Betting on Huge Underdogs

While the rewards of massive underdogs can be tempting for anyone, there is often a reason why the odds are so overwhelming. Big prospects and championship fighters often have tune-up fights in preparation for significant events. While there have been notable upsets in the past, relying on them to make money is not a good strategy. 

Not Doing Research

Throughout this article, we have covered the variety of factors you need to consider when betting on boxing. If you don’t explore each fight or boxer entirely, you are only hurting yourself and the wallet. Set aside time to do your research and make well-informed decisions that will work for you. 

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How to bet on boxing FAQs

As long as sports betting is legal in your region, betting on boxing is also permitted. If not, there are other options you can take to find gambling opportunities online.

When betting on boxing, the favorite will have a negative sign listed next to their name, and the underdog will have a positive sign. For example:

-125 Favorite

+100 Underdog

Boxing fans and bettors can enjoy boxing all year long. With so many promotions and organizations, it is easy to find big fights almost every weekend of the year. Check your favorite sportsbooks frequently to see what wars are going down and your options for betting on them.

The short answer, of course, you can! If you do your homework, shop around for the best betting options, and find the right fights to bet on, you can absolutely turn a profit betting on boxing.