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How to Bet on CFL

How to bet on CFL Betting Guide & Experts Betting Strategies

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is Canada’s second most popular professional sports league after the National Hockey League (NHL). The league was started in 1958 after the Interprovincial Rugby Union merged with the Western Interprovincial Football Union. However, for the first three seasons, teams from the east and west only played each other in the preseason and to decide the Grey Cup champions. Learn with us How to bet on CFL with this guide.

The CFL currently has nine teams divided into the East Division, which features four teams, and the West Division, which holds the remaining five. Teams play an 18-game schedule over 21 weeks, with six of the nine teams making the playoffs. 

The current CFL season starts in mid-June and runs through late November, which gives bettors many opportunities to wager on games throughout the year. The Grey Cup Championship game is played at the end of the season and is one of the biggest annual events for sports betting in the country.  

Similarities to NFL and Unique Gameplay Differences

Betting on the CFL has many similarities to the NFL. Players with minimal knowledge of sports betting should have no problem getting the hang of how to bet on CFL games. However, the CFL has many differences in gameplay compared to the NFL.

The CFL playing field is bigger than the NFL and measures 110 yards from goal line to goal line, with the center of the field being the 55-yard line. It’s also 65 yards wide, with the end zones measuring 20 yards deep instead of ten yards like the NFL. In addition, the CFL goal posts are at the front of the end zones as opposed to the NFL, which features the goalposts at the back of the end zones. 

CFL teams feature 12 players instead of 11, and teams have only three downs to pick up a first down instead of the four downs in the NFL. There is also no fair catch on punts or kickoffs, but the kicking team must give the receiving player a 5-yard “halo” to receive the ball. In addition, CFL rules only give teams 20 seconds between plays before they must snap the ball, while NFL teams have 40 seconds to get off the next play. 

Anyone who understands an NFL or college football sports betting guide will have no problem picking up how to bet on CFL games. However, these nuances should be kept in mind when betting on the Canadian version of the game. 

CFL Popular Bet Types

Although there are many differences between CFL and NFL rules, wagering processes and odds are similar in each market. Football betting guides show that betting odds for the CFL are typically posted exactly like the NFL, with the lines listed on most betting sites and sports betting guides using American odds. There is also a variety of betting markets available, just as in NFL wagering: 


This is a very common bet in CFL wagering. When making a moneyline wager, the only goal is to pick the team that will win the game. The odds reflect the potential payout and the probability of winning for each side and are calculated to encourage action on both sides of the line. 

For example, if the Lions are the favorite on the moneyline at -220, bettors must wager $220 to win $100 if picking them. Alternatively, if the Blue Bombers are underdogs at +200 on the moneyline, a wager of $100 will have a payout of $200 if taking the Blue Bombers to win.

Point spreads

The point spread is also popular when looking at how to bet on CFL. It assigns a certain amount of points to each team which they must cover for the game. It gives points to the underdog, indicated by a plus (+) sign next to the odds. The favorite’s odds will be shown with a minus (-) sign next to the number. 

For example, if the Stampeders are favorites at -8 against the Argonauts, who are at +8, the Stampeders must win the game by at least nine points for a wager on them to be a winner. On the other hand, the Argonauts must either lose by seven points or less or win the game outright for a wager on them to win. Therefore, a win by the Stampeders by precisely eight points is considered a push, and the wager amount is returned to the bettor. 

Totals (Over/Unders)

When betting on the total, or Over/Under, bettors will wager on the combined score by both teams at the end of the game and don’t need to be concerned about who will win. Using the previous example, if the total set by the bookmaker is 35.5, bettors need to decide if the total points scored between the Stampeders and Argonauts will be higher or lower than that number. 

The odds will generally be the same, usually -110, no matter which side is wagered. Keep in mind that the CFL usually features a lot of scoring because of the wider field and faster play clock.  


A parlay is a wager where multiple game outcomes can be put together into one bet. It can include a combination of spread, moneyline, or total bets from various games. However, most sportsbooks won’t permit a parlay including the moneyline and spread in the same game. 

The number of bets permitted in one parlay can vary among sportsbooks. Most will have a cap on the maximum number of legs, while others may offer an unlimited number. The more legs included in the parlay, the higher the payout. However, all legs must have the correct result for the parlay to be a winner.  


Proposition bets wagers on individual players, team statistics, or some other result that doesn’t directly impact the game. These props are based on the over/under format. For example, a prop may be structured to wager on whether Player A will have more or less than 300 yards passing for the game. 

Not all props are based on the game itself, and the number of props offered depends on the game’s profile. Similar to the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup always has more prop betting opportunities than any other game during the season.  


Futures are easy to understand and are generally based on picking season results for each team. The wagers revolve around outcomes for things like division winners, total season wins, and the Grey Cup champion for each season. 

These odds are available at the beginning of each season and will change as it progresses to reflect the current league standings. In addition, some sportsbooks may offer other futures odds, such as which quarterback will lead the league in passing or the receiver who will end the season with the most yards.  

Live Betting

This betting market allows players to bet on the most common wagers like moneylines and spreads, with the odds constantly changing depending on what’s happening on the field. There aren’t as many live betting opportunities in the CFL as in the NFL, but it still offers many chances for making live bets. Of course, more notable games like the playoffs and Grey Cup will always provide a lot of live wagering. 

CFL Betting Strategy

The approach to betting on the CFL differs from betting on NCAA or NFL football. Because teams only have three downs to make a first down, they will pass the ball much more. This typically leads to higher scoring games but can also result in more drives being stopped because of interceptions and sacks. 

Any football betting guide will show that this different style of play also creates more kickoffs, emphasizing special teams’ play. Bettors need to understand these CFL betting tips before placing wagers on any available markets. 

Online sportsbooks don’t concentrate on betting lines for CFL games as much as other professional sports. This is why it’s always a good idea to have multiple sports betting accounts to shop for the best lines. 

There isn’t the urgency to jump on lines as there is in NFL betting, which means it may be better to wait until as close to kickoff as possible to place CFL bets. Unlike other more popular sports leagues, there isn’t a lot of action that can move the line right away, which means bettors should heed these CFL betting tips, as it can be beneficial to have patience.

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How to bet on CFL FAQs

Each team plays 18 games in the CFL, with the season totaling 21 weeks. Because each team has three bye weeks, the season runs from June through November. 

Although there are many differences in the gameplay, there’s really no answer to this question. Betting on any professional sport takes research and patience. As long as bettors are well informed before making their bets, placing a bet on CFL odds can be just as lucrative as the NFL.

There are many different betting markets when looking at how to bet on CFL, from picking a game-winner on a moneyline bet to prop bets to determining the league champion at the end of the season. The best type of wager depends on the bettor’s preference and where the most profits can be made.

Many online betting sites offer CFL betting. Most legal online sportsbooks offer new players competitive odds and attractive sign-up bonuses for using their platforms. 

Betting on the CFL online is safe as long as players use an online legal provider regulated by the government where they live. Legal providers must provide a minimum level of security to ensure the customer’s personal information is always secure.