Five Tips To Win MMA Bets

Five Tips To Win MMA Bets

Get started with how to win MMA Bets on Sports Betting

MMA betting continues to grow in popularity worldwide. For fans that enjoy wagering on the sport of fighting, there is always upcoming action in one of the many MMA circuits, especially in the most popular organization, the UFC. Check how to win MMA Bets in this guide.

Unlike professional boxing, MMA fight cards typically have several fights worth betting on instead of just one high-profile bout.

When first forming a strategy on how to bet on MMA, many will find that it’s sometimes a difficult market to predict. However, many vital strategies can increase the chances of making winning bets.

There are many different markets for MMA betting, with the most popular being the moneyline. Also known as a straight bet, the bettor is picking which fighter they believe will win.

Less MMA Sports Betting

If the fight is a draw, the amount of the bettor’s stake is returned. There is also value to be found in MMA sports betting in some of the less popular prop betting markets. They are:

  • Over/Under Rounds
  • Decision No Bet
  • Round Betting
  • The Method of Victory
  • If Fight Goes the Distance

These markets are ignored frequently by bettors but are where sportsbooks are known to make the most mistakes. However, experienced MMA bettors can often take advantage of these discrepancies and realize it’s an excellent method of how to win MMA bets. 

It’s easier than ever to get started in MMA betting. Many excellent sports betting sites regularly provide odds for all major MMA productions, such as UFC, Bellator, and PFL.

For those looking to get into sports betting and want to learn how to win MMA bets, the following tips can get them well on the way to making a profit while having a fun experience.

Pay Attention to Fighting Styles

MMA bettors that want to be profitable must educate themselves on the many variables of the sport as possible. When betting on MMA, the most important thing anyone can do to improve their chances is to learn the different fighting styles they use and how the fighters will use them in an MMA bout. 

Nowadays, many fighters specialize in multiple styles. Therefore, it’s crucial for bettors not to always classify a fighter by their main fighting style but also to research if they specialize in a second style or have been improving at it. 

Fighter’s Individual Skills

Specifically, bettors need to look at each fighter’s individual skills and determine how effective they will be against their opponent.

For example, if a fighter is a great boxer but is a weak grappler and is going up against a world-class wrestler, one can assume that he will struggle if the fight goes to the ground. 

Bettors must determine what they think the fighter’s game plan will be. If that happens, the fighter will stick with that plan and how well it will work against their opponent.

By looking at past performances and coaching history, bettors can better determine how well the strategy may work. 

Don’t Bet With Emotion

It’s never intelligent in sports betting to wager on any team or individual just because you’re a fan. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes bettors make when deciding on a winner when learning how to bet on MMA.

All the storylines leading up to the fight can be fun for all fans to follow but should be ignored by bettors, who need to approach each fight logically by doing the proper research. 

Those bettors that base their picks on where their heart leads them or what they want to happen won’t be very profitable in the long run.

Do Your Research

So instead, bettors should rely on their research and stats to make the best MMA wagers, which can often mean betting against their favorite fighters.

But, of course, bettors should always avoid wagering on events involving their favorite team or fighter, like in any other sports betting market. 

Search for the Best Value

Another top strategy for how to win MMA bets and be profitable is to always look for the best value. Those bettors that are concerned only with winning each wager won’t make money in the long term. 

Although it may be difficult for some to understand, just because a fighter will likely win the bout doesn’t always make them the intelligent betting choice.

Fighters’ Proper Payout

Bettors must always ensure they are getting the proper payout for the stake they’re risking on every wager.  

For example, 9 to 1 odds (+900 for American odds) imply the fighter has a 10% chance of winning. However, if their actual chance of winning is 20%, the price should be at 4 to 1 (+400), which is known as a +EV (positive expected value) wager.

Professional sports bettors take advantage of this in all sports markets and can often find these discrepancies when calculating how to win MMA bets.

The Fighter’s Age

One of the most critical factors MMA bettors should consider when learning how to bet on MMA is the age of the participants.

Fighters will take a lot of damage during their careers, and even those who once had a steel chin will have a higher chance of being knocked out than younger fighters.

This isn’t only true when an older fighter faces someone younger but also when they’re opposing someone of a similar age. 

MMA Statistics

Since 2020, statistics show that the younger of the two fighters in all bouts has won 62% of their UFC clashes.

While this is an important statistic, this occurs less when two fighters of a similar age oppose each other. For opponents with an age difference of five years or more, the younger fighter won the battle 61% of the time

When that age difference was ten years or more, the younger fighter had a 64% winning percentage. Therefore, betting on the younger of the two can be profitable in the long run.

However, some older fighters are still in great form and use their experience to win with intelligent strategies. 

Don’t Chase Big Parlays

Betting parlays when wagering on MMA can be a great way to make a more significant profit. Fights will sometimes have heavy favorites, and those who take advantage of what is parlay betting can create one large wager with combined legs at higher odds.

When done correctly, parlay betting is an excellent method of betting on MMA events. 

When learning about sports betting & what is parlay betting, bettors often feel too confident and try to increase their earning potential by getting greedy and chasing extreme parlays.

A Huge Risk

They can sometimes take huge risks when choosing them, as almost all fighters will eventually get caught when participating in this unpredictable sport. 

For those that must wager on parlay betting, it’s best to stick to parlaying heavy favorites and limit parlays to a maximum of two or three legs.

This strategy may not bring the biggest profit but will increase the bettor’s odds of winning. 

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How to win MMA Bets FAQs

MMA fights are available year-round and aren’t limited to a specific season. Experienced bettors know that the best time to make their MMA bets is either as soon as the odds are posted or a few hours before the fight starts. 

Betting on MMA bouts is entirely legal at any licensed online bookmaker. As long as online gambling is legal where you live, there are no restrictions on making real money wagers on any MMA event offered by that sportsbook. Check the laws where you live to see if online gambling is legal and only wager at a licensed sportsbook regulated by local authorities.

This depends on the bettor’s preference. Many experts say that betting on props and futures is the best way to wager on MMA bouts, as they can generate higher odds than traditional markets like moneyline betting. Unlike the most popular markets, prop bets include wagers like how the fight will end, which fighter will win each round, and whether the bout will reach the final bell.

No individual strategy is better than any other when betting on MMA results. Even professional bettors employ different techniques when betting on MMA, which they feel can make them the most profit. Novice bettors should always ensure they understand everything about MMA betting before deciding on the best strategy for how to win MMA bets.

With the explosion in online betting opportunities in the last several years, more online bookmakers are available than ever before. As a result, new online bettors are often tempted to join the site that offers the best welcome bonus for signing up. However, new players should avoid making that common mistake. 

Before signing up at any online sportsbook, players should take the time to find an online provider that offers a wide range of MMA betting odds. It’s also a good idea to open more than one sports betting account to shop for the best odds and get the most value from every wager.