Handicap Betting Guide

Handicap Betting Guide: What Does Handicap Means in Betting? What Sports Can You Bet?

Handicap betting is one of the most popular and influential forms of sports betting. Unfortunately, it can also be confusing and difficult for beginners to understand. But there is still hope.

Understanding the handicap betting process does not have to be a horrible experience; it can be enjoyable and profitable if done correctly. If you are new to handicap betting and want to learn how to place handicap bets, this guide is for you. You’ll learn everything there is to know about it.

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What Is Handicap Betting?

At times, the underdog’s fate in a sporting event or competition can be dismal. This can make it challenging to find opportunities worthy of wagering on and opportunities to make much-needed additional profits as sports bettors. Handicapping is a strategy you can use to make a profitable bet in such situations. 

But what exactly is handicap betting?

It may appear a little complicated if you’re unfamiliar with the concept. But don’t worry, once you understand the fundamentals, it’s pretty simple. In sports betting, handicapping refers to giving a weaker team (the disadvantaged team) an advantage to make a match more even. Handicaps are typically numerical, with the stronger team awarding points to the weaker team before the start of the game. They are also commonly referred to as ‘underdogs’ or ‘favorites.’

For example, if team A is favored by three goals over team B, team B is given three extra goals as a handicap for the game. This means that Team B will have four goals, tying them with Team A.

Why Handicap Betting?

A method of adjusting the odds on a sporting event to your advantage. You’ve probably heard of a handicap if you’ve ever played poker or blackjack. You are entitled to a certain number of additional cards or chips, which reduce the house advantage. Handicap betting on sports and eSports is very similar, except you are given an excellent opportunity to earn extra money instead of being given additional cards or chips.

It is an excellent way to increase the profitability of an underdog bet and give punters a better chance of winning.

But why bet against the spread instead of just on who will win? 

Because it gives you some say over how much money you win. In football betting, for example, if you knew a team was going to lose by one point, you would not want to bet on them to win because they would not cover the spread. The team could also win by more than one point, in which case you would lose your bet. So if you know, a team will lose, but you can still profit by less than the spread.

Handicapping allows you to adjust your bets so that you win more money if your selection wins or lose less money if your selection loses by a more significant margin than expected. This allows you to manage risk while still profiting from an event even if you don’t know who will win.

How Is Handicap Betting Represented?

Let’s look at a football match between Chelsea and Leeds to see how handicap betting works. A negative or positive number indicates the handicap for a particular team following the team’s name.

In this case, if Chelsea has an average winning margin of 3 goals against Leeds, Leeds would be given a +2 goal handicap before their game. So if they won by four goals to one, they’d cover the handicap, and their backers (bettors) would win as usual. Similarly, if they lost two goals to one, their backers would be out of pocket because they did not cover the handicap.

Handicap betting is typically defined as giving a team (the opposing team) some points before the game begins. This can range from 0 to 3 points and is represented as a negative number on your bet slip.

Most bookmakers set handicap odds based on a team’s form, historical statistics, home and away advantage, and the number of players available due to injuries and suspensions. Therefore, it would be best to look up these factors before placing any bet. 

What Sports Can You Bet On Using HB?

If you watch football, you’ve probably heard of handicap betting. It’s a popular way for fans to bet on the game, but it’s also available for many other sporting events and non-sports bets.

Horses: It is the most popular type of handicap betting. In this type of betting, you must determine which horse has the best chance of winning based on its previous performances.

Soccer: Involves predicting which team will win based on their previous performance and league table ranking.

Tennis: Occurs when two tennis players compete against each other. It would help to choose between them based on your knowledge of their playing styles and skill level.

Handicap Betting On Esports Explained 

Handicap betting is one of the most popular and profitable types of eSports betting and one of the easiest to grasp.

Betting with handicaps on CS:GO is a simple way to turn an underdog into a profitable bet.

Handicapping is a unique aspect of sports betting because it involves awarding points to one team based on their potential performance. For example, if Team A wins a best-of-three match 2:0 against Team B, but Team B receives 3 points while Team A gets 0 points, the handicap is +3 and -0. If the two teams are tied after two matches, the team with the higher handicap wins.

Handicapping can also be used to create more balanced odds in a game where one team is regarded as significantly stronger than the other.

Due to their recent success in CS: GO and esports in general, teams are frequently considered overrated by fans and experts alike (or undervalued due to their poor results).

Handicapping enables bookmakers to balance games that would otherwise become extremely lopsided, with a lot of action on one side of the bet.

Handicap betting on CSGO and other esports titles such as Dota is similar to traditional sports; however, they might be expressed scores, kills, and match winners.

What Is Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap (AH) betting is one of the most popular types of online sports betting. It is a fast-paced, simple, and exciting way to bet on football, tennis, ice hockey, and other sports and esports events.

The handicap is the number of goals required for the team to win. For example, if your Manchester United AH bet is +1.5 goals, Man U must score at least two goals more than their opponent (or concede one less goal) for you to win the bet. 

To place an Asian handicap bet, you must first decide which team will win or draw the match. You can then decide whether or not to wager on the Asian handicap. If you choose to bet on AH, you choose which team will win by a certain number of goals. For example, Manchester United -1.5 or -2.0, and so on.

Handicaps are used because they make it easier for punters to predict the outcome of a match, lowering their risk when placing a wager compared to regular odds betting such as 1X2 or Double Chance bets.

What Is Handicap League Betting?

All the fun of betting on sports, without the hassle and stress of knowing anything about it: handicap betting is a simple way to enjoy a flutter while learning the basics of betting on sporting events.

Get your head in the game: a handicap league betting guide.

So you’re new to handicap league betting but want to get involved? The basics are easy. 

Here’s how it works:

Handicap league betting has been popular lately because it allows you to place a handicap bet on a team performance throughout the season. 

Bookmakers use handicaps to level the playing field and give ‘punters’ a second chance if they have a terrible day at work or want to try their luck against better players.

In handicap league betting, bookmakers give everyone the same odds but give all players equal chances to win based on their skill level (or lack thereof).

In addition to providing equal opportunities for success, handicapping allows punters to play at different stakes, increasing their chances of winning big money. That is why it is referred to as ‘handicapping.’

Most leagues have pre-determined odds for different teams that do not change throughout the season to make this easier. As a result, your team could be 3/2 with one bookmaker but 5/1 with another. In each case, you have the same chance of winning regardless of the odds you choose. 

If your team is solid and likely to win the league, your favorite bookmaker will give it slightly lower odds than if your team is weak and unlikely to win the league.

What Is No Draw Handicap Betting?

Sometimes bookmakers like to spice things up by offering a no-draw handicap betting option. A no-draw handicap betting system makes it difficult to predict who will win the game automatically. So, if you are not a professional bettor, you can benefit from no draw handicap betting.

If you’re new to horse racing betting, you’ve probably heard of a no-draw handicap bet. A no draw bet is a type of bet where you do not have to pick the winner of a specific sport. It is frequently used by people who have not yet learned how to pick winners or by casual bettors who want an easy way to bet without much research. 

No draw handicaps are very popular in Australia and the United Kingdom, where bookmakers frequently offer them as an alternative to traditional win, place, and show bets.

Wagering on Winning Odds of Multiple Horses

In the context of a horse race, a no-draw handicap is a betting option that allows players to wager on the outcome of a horse race without picking a specific horse as the winner. 

Instead, players can select one or more horses, each with projected winning odds. In some cases, players can use this option to place bets on more than one horse (or multiple horses) simultaneously.

A no-draw handicap allows players to bet on any horse in the race of their choice. This eliminates the need for players to spend time researching each horse to find the one with the best chance of winning. Instead, select your horses and bet. 

When there is no possibility of a draw, no draw handicap betting is used. The two teams cannot have equal points at any time during the game; one must always be ahead. No draw handicap betting is most common in lower-level matches and tournaments with large prize pools, but it is also popular with football teams and other sports and eSports titles.

Wrap Up: Place Handicap Bets Today

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of handicap betting on sports and esports, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Although it’s a simple concept, keep in mind what a handicap is before betting.

These minor advantages could make a massive difference in your bankroll. So, after you’ve digested this information and begun working with it, please pay close attention to how it works.

As previously stated, these strategy points should be helpful, but there is always more to learn. There are several reasons to bet on a favorite or underdog instead of the favorite when handicapping sports or eSports matches.

For example, you may believe that a given favorite is overrated and due for a loss, or you may think that an underdog offers value compared to the rest of the field. Whatever the reason, it makes sense to understand how handicap betting works and how you can begin handicap betting on your favorite sports and esports. 

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Handicap Betting FAQs

At times, the underdog’s fate in a sporting event or competition can be dismal.

If you watch football, you’ve probably heard of handicap betting. It’s a popular way for fans to bet on the game, but it’s also available for many other sporting events and non-sports bets.

Asian handicap (AH) betting is one of the most popular types of online sports betting. It is a fast-paced, simple, and exciting way to bet on football, tennis, ice hockey, and other sports and esports events.