How Does A No-Deposit Sportsbook Bonus Work?

How Does A No-Deposit Sportsbook Bonus Work?

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As sports betting has become mainstream in the past several years, many sites like online casinos and sportsbooks are offering no-deposit bonuses to new customers.

This means players can now enjoy betting on their favorite games when and where they want.

For those looking for an online sportsbook that offers a welcome bonus, there are different types of free signup bonuses available, with competing providers offering some of the best promotions available online. 

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What a No-deposit Bonus Sportbook Does?

A no-deposit bonus sportsbook gives free money to new players who want to open an account at an online bookmaker without requiring any deposit.

The idea is to get people excited about playing at a specific website instead of them just passing it by because they don’t see any value in playing there.

Most online providers give out some type of welcome bonus, so new players are advised to shop around before depositing to ensure they get the best welcome offer. 

What is a No-Deposit Bonus?

Casual sports bettors will sometimes only deposit money when they want to bet on a particular game.

That might be because it’s a specific team playing, or they see value in betting on a certain team or player. 

Whatever the reason, they need to make a deposit to place any wagers. No-deposit bonuses, however, are not meant for players to deposit money to bet with.

This is because the sportsbook offers bonus money to sign up and join its website. It’s up to the player what they do with that free money and how they apply it to their gambling budget.

Why Are No-Deposit Bonuses So Popular?

The biggest reason no-deposit bonuses are so popular is that they are free. That means that anyone can sign up at a new sportsbook and have the money credited to their account, allowing them to place bets immediately. 

No-deposit bonuses also allow bettors to play at multiple sportsbooks. This lets them shop around to ensure they are getting the best odds possible before deciding where to place all their bets. 

An Initial Deposit

When making an initial deposit, there’s no way to know if the sportsbook is offering the best odds or if players should just stay with the provider they already have an account with.

That’s why no-deposit bonuses are so popular, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of placing bets online without putting any money down at all.

How to Claim a No-Deposit Bonus

There are a few different methods to claim a no-deposit bonus, with the most popular being through a free signup offer.

Players can find all the information they need to claim a free signup bonus in the offer’s terms and conditions at the sportsbook where they want to open an account.

They can then go ahead and set up an account. Once registration is complete, the bonus will immediately be credited to the account. 

No-Deposit Bonus Depends on the Provider

A no-deposit bonus sportsbook will typically give the bonus in the form of free bets. Depending on the provider, it could be in the form of one free bet of $25 or $50 that can’t be divided into smaller bets.

It could also be given as multiple smaller wagers, such as two free bets worth $25 each. 

No matter how the bonus is given, there are always wagering requirements that must be met before any winnings can be cashed out.

This is known as the rollover, or play-through, on the bonus amount. No profits can be withdrawn until this rollover is met. 

Existing Player Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are most popular for new players. However, sites will sometimes offer a deposit bonus to existing sports bettors who want to add more money to their accounts.

Reload Bonus

This is called a “reload bonus,” and is most popular with online casinos. 

Players can also sometimes add money to their account and not have to make a deposit if they’re already existing customers as a type of loyalty bonus. However, most will only allow players to add money to their account if they make a deposit first.

Bettors can find this information on the terms and conditions page of the online provider they’re interested in opening an account with.

Pros and Cons of No-Deposit Bonuses

As with any type of online sports betting bonus, there are positive and negative aspects. Some of the pros of no-deposit bonuses are:

  • No cash deposit is required to trigger the bonus
  • It’s 100% risk-free
  • New players can test out a new provider without an investment
  • Bettors have a chance to build up their bankroll using the bookmaker’s money
  • Low rollover requirements


There are also a few drawbacks to no-deposit bonuses that players should be aware of:

  • It’s the most difficult bonus to find online
  • Winnings don’t include the amount wagered when paid back
  • Lower bonus amounts than typical welcome bonuses
  • There’s sometimes a waiting period to withdraw after the rollover is met


Is the No-Deposit Bonus Legit?

Almost every sportsbook and casino online will offer some type of bonus when opening an account. However, some of them are simply better than others.

A no-deposit bonus is meant as free money to get new players excited about the provider and make a deposit.

What Players Should Focus On?

That being said, players should focus on finding the best odds and payouts for their wagers before thinking about how much they’ll make without depositing any money. 

Players should also make sure they’re depositing at an online sportsbook that accepts various deposit and withdrawal methods to make sure their money is secure and to avoid scams on betting.

Some sportsbooks only accept credit card deposits, which is fine, but they’re not as fast and secure as other methods.

Try First the Website

New players may also want to consider opening an account with a no-deposit bonus sportsbook to see if they like the site before depositing any real money.

This makes it easy for them to get started without making a big investment. In addition, online sports bettors will always have the option of closing the account if they don’t like what the provider is offering.

Are No-deposit Bonuses Easy to Find?

No-deposit bonuses aren’t easy to find at online sportsbooks, mainly because online bookmakers don’t like to give bettors an advantage by giving away free money.

The standard sportsbook welcomes bonus forces new players to make a deposit. This assures the provider that the player will use their own money, which is more favorable towards its bottom line. 

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a provider that offers this promotion, though. Operators new to a specific betting market are most often the ones that use this type of bonus to attract customers. 

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No deposit bonus sportsbook FAQs

Why do sportsbooks offer no-deposit bonuses?

In the highly competitive online gaming market, online sportsbooks and casinos offer free bonuses to help attract new players to its platform. It also helps online gaming sites to compete with land-based providers, where many comps and free cash offers are used to reward customers. Online gaming providers have found that this type of bonus is a great way to secure new players.

Can I withdraw the winnings I make with a no-deposit bonus?

Yes. However, this depends on the type of bonus given and the terms and conditions of the offer provided by the bookmaker. Winnings on a no-deposit bonus will sometimes require a deposit before a withdrawal is allowed. These two types of no-deposit offers are known as “cashable” bonuses and “non-cashable” bonuses.

Is a no-deposit bonus offer worth taking?

Yes. This is free cash offered by an online provider that lets players try out a new bookmaker with no risk. Players have nothing to lose, with a chance to build up their bankroll using the sportsbook’s money.

However, players should always make sure to read the terms and conditions and only play with a provider that offers the easiest deposit and withdrawal methods should they need to cash out any winnings or make another deposit. Players should also be aware that there is usually a period after opening the account that the bonus must be wagered, or players could risk losing their free bets.

What’s the most I can withdraw if I win using a no-deposit bonus?

This depends on the online provider and the terms and conditions of the no-deposit offer. The maximum withdrawal varies from one provider to another. For example, if a player wins using a no-deposit bonus, there is always a maximum amount they can cash out, which typically is between $50 and $200.

How do I qualify for a no-deposit bonus?

A no-deposit bonus at an online gaming site can be given in several ways. Players may receive a promotional code or coupon that can be entered at the cashier section during registration for a new account.

Additionally, some sites may require the player to contact them via live chat to receive authorization for the bonus. The last method in which players can receive a no-deposit bonus is by just signing up for an account. The provider will automatically credit the bonus to the new customer’s account once registration is completed.