How NFL Player Prop Bets Work

NFL Player Prop Bets

Getting Started with Prop Bets: How NFL Player Prop Bets Work

The sports betting world is diverse and ample when it comes to offering sports to bet on and a wide array of markets to select.

Prop bets are an excellent way to get started in sports betting, especially when attempting to make the betting process more exciting.  Bettors may have heard of the term prop or proposition betting but may not know what they are.

Uncovering the specifics behind props will allow bettors to make the most of each prop bet, mainly when applied to a large-scale and popular sport such as the NFL. 

A Better Spot at Future Sporting

Prop bets, like futures bets, are bets placed on a future sporting or entertainment event. In fact, in a sense, prop betting, a basic how to bet on football principle is another style of futures betting, with the difference being that prop betting is mainly focused on an individual player or sporting event. 

As it tends to happen with top sports options such as the NFL, the possibilities are almost endless, and the betting market widens. Understanding how NFL player prop bets works is a popular tip all bettors can begin with. 

How Do Prop Bets Work?

As constantly mentioned by betting experts, sports betting and gaming providers seek to provide entertainment and fun to their users.

In turn, the possibility of obtaining profits through various types of bets, including prop bets, is the outstanding result that all users hope to achieve. 

Unique betting markets work similarly to the conventional sports betting market. Both converge on one primary similarity, focusing on future events or predictions. However, the prop bets betting market differs slightly from traditional betting markets. 

Players’ Estimation

Bettors can always opt to estimate and bet on which team will win, lose, score first, or win the first half, among other categories. Props and how NFL player prop bets work makes some of these categories more special. 

In other words, for the traditional sports betting markets, offers are made according to the probabilities that exist regarding the results of a game.

Betting Markets for Prop Bets

At the same time, the betting markets for prop bets or special bets offer the option of betting beyond the ultimate result of a specific match or game. 

Here is where bettors can make predictions about the outcome of an event or a major season. Players can also reduce these bets to single events, and bettors can predict how many touchdowns a player might score in a single game or an entire season. 

Defining which markets are available for special bets would be uncertain since the markets are different and unique for each sporting event.

However, this is what makes them special bets. These are ample and quite entertaining regarding NFL player props markets. 

What Are NFL Player Prop Bets?

NFL player props are side bets that are not determined by the game’s outcome. Most commonly, NFL player props have to do with player stats and numbers and are, therefore, more focused on individual player performance. 

By betting on these options and categories, bettors are supporting that the outcome they have chosen will most likely occur during a specific game or even season.

Yet, the outcome or result of the bet is, once again, dependent only on the performance of that particular NFL player and is, therefore, independent of the outcome of the game itself. 

NFL Player Props

In part, NFL player props are becoming increasingly popular because they are attractive and appealing to all types of bettors.

From those bettors that consider themselves more traditional to those that love to engage in daily fantasy sports.

With those games built around individual player production, there is a natural transition to the rise in player props in the NFL as a form of entertainment and a betting target.

What Are Examples of NFL Player Props Bets?

One way to better understand an NFL player’s prop is to look at specific examples. For instance, an NFL player’s prop bet might involve a top player and the outcome of their performance.

Say a bettor picks Patrick Mahomes and bets on his passing yards rate for a specific game. 

Like standard wagers, bettors will often find these with a betting line for both sides of the bet, similar to the over/under market. Here, part of the strategy is understanding how sports betting against the spread & over and under betting compare.

In this case, say the prop bet is about looking into the number of passing yards Mahomes will finish with after the game. These are the two lines:

  • Mahomes over 122.5 passing yards (-140)
  • Mahomes under 122.5 passing yards (+120)

Using this example, a $100 bet on the over would make a bettor a $100 profit if Mahomes throws for more than 122.5 passing yards during that game.

A $120 bet on the under would return $100 for a total payout of $220 if Mahomes threw for less than 122.5 yards for that specific game. 

Some prop bets will be tight and have lines as close and narrow as -105 or -110, which is just another side note to keep in mind when opting for prop bets.

Another example of an NFL player’s prop bet is a yes/no bet. For example, bettors can wager on whether the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce will score a touchdown or not. The lines may be set as follows: 

  • Travis Kelce to score a touchdown (-300)
  • Travis Kelce to not score a touchdown (+250)

NFL Player Props are among the most popular bet categories, given the diversity of odds and possibilities all bettors can choose.

Keeping the market open will allow bettors to make the most of each bet and have fun while creating their picks. The key is knowing how NFL Player Prop Bets work and how to make the most of them. 

What Are Some NFL Player Props Bet Categories?

A wide variety of NFL player prop types are available, and the list keeps growing. Here are some of the most popular types of NFL player props you can expect to see listed in top gaming providers:

QB Passing Yards

Bettors can predict the number of passing yards a quarterback will finish with after a particular game. For instance, a bettor thinks Jimmy Garoppolo is playing with a chip on his shoulder and still has something to prove after making it to the Super Bowl in 2019.

If hopes are high for Garoppolo, bettors can wager on whether he will complete a pass of at least 70 yards when the 49ers play their next game. 

QB Interceptions

Since 2021, one quarterback has led the category as the player with the most interceptions. Although Matthew Stafford led the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl ring, he also became the quarterback with the most interceptions during the regular season.

Stafford has been the league’s quarterback with the most interceptions since 2021. That brings his total number of interceptions to 22.

Therefore, some would say Stafford is a safe choice when placing a props bet at which QB will end up with the most interceptions by the end of the current official NFL season. 

Running Back Touchdowns

Jonathan Taylor is looking quite strong for the 2022 season. So Taylor might be an excellent pick to bet on whether a running back will finish with a certain amount of touchdowns during a particular game or by the end of the season. 

Wide Receiver Yards 

Cooper Kupp is a strong option, yet the list widens when bettors consider other top wide receivers such as Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson or even the Las Vegas Raiders’ Davante Adams. These players will be set right from the start to see if they can surpass the 2,000 receiving yard mark. 

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How NFL Player Prop Bets work FAQs

Yes. Because some odds are hard to beat, bettors can still take a risk and make top money when placing wagers on NFL Player Prop bets.

Many sportsbooks will offer daily odds boosts that can be used to bet on NFL player props. As with buying lines, bettors are encouraged, at all levels, to take advantage of the daily odds increases on offer as they can help increase your edge.

An ample range of NFL Player Prop bets is available at most online sportsbooks. Some of the most popular: first touchdown scorer, last touchdown scorer, anytime touchdown scorer, as well as others within the passing and rushing props featuring more broad categories

Yes. NFL Player Props bets are one of the fastest-growing betting categories. NFL player props are also increasing in popularity among traditional fans and bettors.

Bettors must think and acquire habits different from those handled or implemented when placing traditional bets. By doing this, bettors can get endless special bets linked to specific game outcomes and various players.