How to Use Betting Trends

How to Use Betting Trends and Become an expert into it

There are many risks involved for those that enjoy sports betting. However, players can also help manage that risk by keeping up with betting trends. As sports betting gains popularity, bettors constantly look for more ways to beat the bookies. 

One of the methods that bettors like to use is analyzing betting trends to become more informed about any team or upcoming matchup. Many experts consider using trends an easy way to improve the quality of their betting predictions. 

Right or Wrong Methods

There is no right or wrong method to approach sports betting. Of course, there are always certain things bettors should and should not do. Regarding a specific approach, there’s no correct way to bet on sports. 

Unfortunately, no perfect guide will guarantee success when learning how to use betting trends. The best way to become successful in sports betting is to know what works and what doesn’t, based on experience. However, using trends and patterns can be valuable to sports bettors when used correctly. 

What are betting trends?

Using betting trends to gain an advantage involves the bettor identifying patterns in previous sporting events and using that information to predict the outcome of a future event. Sometimes trends represent the direction something is headed or how it’s developing. This information can sometimes be valuable to bettors when making their game picks.  

Following developments in public betting trends is also one of the essential tools used by professional handicappers to look for value in each pick. They can investigate what’s making the line move and see where most of the public is placing their money for a specific matchup.

There are several types of betting trends that bettors can use for the same goal of analyzing the data to become better informed before predicting the outcome of an event. 

Situational Trends

There are two main betting trends when considering how to bet on sports. First, situational trends look at game outcomes that fit a specific situation. Bettors can sometimes use these to find valuable betting opportunities when the bookmaker’s odds may be priced wrong. The goal when using situational trends is to discover data that can help bettors understand how teams are likely to perform in specific situations. 

Bettors must do extensive research to get the most from situational trends. However, novice bettors will find many can be discovered by studying standard statistical data like a franchise’s home record against winning teams or their record after taking a big loss. Not much effort is needed to collect the information, which can be a great tool to help bettors make more accurate picks. 

Betting Trends

A betting trend has to do with the amount of money being wagered at a specific online bookmaker. This information can be more valuable than bettors may think when looking at sports betting strategies. Betting trends on a particular event can’t give players a clue about what will happen during the game. However, there is still plenty of helpful information to be found here. 

Contrarian Betting Strategy

Seeing where the public is putting their money is the basis of what’s called the contrarian betting strategy. This is a popular strategy experienced handicappers use, mainly when betting on the NFL. This is also known as “fading the public.” While this strategy presents limited opportunities, it’s based on solid logic. The idea of the strategy is to bet against where the majority of the money is being wagered. 

This can be an effective strategy in many situations. However, with modern online bookmakers becoming more efficient at setting their lines and odds, finding value is becoming more difficult. Bettors should look for cases where the public betting trends have moved the lines enough in one direction to create value for betting against them. 

This is done by watching how the lines move. If the odds for the favorite start to get lower or the spread is getting bigger, it means the public is betting heavily on them to win or cover the spread. 

Understanding the Value of Trends

When trying to understand how to use betting trends, bettors must also learn how to identify value in a specific pattern. Unfortunately, there’s no particular way to calculate how valuable a trend may be, as players must use their own experience and judgment to determine how to use them. However, bettors should consider several factors to see how valuable a trend can be.  

The first thing bettors need to consider in how to use betting trends is how long a trend has been in effect and whether the applicable data is valid anymore. This will immediately give bettors insight into whether the data can reveal anything at all. 

Some trends that have been extended over several years can still have some merit if there’s enough current information to support them. However, bettors must remember that a trend is only helpful if the sample size is big enough to extend over a long period.

Using Trends as a Betting Strategy

When using trends as part of any betting strategy, the player must also try to judge how valid the trend is. If there’s no good reason a trend exists, it may not help determine what might occur in the future. For example, many statistical anomalies in sports betting are widespread in the NFL. 

These trends don’t happen for any particular reason and can’t be very useful to sports bettors. For example, an NFL team has won the last ten games they’ve played in Week 14. There’s no logical reason for them to win because of what week it is during the season, so a trend like this is nothing more than a coincidence.  

Finding the Best Trends

The most prominent advantage players have when using trends in sports betting is that there is plenty to discover, and they are very easy to find. Bettors don’t need to spend hours studying massive amounts of information to determine if a trend exists. However, using trends as part of betting strategies has one drawback for players. 

Many other bettors use trends to help them make accurate picks, and bookmakers consider this when setting odds on any eve. However, using trends is more limited when looking for the best value in any market. While trends have been used, relying on them for a solid betting strategy isn’t as effective as other methods. 

Advice from Expert Bettors

For bettors that want the best benefits from trends, it’s best to try and use those that no one else has yet discovered. The ability to find unique trends relevant to a specific betting approach and help to find more value in the top sports betting markets. However, this may not be the best approach for novice bettors, as they need a deeper understanding of what to look for, which can only come with more experience. 

To discover the best new trends, players need to have access to tons of data, which takes a lot of time that new bettors should use to focus on other aspects of their sports betting. However, expert bettors don’t recommend that beginners spend much time thinking about trends. Instead, once they get a basic understanding of how they work, they can return later and focus on gaining another level of experience. 


Discovering how to use betting trends is a standard method to gain an edge in sports betting. Many of the trends discussed can help sports bettors make better decisions and find more value in their picks. 

However, bettors should also remember that while trends provide a lot of additional information to consider when making selections, that info is only useful in combination with many other factors. Also, what occurred in the past can only give bettors a small idea of what will happen in the next game.

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How to Use Betting Trends FAQs

Trends can be beneficial in analyzing a player or team’s performance, but only in the context of the wager being considered. For example, knowing how many games a team has won in a row has no bearing on picking the over/under of their next matchup.

Betting trends refer to how the public is betting. Bettors can either follow the public trend or bet against them, also known as fading the public. This is important in sports betting as players can see how the general public feels about a specific matchup.

There are many places online to find information about public betting trends. This includes data from specific online sportsbooks to provide players with historical information on how the public is wagering.

Some of the most important stats to consider in NFL betting are yardage gained, turnover margin, and time of possession. These are among some of the most important, but they shouldn’t be the only thing considered before making picks.

There can sometimes be a lot of value in doing extensive research and paying attention to trends that affect the outcome of a game. However, bettors should consider all factors before picking the result of any event.