Motorcycle Racing Betting Guide

Motorcycle Racing Betting Guide

MotoGP Racing, Bet Types, Tips & More!

Motorcycle racing has a loyal fan base worldwide, with the MotoGP series serving as the top in the sport. MotoGP motorcycle racing fans are very knowledgeable about their favorite sport and always open to newcomers who want to learn more about it. As far as motorcycle racing goes, MotoGP Motorcycle is by far the most famous circuit in the world.

MotoGP is enjoyed by millions of fans globally, with most of the teams based in Europe. Italy and Spain have the most teams based in their countries, with about 12 teams competing each season for the annual MotoGP World Championship in every race and two riders in each event. This guide will provide bettors with everything they need to know about MotoGP and the complexities of betting on the sport. 

What is MotoGP Racing?

MotoGP is the top circuit in the sport of motorcycle racing and hosts a worldwide series of 19 races held in Europe, Asia, and the western hemisphere. Most of the biggest brands of motorbikes regularly compete in the series, such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Ducati, who have dominated the sport for many years. 

The season is separated into various individual races in which riders race to qualify for the upcoming Grand Prix. They accumulate points based on the weekly results, which are added to the MotoGP Championship leaderboard. 

The qualifying position before the race will determine where each rider will start the competition. Races are run each Sunday during the season after riders complete several practice rounds, which is very important in getting used to each course leading up to the actual event.

The MotoGP motorcycle circuit is the oldest world championship series in all of motorsports. It is separated into four classes, the GP (Grand Prix), Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE. At the Moto GP level, teams are permitted a maximum of 1,000 cc motors with four-stroke engines. 

The motors in this class each have 765 ccs and a three-cylinder displacement and are all manufactured by Triumph. MotoE is the newest class to be introduced in 2019 and features only electric motorcycles provided by Energica Ego Corsa.

MotoGP Wagering

There are many betting options available for wagering on the MotoGP motorcycle circuit. Betting on races in the series is among the most thrilling markets available in professional sports. In addition, the series features some of the best professional riders from around the world. 

As a result, betting on the sport is becoming more popular in the U.S., especially in the midwest and southern regions of the country. The MotoGP Indianapolis is the most wagered race in the championship, which features many more events to bet throughout the season. 

Online wagering has become the best way to bet on MotoGP for real money. There are many advantages to placing wagers online instead of at a brick-and-mortar location to have better long-term success. The average odds found online for MotoGP motorcycle racing are always higher than at land-based sportsbooks, with a broader variety of markets offered. 

Besides the convenience of betting from a mobile device, sign-up bonuses are available for new customers at most online sportsbooks. Online providers also offer live betting during the race, allowing bettors to wager at any moment during the event. 

MotoGP Bet Types

There are several options available for MotoGP betting. Predicting the race outcomes correctly can be very rewarding as far as the payout, but betting on MotoGP odds can be even more exciting using the various other markets available. Here are the most common bet types offered at online sportsbooks.

Outright Winner

Picking the outright winner of each race is the most popular option fans like to use as it’s very easy for bettors to understand. Each race features lists of the competing riders alongside their individual odds to win the event. 

Odds are based on performance in past races and the rider’s success versus the rest of the field they’re competing against. The odds will show the clear favorites, with the rider with the best odds being the most probable to win. For example, betting on the favorite to win the race with -150 odds means bettors need to wager $150 to win a $100 payout. 

Podium Finisher

This is another market that is easy to understand, as bettors need only to pick the rider they think will make it to the podium. It doesn’t matter whether the rider wins the race or not. They must only finish in the top three for the bet to be successful. 

Sportsbooks offer this betting option for every race. The podium finisher is a standard wager for fans that know a specific driver will do well in a race but are not confident enough to bet on them being the outright winner. 

Fastest Qualifier

Drivers in each event will have a different starting position for the race, depending on how they qualified before the event. Qualifying is held the day before the event, with the pole position awarded to the driver with the fastest time. 

This also gives bettors an idea of how well a driver will perform during the race, providing them insight into how the race will finish on Sunday. This is similar to a bet on the outright winner, in which wagers are placed on an individual rider to win the race. 

Head to Head

This MotoGP motorcycle race betting option gives bettors various choices of different pairs of riders. Players only need to pick one of the drivers to finish in a higher position than the other, with each one having individual odds. The winning driver does not have to finish on the podium or win the race for this bet to be successful.  

Top Finisher

Using this MotoGP betting market, bettors can pick a specific rider to finish either in the top three, top five, or top ten at the end of the event. However, a wager on any rider to finish in the top ten will pay less than betting on a top-three finish. 

Live Betting

Many top online sportsbooks offer live betting markets in addition to their pre-race choices. As a result, this is becoming one of the leading markets for many MotoGP bettors, as it offers the excitement of betting on odds that change during the progression of the race while watching it live.

MotoGP Futures

The MotoGP motorcycle series is a long season with various events. Therefore, bettors can wager on which rider or team will come out on top at the end of the season. For example, bettors can make wagers on who will win the individual MotoGP Motorcycle Championship or the team that will accumulate the most points for the season, known as the Constructor’s Championship. 

Higher odds are posted in this betting market before the start of the championship and will change as the season progresses. Therefore, it’s essential to check them periodically if planning to make a futures bet during the season. 

MotoGP Betting Tips

Like any other type of sports betting, there are tips that all bettors should keep in mind. Before betting on any race, players should take the following into consideration.

Weather conditions

MotoGP’s races are held outdoors, meaning the weather can significantly impact any rider or a specific race. So, always consider this before making any wagers on MotoGP.

Previous results

Keeping up with a rider’s previous results and current form is the most basic element that bettors must research before wagering on MotoGP events. Adjust bets accordingly if the results don’t favor your picks.

Watch the race

Bettors need to watch the event to become more familiar with the riders and compare research done before the race whenever possible. Want to learn more about Moto GP motorcycle? Follow us on Twitter

Moto GP Motorcycle FAQs

Betting on MotoGP is legal as long as you reside in a state in wMotoGPich sports betting is regulated by the local gaming authority and is readily available for customers.

Winning while wagering on MotoGP depends mainly on the types of wagers the bettor places. Players who are knowledgeable about the sport and study the drivers and odds are more likely than others to make a profit. Also, bettors can increase their chances of making an even bigger profit by betting on the most favorable odds.

The MotoGP betting market is already very popular and, along with other motorsports, is gaining even more prominence. There is also an entire community of fans and bettors that like to follow motorsports, including Formula One and the NASCAR Cup Series.

Each MotoGP motorcycle racing event awards points based on the finishing positions of the top 15 riders. For example, first place is awarded 25 points, second place receives 20 points, and third place is given 16 points. The points received gradually decrease as you move down to 15th place, where the rider will receive one point.

For the 2022 season, there were six manufacturers and 12 teams that started the season. Each team has two riders for a total of 24 competitors that will start in each of the 19 season races.