The Paroli Betting System

Progressive betting strategies are used by gamblers and bettors who want to use a straightforward strategy that can help increase profits. The concept of these strategies is about adjusting the size of the wager depending on the previous result. 

Progressive betting can be used when wagering on sports but is more commonly applied while playing casino games like slots, roulette, and blackjack. However, bettors can use progressive betting methods for almost any type of wagering. 

The Paroli betting system is a progressive betting system that’s one of the most popular among gamblers that like to use them. The two main objectives of this system are to consistently get small wins while lowering the risk of significant losses. 

In addition, it is a positive, progressive system, meaning stakes are increased after each win. Of course, no system guarantees players will make a profit, but this system is attractive because it’s easy to use. 

How The Paroli Betting System Works

The Paroli system has been implemented successfully since gamblers first used it while playing an Italian card game called Basset in the 16th century. It’s used most commonly nowadays when playing baccarat and roulette. 

However, bettors can use the Paroli system for any game with 50/50 odds bets like craps, Pai Gow, and blackjack. The strategy is simply about adjusting bets based on a few simple rules.

Rule 1 – Choose a Base Stake

This involves deciding the base wager amount while considering the total amount of the player’s bankroll. The amount should be anywhere from 2% to 5% of the amount the player can afford to lose. So if the player has a bankroll of $500, a base stake between $10 and $20 is the correct place to start. 

Rule 2 – Double the Stake after a Win

Each time the player wins with the initial stake, it should be doubled on the following bet. For example, a win on the initial bet of $5 means the next stake should be $10. If the player wins again, the next bet should be doubled to $20. 

Rule 3 – Stop Doubling Bets After Three Wins

After a third consecutive win, the player should stop increasing bets and return to the original stake. The reasoning behind this strategy is that winning three in a row is pretty common and much more likely than winning four or more. 

Rule 4 – Return to Initial Stake After Every Loss 

When players lose a bet using the Paroli system, the following wager should always go back to the base stake. Unlike other betting systems, the wager should never be increased after losing

The Paroli bet system is straightforward among most betting strategies. The objective is to double up three times, make a nice profit, then start the process again. Theoretically, players shouldn’t have much problem accomplishing this several times during a betting session, hoping that the gains from the winning streaks are more significant than the total losses. 

Pros and Cons of the Paroli System

There are several advantages to using the Paroli system as a betting strategy. It’s very straightforward and doesn’t require players to memorize a sequence of numbers or use a chart. It’s probably the easiest betting system to learn, and new players won’t have a problem becoming adept at using this strategy. 

There is also less chance of reaching table betting limits, and players have the potential to get consistent small wins. The Paroli system also ensures players won’t suffer big losses unless they encounter an extremely long losing streak. 

The main disadvantage of the Paroli system is that there are no guarantees players will win money. Just like any other casino gaming strategy, a series of negative results can lead to significant losses. 

Paroli System Success

However, with the right sequence of results, all players can come out ahead, which is the case with every visit to the casino. As a result, the house will always have the edge, and the Paroli system does nothing to shift that advantage in the player’s favor.

The system’s success is dependent on winning three wagers in a row. However, getting three straight wins at even odds has the same probability as losing three in a row. 

The Paroli system won’t improve the player’s chances of winning in the long term, and there’s no way to determine how much time it will take to get those three straight wins. So bettors also need to be ready for some long stretches of small losses. 

The Paroli System for Sports Betting

The Paroli system is used mainly with casino games and by many experienced sports bettors. However, bettors must only use the system on wagers with odds as close as possible to 50/50. Since the strategy is to double the bet following each win, players must use those winnings to make the next bet. 

For example, making a bet on a -300 Moneyline favorite won’t win the player enough to double the next wager. This is why bets with even money odds can only be used. 

The best thing about the Paroli system is that it provides an easy way to manage a bankroll. As a result, sports bettors that follow the system perfectly will never chase losses and make wagers too big when feeling confident. 

The Paroli System in Casino Betting

One of the most popular betting systems in casinos, this system is designed to use even for money wagers on games like roulette, where odd and even or red and black are the options. The Paroli system is designed to give players bigger winnings in the short term. 

However, The key to walking away with a profit is knowing when to stop. Players that decide to stick around and play one last round might find themselves going into the negative. Although the session may end in a loss, it may take longer to lose than without using the system. 

More Time Playing your Favorite Games

Since playing in the casino is an excellent form of entertainment, this betting system allows players to spend more time playing their favorite games. In addition, the Paroli system can be used in blackjack because there are only two possible outcomes for each hand. Therefore, splitting and doubling down is not an option to ensure the system doesn’t interfere with the correct wager size. 

Not splitting and doubling down in the right circumstances is an error when aiming to play the optimal blackjack strategy. However, the system can be employed when doubling down or splitting, with the potential to win more significant profits. 

Any other wagers that cost extra money, such as buying insurance or side bets, must also be eliminated. If the bettor is comfortable playing blackjack this way, they can use the Paroli system to get short-term wins.

Paroli System Variations

There are some variations of the Paroli system that have slightly different approaches:

  • Inverted Paroli

Inverted Paroli is a variation that is more focused on losses than wins, similar to the Martingale system. Players must double their stake on a losing bet to cover losses from the previous wager. The stake will stay the same after a win, and the bettor should return to the original stake after three losses in a row. 

  • Extended Paroli

Extended Paroli is another variation that emphasizes wins, but it depends on the amount the player wants to stake. Players must double the stake after every win while keeping the same value following each loss. The bettor should return to the original stake after three straight wins since the win probability is lower.

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The Paroli System FAQs

Yes. This system doesn’t involve complex systems designed to reduce the house edge. It’s a straightforward progression system that only determines how much the bettor wagers on each event. There’s no legal reason for casinos to ban any betting system. However, individual players can be banned at the provider’s discretion.

Since no betting strategy guarantees players will make a profit, no systems are 100% safe. So while it does help to limit losses by getting bigger wins, it doesn’t improve the odds of winning.

Yes. NFL and football betting, in general, offers players many betting opportunities that have 50/50 odds. Therefore, it benefits players who enjoy live wagering and helps maximize profits.

The Paroli system is excellent for players just starting in casinos or sports betting. It’s easy to learn and helps new players avoid taking big losses. However, for novice bettors that prefer to use the system, it’s better to start playing for lower stakes.

No betting system guarantees players a profit. Unlike other betting systems, this method helps to reduce losses and makes it possible to get significantly higher profits on each win. However, since the Paroli system is based on winning streaks, there’s no guarantee of how long the player will have to wait to get that first streak.