The Patent Betting System

Patent Betting System

The sports betting sector has many ins and out, although most beginners only know simple and parlay bets.

However, once they have become familiar with the betting platform and these bets, many look for new betting systems with which they try to maximize their profit while enjoying their favorite sport.

One of the best examples of this is the patent bet, also called the patent betting system, which consists of three different events and seven bets with which bettors cover a wide variety of chances of winning. 

The Basis of the Patent System

The patent system is a system in which you choose three different events. You choose a bet for each of them and place seven bets based on the combinations that can be made.

In doing so, with the patent betting system, you have:

  • three simple bets
  • three double bets
  • a triple bet


With this patent of seven bets, you considerably multiply your chances of winning. However, depending on your success, you will obtain a lot of benefits or only recover a part of the investment.

Let’s Do a Simple Mathematical Calculation

Of course, you will have to do a simple mathematical calculation to know how to divide your investment into these seven options.

In short, the total amount bet will be the result of allocating the same amount marked on the bet slip to each of the seven possible combinations.

Therefore, you are facing one of the best sports strategies that you can choose to be able to carry out an increase in your performance within the field of betting.

Example of a Patent Bet

To get started with the patent strategy, you have to choose the three selections that you will add to the betting slip. For example, selections A, B, and C:

  • Selection A: Carolina Panthers win @ -217
  • Selection B: Kansas City Chiefs win @ -125
  • Selection C: Seattle Seahawks win @ +110


If you turn these options into a patent betting system, you get the following:

  • Triple 1: Carolina, Kansas City and Seattle win
  • Double 1: Carolina and Kansas City win
  • Double 2: Carolina and Seattle win
  • Double 3: Kansas City and Seattle win
  • Simple 1: Carolina wins
  • Simple 2: Kansas City wins
  • Simple 3: Seattle wins


How to Bet a Patent Bet

To get started with a proper patent strategy, you have to choose three selections in the sportsbook and add them to the betting slip. By default, the odds of a parlay bet will likely appear, in this case, a triple.

To convert it into a patent, you have to select system bets in the betting slip, and the different system bets available will appear.

Trixie Betting System

Be sure to check the patent option, as in the Trixie betting system, you also have to select three different bets.

Differences Between Systems

The difference between patent and Trixie is in the three simple bets that appear in the patent system bets and that do not appear in the Trixie, which is limited to the triple bet and the three doubles (four bets in total for the seven patents).

Finally, you must indicate the amount to play for bets and place the bet.

How Patent Bets Are Paid

Keep in mind that this refers to all seven bets, so you have to multiply the amount to play indicated by 7.

Controlling the Stake

Thus, if you indicate one unit, you are actually playing seven. That is why it is so important to control the stake and know the minimum bet allowed. 

Rounding up, to play a unit in total, you will have to indicate 0.15 (0.15 x 7 = 1.05). Check the amount on the slip and the number of bets to avoid surprises.

Even if you place all seven bets at the same time, at the moment of truth, they are seven independent bets, and they will be paid as such.

How You Will Be Able to Collect Bets?

If all three are winners, you will collect all seven, but if one of the three selections fails, you will only collect bets where the failed selection is not involved. 

Using the example above, if all three win their matches, you win all seven bets.

However, if Carolina and Kansas City win but Seattle doesn’t, you will have won the three bets in which the Seattle Seahawks are not involved. If only one of the teams wins, only the single bet on this team will win.

Gradual Difficulty Icreases the Challenge

What defines system (or multiple) bets is their gradual increase in complexity.

As you take more or fewer forecasts as a base, always from three, the combination options skyrocket.

It is important to remember that the Trixie system bet is even simpler than the patent since it does not include the three simple bets and is limited to creating a system of three double combinations and a triple accumulated bet.

Who Uses Patent Bets

Normally, these types of bets are made by people who are very involved in the world of sports betting.

If they don’t already make a living from it, their intention is to do so or they are on their way to it. This means a lot of bettors won’t use it.

People who bet only occasionally, opt for the more conventional markets, make simple bets in a wide variety of markets, or like many, make a parlay bet with several selections that won’t touch system bets such as the patent betting system.

Lack of Understanding

In many cases, it is due to a lack of understanding of how it works. However, using this type of strategy can help you take greater control of your bets and to get the best performance from your predictions in all kinds of sports.

In any case, today, the most popular bookmakers already allow you to place patent bets online.

Advantages of Patent Betting

The biggest advantage of any patent bet is that it guarantees you profits if only one of our bets fails, but a part of the investment is recovered if only one of the options is correct.

Therefore, the patented betting system is less risky than a parlay bet. In addition, it helps expert bettors multiply their winnings if they are sure that they are going to hit all their predictions.

Disadvantages of Patent Betting

The biggest drawback of the patent bet is that the amount you want to play is multiplied by seven, so the initial investment is quite high.

Here lies the real importance of the patent strategy because it is essential to have information about the events and to understand the market and the participating teams.

The Complexity of the Bet Makes a Difference

The complexity of sports betting is one of the issues of greatest concern around it. However, it should be known that in most cases, sports betting is always more complex than simple betting.

The reason is found in the fact that it is necessary to comply with all the programmed results in order to rise as the winner of the challenge.

The Greater Number of Bets

In this sense, the greater the number of bets that you make as a base, always respecting that it must be from three, the combination options increase, but so does the complexity.

Therefore, you are faced with an option that, although it is true that it can generate a significant amount of benefits, the number of combinations and complexity that it can achieve must also be taken into account.

However, the main benefit of this type of bet is profitability.

Benefits of This System

Therefore, although it is true that the complexity of the bets can be greater than what you would find in any other option, the reality is that you also find yourself with a system that can benefit you considerably the moment in which you carry out the wager. 

If you succeed with the bets in question, you will have a range of options to be able to make the most of all your savings. This will, in turn, allow a greater number of options for future bets.

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Patent system FAQs

Patent bets are entirely legal. While some sportsbooks still don’t offer them, they are becoming increasingly popular.

There’s no way to guarantee winnings in sports betting; there’s always the risk that any wager completely fails. However, the patent betting system can increase the chances of seeing some type of return on the investment.

The patent bet is more popular in sports where several events are played on the same day, especially since bettors don’t have to wait as long to learn the results. In addition, the idea is that the combinations of the patent bet are in the same sport.

The patent betting strategy is broader and covers seven options (one triple bet, three double bets and three single bets). In contrast, the Trixie bet bypasses the single bets and is limited to four options (one triple bet and three double bets).

Learning how to apply the patent system is easy. However, learning how to apply it masterfully takes time and a lot of education.