Prop Bets Explained

Make Clear What Is a Prop Bet? Definition, Examples NFL, NBA, MLB Prop Betting Strategies

Prop betting is a very fun way to make bets on sporting events if you do not want to select the moneyline or spread for a team. If you think you know which team is going to score to start the game or how many points a player will score in a game then betting on props might be for you.

Over the last few years prop bets have become much more popular and have been a popular option for casual sports bettors. Some props bets do not take much skill while others need as much research as the game itself. Some bettors enjoy placing prop bets more than they enjoy betting on the game. Sometimes doing this can be even much more lucrative as well.

What Is a Prop Bet and Does it Work?

A prop bet is a wager made on a specific player or event in a game rather than the game’s outcome. With the exception of point spread, total, and moneyline bets, almost every wager on a game can be considered a prop bet. 

An example of a prop bet would be “How many throwing yards would Lamar Jackson have?” instead of betting on who will win between the Ravens and Patriots. In this scenario, the options are to go Over or Under the given total. In almost every major sport, prop bets are available. These bets, like traditional game wagers, are placed prior to the start of the game.

Props are popular in NFL betting. For example, among the NFL prop bets you might see: 

Colts vs Texans: First Touchdown Scorer

TY Hilton +200

Jonathon Taylor +225

Rex Burkhead +325

Carson Wentz +450

Like game and point spread odds, the odds are based on a $100 wager. It doesn’t matter which team wins the game with prop bets; what matters is a certain person or incident in the game.

How Did They Become So Popular?

Prop bets have been around for a long time. Super Bowl 30 between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots was the first notable prop bet that pushed the feature into the forefront. With reports that Bears defensive tackle William “The Refrigerator” Perry may be used in offensive goal-line situations, Vegas casinos placed a prop bet on Perry scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl. He did, and the casinos lost hundreds of millions of dollars as a result. Since then, prop bets have been on the rise.

Not only is the Super Bowl the peak of American sports, but it’s also the apex of prop bets. Each year, hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets (including Super Bowl MVP) are available, with props accounting for more than half of the money spent on the game. 

In recent years, top bookmakers have taken advantage of the trend, adding the function to regular-season NFL games, as well as NBA, MLB, NHL, and other major sports. In the New York sports betting market, a fan using one of the top NY betting apps would want to bet on the New York Jets’ over/under games, while someone in the Michigan sports betting information might want to bet on the Detroit Pistons’ over/under.

The Benefits of Prop Bets

Prop bets provide a lot of versatility, which you can use to your advantage and profit. Assume you’ve dissected every element of the NBA matchup between the Rockets and the Celtics. You may be wondering who will win or which side of the spread offers the most value. However, you believe James Harden will struggle against the Celtics’ formidable defense. You can avoid betting on the game’s outcome and instead concentrate on the value you’ve discovered.

You can also expand your knowledge. You may bet on both if you think the Packers will easily defeat the Bears on Monday Night Football, and Aaron Rodgers will have a monster night.

Prop bets are a terrific method for new bettors to get into the game without having to pick a winner or stick to one side of the spread. The odds of winning are around 50/50, and the payoff is the same on both sides. Playing a prop bet can also be a simple way to add excitement to a boring TV game.

Prop bets often have lower betting limits than game bets. With so many props available in so many sports, betting companies have greater motivation to focus on the game lines, which means there’s a higher chance of a prop sliding through the cracks and the line being wildly off.

What to Watch for When Betting Props

Prop betting can be thought of as a method to spice up your ticket and possibly profit from a flaw in the game plan. The main worry is that it means that you must have extensive understanding of players, matchups, and gameplans — yet it can appear to be too simple at times. The sides are usually equal (posted at -110), which means that both possibilities are equally likely to hit.

For example, it’s natural to believe that a hot Giannis Antetokounmpo will have a big game against the Suns’ poor defense, but the Suns have previously held the Greek Freak in check. Do missing players help or hurt either team’s chances?

Properly playing props means that you must give it a great deal of thought. It can be beneficial to initially have a strong opinion on a game’s outcome. If you think that a team will win in a blowout then it may make sense to place a prop bet on the best player on that team to score the most.

What are Fun and Skilled Prop Bets?

Prop bets are often placed into two categories, fun and skilled. 

Prop bets that are more entertaining for the sake of fun are those that need more luck than skill. The coin toss, the length of the national anthem, and the number of times the cameras will show the head coach are all popular Super Bowl examples.

For most games, skilled prop bets are available, and you may use your sports knowledge to make an informed decision. For instance, how many touchdown passes will Matt Stafford throw in a game, the first team to score ten points, and the first offensive lineman to be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft are all possibilities.

Only skilled props can be a component of a long-term betting strategy that pays off. You’re not going to hit on the apparent randomness of fun prop betting on a regular basis.

NFL Prop Betting Strategies

Each week, there are dozens of NFL prop bets to choose from, the most of them are centered on player passing, rushing, and receiving totals. There are also game and team props available, such as first touchdown scored, first team to 20 points, and longest field goal made.

Props are best approached through research and study. Avoid those that are based on luck and instead concentrate on those where trends may be identified. 

Is one team known for being a fast starter, while the other is known for being a sluggish starter? Is it possible for one side to gain a lot of yardage but then falter in the red zone? Is there a rushing back who averages 120 yards versus bottom-half run defenses but only 65 yards against top-ten run defenses? There are a plethora of intriguing NFL team and player props out there to bet on.

NBA Prop Betting Strategies

During the NBA season, most props focus on a game’s scoring — total points or 3-pointers made, for example – while assists and rebounds are occasionally available.

It’s beneficial to get familiar with the members of the team. If you reside in the Indianapolis region and watch every Pacers game, you’ll have a good idea of how a game will go. You can use the information that you find to help you make smart prop bets.

One of the advantages of NBA prop betting is that there are less variables to consider when choosing a winner. You may concentrate entirely on a single player creating assists or rebounds, for example, without worrying about his shooting or who is guarding him.

Avoiding thinking a player is destined for a breakout game because he’s been slumping is key, but it’s sometimes easier said than done. Following your instincts isn’t a winning technique. Rather, pay attention to the figures and statistics. Make a wager using your mind rather than your heart.

In the NBA, prop piggybacking may pay off handsomely. If your calculations indicate that Steph Curry will have a strong game versus the Heat, but the Warriors have struggled as a team, there’s a chance to double up on one game.

MLB Prop Betting Strategies

No other sport allows you to place as much emphasis on trends and statistics as baseball. Baseball props, in comparison to whole game wagers, may offer more sure-bet options.

The pitcher vs. hitter matchup may be used to forecast a game’s first 5-6 innings. If one pitcher’s ERA is 4.10 in the first inning but 2.80 in the second, and the opposing lineup is hitting .378 in the first, the prop bet on a run scored in the first inning would be a good bet. 

The same approach may be used to predict how many strikeouts a pitcher will throw or which of two players will have the most hits in the game. Baseball statistics and metrics appear to be limitless, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, MLB props may provide a lot of value.

How to Make a Prop Bet

Prop bets are accessible at almost every online sportsbook and are placed in the same way as any other game bet. The chances for most prop bets are identical to game odds. An NFL prop bet would look like this:

Justin Herbert Total Passing Yards In Week 1

Over 275.5 Yards -110

Under 275.5 Yards -110

Prop bets frequently have more than two possibilities. As a result, the chances are frequently higher, with a bigger possible reward.

First Touchdown Score: Bengals vs Ravens

Joe Mixon +300

Joe Burrow +350

Lamar Jackson +450

JaMarr Chase +475

A $100 wager on Chase scoring the first TD of the game wins $475. 

Not all props’ odds are that straightforward. Props in games, in particular, may alter rapidly and significantly. You will need to make sure that you have the most up-to-date odds prior to placing your bet on the game.

Can I Live Bet on Props During Games?

Prop bets make up the majority of the activity in live betting, which is the fastest-growing type of sports betting. In-game prop action allows you to wager on anything from who will score the next touchdown to the outcome of the next drive, and even the next play or at-bat.

How do You get Paid for Prop Bets?

Prop bets are paid out in the same way as game bets and other bere. It will be paid out whatever the bet’s odds are.

The standard line for prop bet odds deemed even is -110 for each side, which means you’d have to invest $110 to win $100. Oddsmakers may adjust the lines if the line is distorted. They can fluctuate swiftly and significantly in in-game chances of live events.

How are Prop Bets Different From Future Bets?

The similarity between a prop bet and a futures bet is that neither is directly about the outcome of a game. Prop bets are focused on individual players’ actions or specific events, whereas futures are focused on long-term goals, such as which team will win the World Series or which player will earn the NFL MVP.

Where Can I Make a Prop Bet?

Almost every major sportsbook now accepts prop bets on a range of sporting events. As long as sports betting is legal in your state you may make a prop bet. You are able to do this either at a sportsbook or on the app that you use for your online betting. Want to learn more about What is Prop Bet? Follow us on Twitter

What is Prop Bet FAQs

A prop bet is a wager made on a specific player or event in a game rather than the game’s outcome.

Prop bets have been around for a long time. Super Bowl 30 between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots was the first notable prop bet that pushed the feature into the forefront.

Prop bets are often placed into two categories, fun and skilled.