Teaser Betting Guide

Betting 101: Teaser Betting Guide: What They Are, How to Place a Teaser?

If you are a pro gambler, then teaser betting is the best way to make money when gambling online. Teaser bets have an outcome that will be determined by the result of another bet or event.

This means that if one side loses, the other side wins. Teasers can also be used as a method for increasing your bankroll and making sure you don’t lose all your winnings in case of a bad streak.

You can use this guide to help you decide which teasers to place at each casino site. We’ve combed through hundreds of information regarding teaser bets, and inc this article, you’ll learn what teaser bets are, how to place them, teaser bets for a variety of sports, and teaser bets for professionals.

Teaser Bets

When you make a teaser bet, you can alter the point spread or over/under by a predetermined number of points. Being effective as a teaser necessitates many bets to be linked together. For the teaser to work, all wagers must win.

There are many different types of teaser bets. Because of their similarity to double or parlay bets and their strong connection to betting lines, this is why.

Some of the teasers may have come from sportsbooks, too. Teasers are easy to understand if you already know how to bet on lines.

Teaser bets alter the betting lines and point spreads to make things more equitable. This increases your chances of winning a wager. 

However, as you might expect, accepting lower odds to increase the likelihood that your bet will pay off comes at a price.

How Does a Teaser Bet Work?

Most teasers have six points. To improve or worsen a spread or total, you can add or subtract six points in any direction. Some sportsbooks offer 6.5- and seven-point teasers.

Two or more bets are required to make a teaser, but some bookmakers require three or more wagers. The reward is greater, but the risk is greater as well. Each bet in a teaser must win for the teaser to make money, just like in parlay betting. 

The teaser as a whole is judged to have failed even if just one game fails.

From 9-point favorites to 3.5 points underdogs, the Baltimore Ravens were teased. As a result, the Ravens became nine-point favorites over the Chicago Bears, who had previously been a 2.5-point favorite.

The Ravens must now win by at least four points, and the Bears must either win or lose by at most eight points for them to advance. In this scenario, the bettor stands to win $100 on a $110 teaser bet.

Teaser bets are available at the majority of sportsbooks in the United States. With a teaser, you can simultaneously wager on many different point spread betting options. To win the teaser wager, each bet leg must be correct. Point spreads can be a lot of fun if you’re a good gambler. 

Discussing point spread odds is an excellent place to start. Point spread wagers are handicap bets in which one team is deducted a certain number of points before the start of the game, which is known as the favorite. The underdog receives the same number of points as the winner as a head start.

Consider a matchup between the Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots. This is how it looks:

-4.5 for the New England Patriots (-10) (-4). (-110)

Although the Cleveland Browns are considered underdogs, they still hold a 4.5-point advantage. The Patriots have slightly better odds at -110 than their money line betting price of -135 due to the 4.5-point spread.

The Patriots defeat the Browns 43-40. The Browns would have finished with a total of 44.5 if you had bet against the spread (40 + 4.5).

Teaser Sports Betting Guide for Beginners

If you follow the advice of our experts, teasing teams won’t be as complicated as it appears. Teasers will be more effective if you follow these five tips:

Look for ways to cover the most common margins when betting on football. In football, for example, the most common point difference at the end of a game is three. There are seven, four, and six-point margins in the next three games. Teasers can always aim for these margins if desired.

Tease games with 7.5, 8, or 8.5-point margins of victory. As discussed earlier, the normal range of +/- 6 points covers all the margins.

Find two places that are good for teasing, as per the primary teasing method. To begin, reduce the favorite’s odds to one point or less. Secondly, tease the underdogs until they are within a field goal of the goal before stopping.

Listen to experts when they say a team is going up or down in terms of their odds. That is true with some sports betting information and bet reviewers. After signing up, you’ll be able to use them immediately.
Play only NFL teams in your mock games. College football betting can be a lot of fun, but the games themselves can be pretty exciting as well. Your teasing won’t have as much impact because the lines at the end aren’t as tight as in the NFL.

Teaser Sports Betting

Baseball Teaser Bet

Because of baseball’s poor attendance, teases aren’t usually allowed.

Teaser Bet Basketball

Teaser betting isn’t just for football, as we’ve already stated. Football isn’t the only sport that has it. Basketball is no exception.

Betting sites will give you a tease of up to six points if you wish to place a teaser bet on two or more teams. Make a hybrid teaser with varying point values for football and basketball.

The three-team teaser may be made even more challenging by adding a team. They can wager on seven points at +100 odds or eight ends at -110 odds if they wish to do so.

By including the fourth team, more teaser bet alternatives become available. The bettors now have two more options for placing a wager worth up to 10 points in their favor.

Teaser Betting Strategy

Teasers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are proven methods for getting the most out of them.

When it comes to point spreads, there are a lot of significant numbers to consider because of the way football is scored, from 3-6, 7-10.

Since many NFL games are decided by small margins like this one, the reason for this is apparent. Your teasers are more likely to cover the spread if you use teasers to move away from and through these critical numbers.

Spreads can be reduced to zero in various ways, all of which have supporters. This means that a teaser bet on the NFL spread will result in a loss because very few games end in a tie. To profit from shorting a favorite in favor of a short underdog, you’ll need to stake more than zero.

College football teasers are easy to come by, but their volatility and larger point spreads may make them more challenging to profit from. Because of the NFL’s more significant level of parity and predictability, teaser wagers are more accessible. You’ll get more bang for your buck this way.

Over/Under total teasers are less popular than point spread teasers. Several numbers are critical to keep in mind when adjusting totals. Taking points off lower numbers and assuming the Over are the best teaser moves for those totals.

Teaser Sports Betting Guide for Professionals

If you think you can change the odds in your favor and win a bet, teasers are a good strategy. Many sports bettors believe that teasers are the only parlay options worth considering.

Because even a simple NFL two-team parlay bet has odds of 4 to 1 compared to 50:50 odds for single bets, this is the reason for the disparity.

However, if you know how to change the line in teasers, your 4 to 1 odds can improve significantly—your chances of winning increase dramatically if your favorite cover is less than -8.5 points. Even a field goal would be enough to cover the spread in the second scenario.

Teaser bets are fun for professional gamblers because they get to pick the proper spread for each chance. To accomplish this, the referees always aim for a close game between the two teams, even if only by a few points. 

Nullification of the score is pointless because they won by more than eight points. You may place a wager on the team’s point spread.


With teasers, you can link games where you’d be safe with a more significant point differential. Your teaser must have the same number of points on each of its legs, regardless of whether you tease upwards or downwards. 

Six to ten points are the typical range for this number. You can get less money out of this type of parlay because you’re manipulating the odds in your favor instead of the other way around. 

When it comes to parlays, teasers are akin to “all or nothing” wagers, even though they aren’t. In a teaser, you should never go over zero. So, if the score is tied in football and basketball, a point is conceded. 

Always cross over at least the numbers 3 and 7 when using a teaser. For the NFL in particular, this is especially true. Also of note are the numbers 6, 10, and 14. 

Because NFL games rarely end with significant differences in scoring, these numbers are more likely to show a score difference at the end of the game than less important numbers like 2, 5, 11, or 12. 

Teasers are a great option for diversifying your betting options and testing new strategies. Want to learn more about Moneyline odds? Follow us on Twitter

Teaser Betting FAQs

Most teasers have six points. To improve or worsen a spread or total, you can add or subtract six points in any direction. Some sportsbooks offer 6.5- and seven-point teasers.

A teaser (or a “two-team teaser”) is a type of gambling bet that allows the bettor to combine his bets on two different games.

While they may differ, depending on the sportsbook, football teasers generally involve three key numbers. Those numbers are 6, 6.5, and 7, and bettors can choose to move the favorite line lower or push the underdog odds higher.