Tennis Betting Guide

Tennis Betting Guide

Tennis Betting Tips from Experts, Odds & Bet on Tennis Explained

Tennis is one of the most popular sports for both the public and bettors. From the Australian Open to the Davis Cup, men’s and women’s tennis tournaments occupy almost the entire sporting year.

To bet on tennis matches, it’s important to know how things work. There are a number of tennis betting tips that make placing wagers much easier.

Nowadays, you can make all kinds of predictions. However, there are still some classic bets that are worth knowing.

Tournament winner
Winner of the match
Exact result
Double result
Games – Bets with handicap
Sets – Handicap Betting
Will there be a Tie Breaker?

The Best Tennis Betting Tips

Contrary to what can happen when it comes to betting on soccer, a sport that everyone seems to understand, tennis is a game with many variables to contemplate if you decide to bet on it. Everything influences the game, from the surface of the championship to the history of confrontations between two tennis players. 

Notably, in general, women’s tennis matches are less influenced by who serves and who remains than in men’s tennis. In addition, despite being a sport that can lead to surprises, it is highly unlikely that a top-5 player will lose to a player with a ranking below number 50.

Previous Analysis

As a first step, to bet live on a tennis match, you have to be watching the event in real-time. In addition, it is important to conduct a complete review of the players.

As such, pay attention to titles obtained, the physical condition of the players (recent injuries or fatigue that may slow them down, performance on the playing surface and head-to-head performances between the competitors. In addition, check out the weather conditions, which often influence the game and players’ performances.

Wide Variety of Surfaces

The type of playing surface (grass or clay) makes a huge difference. Based on historical data, matches on fast courts and grass tend to have a higher number of tie breakers, especially those facing two punchers. Clay matches, despite having a longer duration, are usually solved with a smaller number of games than tournaments on fast courts.

ATP Rankings

The trend of a player in the ranking is very important because it tells us a lot about their mood. For example, a match with one player whose ranking is on the rise playing another who, on the other hand, is in regression and is losing positions in his classification. 

In principle, it would always be advisable to bet on the one who is in ascending progression, not descendant. He is the most likely to win. That does not mean that you can get a surprise and the patient suddenly improves before dying. This is not an exact science, because it involves people.

Don’t Always Back the Favorite

One of the most important tennis betting tips is to not automatically back the favorite; they can have a bad day or face a rival of a lower hierarchy. After all, the odds are usually very low and the risk is much greater than the possible profits.

The best choice to profit from a favorite’s victory may be to bet that the favorite loses the first set. To implement this strategy, it must be a tournament of the important ones (Masters 1000 or Grand Slam, preferably) and a quota lower than 1.40. This can be due to overconfidence or lack of pace, and it does not necessarily mean that the candidate will lose the match.

Comparing Odds

Normally tennis betting is usually followed by all sportsbooks. What will change in each of the sportsbooks are the different odds they will pay. A logical rule is to look for which sportsbook will give you the maximum odds. 

It seems obvious, but the truth is that many times we place a bet on this or that house out of habit, and sometimes it does not have the best odds. Check the websites of different bookmakers. Check their odds and markets because sometimes you can get a better deal. If we are not registered with that sportsbook, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the process.

Player History

Of course, tennis players have their own favorite tournaments in which they are more comfortable and enjoy both the courts and the city itself. For example, Roger Federer has won the tournament in his hometown of Basel, Switzerland, nine times. Feliciano López, a specialist on grass, managed to win twice the prestigious Queen’s tournament, where she is like a fish in water. 

That said, however, keep in mind which cities tennis players prefer, in what physical condition they arrive at the tournament, and what results they have reaped in recent years in that tournament. This information will be useful when considering tennis betting odds.

Handicap Betting

When looking at tennis handicap bets, a popular form of tennis sports betting, this will be swayed by the number of games each player previously won. The number for the favorite is preceded by a negative (-) sign, followed by the number of games won. For the underdog, the number has a positive (+) sign, followed by the number of games. 

When placing a handicap bet, the wager specifies the player to win by the established number of games. If you choose the favorite and he wins but doesn’t win by the established number of games, the bet loses. 

Double Result Explained

Most betting options are self-explanatory, but the double result needs a primer. It is linked to the winner of each match. This question involves predicting whether the player selected by the bettor will win the first set but lose the match at the end, or if he wins both sets and wins the match.

Because it sets the tone for a match, the first set is often the most important. After losing the first set, it is rare to see a comeback in more than three or five sets.

The Importance of Live Betting in Tennis

Tennis is undoubtedly one of the favorite sports of live bettors. Total games per set, result of the second set, a total of games, and serve breaks. Following player statistics and these tennis betting tips will give you access to all the possible information when it comes to finding markets and value shares.

Scope of Pre-match Markets

Betting on tennis is much more than betting on the winner of the match. An intensive study of the encounter can bring you much closer to the shift value quota. Handicap bets on sets, totals markets, both games and tie breakers, and results are possible.

The bet “win the first set and the match” increases the value of your tennis player’s odds. This is very similar to the “winner at halftime and at the end of the game” market in soccer.

What to Bet On

The variants for betting on tennis are very wide, with the winner of the match being the first obvious choice. A good way to improve odds in a match with a clear favorite is to bet on the exact result in sets.

Over/Under (More/Less) bets are also very popular in tennis. It’s possible to bet on the number of sets (less than 2.5 or more than 2.5) and on the total number of games (less than 21.5 or more than 21.5). 

Bettors can also bet on the match’s duration, whether there will be a tie-breaker, who wins the match and the winner of either the first or final set. Another interesting market in tennis is handicap betting, which is based on the number of games each of the players has won.

Things to Consider

The maximum number of sets in any of the four major championships of the men’s Grand Slam is five. At the same time, the rest of the tournaments are played in the best of three sets, as well as all those on the women’s circuit – both those of the Grand Slam and the regular tournaments of the WTA circuit.

The first player to win six games in a set takes that set. However, if there is a tie at five games since to take a set, you have to win by two games of difference, the final result must be 7-5 in favor of one of the contenders. 

There is an exception, though. If none manages to win 7-5; that is, if there is a tie at 6, a tie break will be played. As a result, the final result of the set will be 7-6 for the one who takes that sudden death.

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Tennis Betting Tips FAQs

No, not legally. All licensed sportsbooks must adhere to regulations regarding the legal gambling age.

You must register and create a user account to be able to bet at any bookmaker.

You can normally place a bet at all the bookmakers when you are watching the match live.

Bookmakers often have different, but very similar odds for all sports.

It is important to consider all factors when placing your bets. The greater the number of factors, the better your chances of success.