Tennis Tournaments To Bet On

Betting on tennis tournaments: Live Betting & Season analysis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports both for the public and for bettors. From the Australian Open to the new Davis Cup, men’s and women’s tennis tournaments take up almost the entire sporting year. 

Contrary to what can happen when betting on soccer, tennis is a game with a lot of variables to consider as a sports bettor.

Everything influences the outcome, from the surface of the championship to the history of confrontations between two tennis players.

Analyzing the Tennis Season

The tennis season is divided into various types of tournaments – The Masters 1000, the ATP World Tour 500, 250, and ATP Challenger rank among the top events.

The distribution of women’s tournaments is similar, although it is run by the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

The players with the highest number of points at the end of the season have the privilege of being able to play in the ATP finals tournament.

Top-level Players

Most top-level players prepare for the season to be at their best in the 4 Grand Slams, so the tournaments prior to them are a great risk to bet on. When betting on tennis tournaments, this is an important tip to keep in mind.

Many of these tournaments (ATP World Tour 250) serve as training and preparation for the GS, so after 1 or 2 rounds, the favorites eliminate themselves to have more time to rest before the big event.

Types of Tournaments:

Examples of these types of tournaments are those held in:

  • Doha
  • Indian Wells
  • Miami
  • Genoa
  • Lyon
  • Bastad
  • Newport

In these 250 tournaments, it is also common to see implausible results, with players who play well one day and disappear from the map the next.

Top Tennis Events for Sports Bettors

  • Wimbledon*
  • US Open*
  • Australian Open*
  • French Open*
  • Summer Games Tennis Tournament
  • BNP Paribas Open
  • WTP Finals
  • ATP Finals
  • Laver Cup

*Denotes the four Grand Slam events in tennis.


Wimbledon is undoubtedly the most prestigious tennis competition. Because the competition favors more direct players, efficient servers will likely thrive here.

Roland Garros 

Roland Garros is best suited for players who thrive from long rallies, and who have excellent recovery skills. This is a terrible surface for players who depend heavily on their service game.

US Open 

Hard courts are best for players who play more direct games, as the ball moves quickly on the hard court. This tournament is similar to Wimbledon, where players who depend on their service game often win.

You should consider this before placing any bets. US Open is the most popular, aside from Wimbledon.

Australian Open 

The Australian Open also takes place on hard courts, which makes it more suitable for direct players. Players lower down in the rankings who depend heavily on their serve often point to this tournament as a good place to make a portion of their season’s earnings.

WTA Finals 

The WTA Finals are the culmination of a whole season. They feature the best female players in the game. This tournament is the highlight of the season and is the most important tournament you can win, other than the Grand Slams.

ATP Finals 

The ATP Finals is the season’s end championship of the ATP tour. They are often regarded as the most prestigious tournament of tennis outside of the four Grand Slams.

This tournament is only open to invited players and features the eight highest-ranked players around the world.

Betting on Tennis

The first thing to keep in mind When betting on tennis tournaments is that there are several factors that have a significant influence on the outcome of a match or that you should at least take into account when placing a bet. They are the following:

  • The physical condition of the players
  • The surface on which the match is played
  • The importance of the tournament
  • A load of matches of each individual tennis player
  • Results of previous years
  • Position in the ranking and points that the player defends

In tennis sports betting, the first piece of advice that can be given is, as always, to be duly informed about the match on which we want to bet. It is very important to know how both tennis players arrive at the same if it is an important tournament or not, the history of previous confrontations between the two, a predilection for a certain surface, etc.

It is also vital to know if there is an important tournament right after, as it can happen that renowned players are eliminated at the first opportunity because they do not want to wear themselves out before the big event.

Queen’s Tournament

To give an example, it is easy to understand that a tennis player does not give it his all in the Queen’s tournament when Wimbledon is just around the corner or if he has some kind of discomfort or injury. Knowing the physical state and form of the players is vital.

Performance in past editions of the same tournament can also help, especially if the player has done well in the past.

If so, you would hopefully want to rank as high as possible in order to lose as few points in the ATP/WTA rankings as possible.

A factor of special interest is to know if the tennis players have a good command of the surface on which the tournament takes place or not. A Nadal – Federer on clay match, for example, is not the same as on a hard court, and this can greatly alter the bets.

Favorites Don’t Always Win

This applies to almost any sport, but it is especially relevant in tennis, especially before and after Grand Slam tournaments.

These tournaments form the cornerstone of the season for the best tennis players and are their main goals for the year.

It is common to see how the top 20 tennis players are eliminated in tournaments immediately before or after:

  • Australian Open
  • Roland Garros
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open

Perhaps it happens less among the top five, where the best in the world are able to play at their best for longer, but in the end, it ends up happening even with aliens like Nadal or Djokovic.

In the end, it greatly influences how many points they defend in each tournament to know if they will let themselves go or if, on the contrary, they will try to fight until the end.

Another fact to keep in mind is that today, tennis is more unpredictable than ever. A few years ago, Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, and Murray shared victories in almost all matches, while now there is a new generation of young players who are coming strong, such as Thiem or Zverev.

Women’s Tennis

This makes the forecasts more and more complicated, so, once again, good planning is needed before betting. Women’s tennis, on the other hand, remains as unpredictable as ever.

Betting on the victory of a non-favorite player at low odds (Under 1.50) is not recommended since tennis matches turn around quickly and the odds are not worth taking the risk.

This situation is even more pronounced in women’s tennis, where it is common to see scores of 6-0 or 6-1 at the end of any set.

Popular Tennis Betting Markets

The most popular bets in tennis are usually those on the exact number of sets, total games or handicap bets.

For the number of sets, it depends on whether it is a Grand Slam tournament with five-set matches or a lesser tournament with three-set matches.

You can also bet on the exact number of sets that the match will have. If it is an unequal match, betting on the minimum number of sets is usually the correct option. Handicap bets help the odds to increase, especially in matches between players of unequal ability.

Live Betting in Tennis

Tennis is one of the favorite sports of live bettors – total games per set, results of the second set, total games, and service breaks.

It is advisable to watch the match while it is being played and place bets accordingly. Betting live also allows you to ensure profits or minimize losses if our bookmaker allows you to close bets in advance.

In any case, the way to bet live on tennis is easy to remember. Tennis in itself is a sport with many ups and downs and streaks, so what starts badly does not always end badly. Betting found at the best online sportsbook and others will always include live betting when betting on tennis tournaments.

Theoretically Favorite Player

The worst time to bet live on the winner of a tennis match is when the theoretically favorite player is about to win the first set (let alone the second and subsequent ones if the match is five sets).

The opposite happens if it is the favorite who loses the first set. In that case, it can be very interesting to bet on him at that time to win the match since his quota will have risen significantly.

It’s also not advisable to bet if the favorite starts winning 2 or 3 games to 0. In that case, your quota will have dropped even more, but nevertheless, there is still a lot of game left, so it is a bet that implies a lot of risks as well as a low profit.

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Betting on Tennis tournaments Frequently Asked Questions

Tennis betting is profitable but requires a lot of research and the right implementation of a betting strategy. Your betting strategy will greatly impact the amount of money that you can make.

Spread betting is a way to win or lose money, depending on the performance of the person you back. If you bet on tennis totals, you will be betting either on how many points can be scored in a match, or on the number of games that a player will win.

Value betting is only obvious if you accept statistics that are intertwined with your knowledge and intuition of the sport. You will be able to make your own conclusions about the odds offered by bookmakers.

The number will be marked with a positive (+) or negative (-). If the odds are positive, it indicates how much money you could win if your bet was $100. To win $100, you will need to place a wager if there’s a negative sign before the odds.

Spreads can be used to place wagers on both sets and games won. This is a handicap that gives you more value when backing a favorite, and also increases your chances of winning. To cover the spread, the favorite must win more games or sets than the negative handicap number (-). Otherwise, the underdog will win the bet.