The Martingale Betting System

Martingale Betting System Explain

The Martingale system is a way of investing where the value of the investment will increase after taking losses.

It’s a strategy to increase the chance of recovering from losing streaks by doubling up on losing bets and winning back any consecutive losses while making a small profit at the same time.

One of the Most Common Roulette Betting Strategies

The Martingale betting system is one of the most common roulette betting strategies, but it can also be applied to other casino games, such as blackjack.

It is also a popular sports betting strategy which is simple to employ as opposed to others which may take years to perfect. Every successful sports bettor has some type of strategy they use. 

However, novice bettors that make a lot of wagers with no apparent strategy will most likely fail in the long run.

The Martingale system isn’t the oldest betting strategy available, but it’s known as one of the most straightforward. 

How It Works

The Martingale system is popular because, on paper, it looks like a sure way to make a profit. However, there is more than meets the eye when using this strategy in a real scenario.

The concept is very simple and is probably a strategy most bettors have used in the past at some point. All bettors need to do is double their losing bets until they win. That’s it.

Examples of Martingale System Applied

For example, on bets of $5 that win, the $5 profit is set aside, and the same amount is bet on the next hand. If the next hand loses, then $10 would be wagered on the next hand.

If that bet’s also a loser, the following bet would be $20, and so on, until the next win, letting the bettor recover all their losses while making a small profit.

After a win, the bettor would then go back to the original $5 bet and repeat the process of keeping all $5 wins and doubling up after all losses.   

Martingale System Applied on Sports Betting

The Martingale system can also be applied to sports betting, although it’s most commonly used in casino games.

Applying the system to casino games is easier as the odds are always the same. For those that know how to calculate the odds correctly, the system can be used on many sports betting markets. 

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage to bettors when using the Martingale betting system is that it’s simple to use with no complicated calculations involved, which means everyone can utilize it.

Bettors that double their bet each time they lose will eventually win back their losses and improve their winnings. 

It’s also a good strategy for the short term if not playing for more than a few hours. However, the question remains whether or not it’s a good idea to apply the system when wagering.

While it’s true that the bettor will win a 50/50 bet at some point, players must also consider an unusual run happening in whatever game they’re playing. Doubling a wager on every losing bet can add up fast. 

For example, on a run of ten straight losses (which isn’t uncommon) with a starting wager of $10, by the time that the tenth bet comes around, the bettor needs to put up $5,120 to hopefully break even and make a $10 profit, while hoping not to lose another bet.

An Unlimited Bankroll

Even if that bettor has an unlimited bankroll and can keep playing until they win, the issue of wager limits will come into play at some point.

Once a player loses repeatedly and cannot double their bet, the system becomes a failure. 

Additionally, Martingale betting may not be useful to more ambitious bettors looking to make more profits.

Most available betting systems give players a chance to make a bigger profit over a short period. In contrast, the Martingale system’s main goal is to help gamblers regain losses rather than maximize winnings. 


Reverse Martingale System

Using this system, bettors will double their bets after a win. This strategy will also prevent big losses and can be very successful in the short term.

Profits can build up quickly when going on a winning streak, so the key to employing this system is knowing when to stop.

This strategy should typically be used three or four games in a row before going back to the original wager.

Grand Martingale System

This variation uses the same principle as the Martingale strategy, except the player needs to add an additional bet unit after each loss.

So, winning the fourth hand after losing three in a row will bring a bit more profits than the original system.

Players will recoup all their losses plus two additional units with each winning bet. However, this strategy has a risk of bigger losses than the standard Martingale system.

Mini Martingale System

The Mini Martingale system is the same as the standard strategy but limits the amount of doubled-up bets to help avoid losing big.

This will spread out the process, making it harder to lose a full bankroll. Profits are smaller, and the chances of success, in the long run, are about equal. 


Using the Martingale system can be a lot of fun when playing casino games such as roulette. It can also end up being very stressful when the losses start accumulating, and the bet limit starts to get high.

If nothing else, it’s an exciting strategy that may be worth trying. For those who want to make sure they see positive results, the system works as it should but can negatively affect their bankroll. 

Martingale System Helping Bettors to Win

This Martingale system can help bettors win and are an effective strategy when used under the right circumstances, although it is difficult to get rich using it when playing with lower stakes.

This strategy can pay off when used for a limited amount of time.  Players can sometimes get hot and slowly build their bankroll over time while avoiding much risk.

However, it’s important for players to keep track of their bankroll and not go overboard when the losses start to add up.

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Martingale system FAQs

Yes. The only thing players do when using this system is adjust the number of their wagers. As long as that wager is below the table limit, it’s a legal bet. Casinos and sportsbooks are aware of players’ strategies and aren’t opposed to anyone using this one. The only problem players may run into is casino limits, which can make the strategy useless when reaching a certain point. It always works best when players have a huge bankroll and the casino doesn’t have a betting limit.

Yes. The Martingale system helps bettors win, especially when playing with lower stakes. Those who haven’t used it should give it a try to see if it works for them. It might not be a strategy to win big, but it can be profitable and useful in specific situations.

The number one problem with the Martingale system is that one long streak is enough to destroy a player’s bankroll. In theory, the system works perfectly but is limited in its success either because of the player not having a big enough bankroll or by wagering limits. 

It also fails because it doesn’t improve a player’s odds. For example, in roulette, the player’s odds of winning are a little less than 49% when betting on red or black, and the payout is at 1:1. The other thing is the odds don’t increase because of the size of the bet, making the payout always less than the odds.

Table limits are important when using this system, but the size of the player’s bankroll is just as crucial. The system will still fail without bet limits because players will have to place huge wagers after a streak of losses to continue using the strategy and eat into their bankrolls. When the Martingale system becomes, 100% effective is when there are no bet limits, and the player has an unlimited bankroll.

In blackjack, players have about a 52% chance of losing, and that’s while playing the optimal strategy. The chances of losing ten hands in a row are at about 14.5%, meaning that, on average, a ten-loss streak will occur about once every seven hours if playing about 100 hands per hour. This shows that a streak of ten losses isn’t as rare in blackjack as people think. 

Since there’s no way to know if that will occur in the first hour of the fifth hour of play, the money lost during that catastrophic losing streak will likely wipe out the money won during the more frequent wins. Mathematically speaking, blackjack players won’t gain an advantage over the casino using the Martingale betting system.