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Vig Sports Betting: Intro, Considerations & FAQs

The ideal beauty of betting is that it offers anyone a chance to make a fortune out of pocket change. Sure, it could take someone hours, days, or years to do so. Yet, if players comply with all necessary legal requirements, betting is open to anyone willing to give their luck a chance. 

Some might wonder why the house is so open to welcoming every type of client into its service platforms. Strictly in terms of business, it doesn’t matter who walks in the front door. 

To the house, it doesn’t matter if players win either. Of course, there is a financial impact. However, here is where the phrase the house always wins turns from a simple cliché expression into an irrevocable truth. 

This brings the conversation to what Vigorish is in betting lingo and how it affects all players and bettors alike. It also exposes some of the inner functioning of the business itself and several implications for both bettors and the house. 

Intro to Vigorish

As it’s well known, sportsbooks, just as and including all forms of gaming providers, enter the market to thrive as a profitable business. One of the key components of their business models is to keep Vig sports betting as a pillar of their financial structure. 

Vig sports betting, simply known as the vigorish or the juice, refers to a specific amount the house gets as a cut every time a bettor turns out a profit. So, it’s easy to understand that when players, their money is immediately registered by the house as earnings. 

Say a bettor makes a $100 wager on the Patriots to take on the Chargers. As usual, LA might not be on their best streak. Yet, perhaps neither are Pats. So, a safe bet on the Pats could turn around if the Chargers take a win. If these conditions were met, the bettor would lose the bet, and the house would keep $100. 

Yet, if the bettor placed a $100 bet with -110 odds, they should almost double their initial output. However, that is not the real case. In such a context, bettors will likely be expected to receive about a $191 payout. The Vig sports betting factor is reflected by that missing 9%. 

How the Vigorish Works

In very basic terms, there are not many bettors who can question the Vig sports betting factor. It’s the underlying dollar value amount that allows all gaming providers to make an earning from every wager placed on their platforms. 

That implies that the house never loses. Yet, it’s also interesting to uncover how the Vigorish works and how some bookmakers tend to calculate the percentage behind the cut they will take from all bets placed on a specific sporting event. 

So, say that the odds were set on a game for both teams at -110. For a bettor to earn $100, they would have to place about $110 wager on the table. If two players on both sides place a $110 wager on the opposite teams, the pool is now $220. 

For -110 odds, bookmakers tend to keep a Vigorish of up to around 4.54%, or at least in this hypothetical scenario. So, to resume on the previous example, the bettor who put their money on the side of New England will hit a win. 

That means the bettor will have made a total of $100, plus their additional $110. That brings the total earnings of the winner to $210. The remaining $10 is for the bookmaker to keep as part of their Vig sports betting factor.  

There is a way to calculate the Vig Sports Betting factor. One could proceed to make their calculations by following the next equation:

1-(1/overround) x 100 = Vig

In brief, bettors can not only consider the vig yet also calculate it. In the end, it’s simply an additional factor that will have to be considered when a player hits a winning bet. So, hopefully, that’s something most bettors will look forward to learning about. 

Vig Considerations for Bettors

The first factor that all bettors need to consider is that the vig can change and vary from one type of bet to another. The interesting part of this argument is to learn the conditions that can cause the Vig sports betting factor to change. 

For certain types of bets, such as totals and spreads, the vig tends to remain consistent. That means that if bettors were to calculate the vig on all odds, they could ultimately decipher it easily. 

However, loneliness, for instance, tends not to remain exact and could potentially vary. This tends to happen because of several factors that result from the betting market. Certain moves and changes can alter the way bookmakers approach the vig. 

So, market preferences can determine how the vig will be approached by some bookmakers. Perhaps they seek to open a cushion or a narrow gap to pull in more profits when certain moneyline betting

Even on those moneylines that are tight, some Bookmakers might just decide to widen the odds. So, if the original money lines for Pats versus Charters were originally set at -110 and +120, then some sportsbooks might push the gap to, say, -130 and +140. 

These subtle changes are meant to cause bettors to rethink their moves. Plus, if bettors go for the safe option, they will still have to put more money on the line. If it all goes well for the Pats, it also does for the house that will guarantee to make a larger cut than on the unchanged money lines. 

So, the most reliable piece of advice is to look at what the market has to offer. Those bettors who are watching out for every bet they place on their favorite sporting events might want to consider learning more about the vig. 

Those who truly want to understand how the vig works can make the calculations themselves. If so, the idea is to get a grasp of how even the slightest factors, which are most often unmentioned by gaming providers, can have an impact on odds, moneylines, spreads, and other types of bets. 

Last Thoughts on the Vig 

The Vig sports betting factor is one of those aspects of betting that both the house and bettors simply need to adjust to. For bookmakers, it’s the reasonable margin of revenue that results from allowing players to make a win. 

For bettors, it’s simply another deduction they will have to consider when placing a bet. For experts, it’s just part of the gaming industry and one of those pillars of their business models that will most likely remain unchanged. 

Experts do recommend users explore what different bookmakers might offer. So, instead of just moving forward with a specific provider, bettors can look around to see how odds are moving for specific sporting events. 

More experienced players also recommend users check all related terms and conditions set by each gaming provider. This will tend to offer more insights about specific aspects of the bookmaker and how they intend to run their business. 

This will allow them to compare different gaming providers, their odds, and perhaps they might even be intrigued to calculate how much the house is taking as vig. In the end, it’s all about digging deeper into how certain aspects of betting work. 

It’s also about considering these factors when attempting to make the most of a betting streak. It’s sometimes important to recognize small details that can have an impact on every way a user maneuvers their money in the betting market. Want to learn more about Vig sports betting? Follow us on Twitter

Vig Sports Betting FAQs

Yes. The vig is a way in which bookmakers guarantee that even when they must pay out bettors for their wins, they can also make a profit to cover their business. It’s a way to offset risks by allowing all bettors to wager specific amounts of funding.

The vig is a factor that must be considered when a bettor hits any win on any of their wagers. If they do, they will have to cover the vig as part of the process. Although the percentages can vary from one sportsbook to another, the vig will tend not to have a significant impact on a bettor’s earnings. However, all bettors are advised to check on all terms and regulations set by each bookmaker before placing a bet. 

Yes. If bettors wish to calculate the vig, they can proceed to run the following equation:

1-(1/overround) x 100 = Vig

Most sportsbooks and online gaming providers will implement some type of vig on their betting system. The advice is to check on all terms and conditions outlined by the sportsbook before placing a wager.

To most expert bettors, learning about the Vig Sports Betting factor is crucial. Most believe that to become a more prolific and efficient bettor. There is much to learn about the industry and its ways to sustain the business. Learning about the vig is ideal and perhaps insightful to understand how bookmakers function and what makes part of their business models.