Volleyball Betting Guide

Volleyball Betting Guide

Volleyball Betting: Tips, Moneyline, Parlays, Props & Totals

The U.S. may claim credit for inventing the sport of volleyball. It rose to prominence in the U.S. as a non-contact, less violent, and less intense option than basketball. Volleyball is now popular worldwide. Check the Volleyball Betting guide here.

In fact, it is among the most popular sports globally and has a total of 200 million participants. The U.S. and Brazil are the two countries that play the most volleyball. 

Other countries, like Cuba, Argentina, Japan, Russia, Italy, Poland, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Netherlands, and Spain, have also elevated volleyball to the status of a significant sport in their respective nations.

Volleyball may not be the ideal sport for shedding calories or building muscle. Still, it is excellent for improving agility, hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and vertical leap, among other physical attributes. In addition, because of the emphasis placed on working together in this particular activity, it is often regarded as one of the most effective methods for expanding one’s social circle.

History Of Competitive Volleyball

More than a century has passed since volleyball was first played. William Morgan, a resident of Holyoke, Massachusetts, is credited with its development in the U.S. Volleyball was first played in 1895 when John Williams worked as the director of physical education at a local YMCA. 

Williams is credited as being the inventor of the sport. He saw that the game of basketball, which had been created in 1891 by his colleague James Naismith, was gaining in popularity among a rising number of people. 

Williams came up with the idea to develop a new sport by combining aspects of handball, badminton, basketball, baseball, and tennis into what was then named mintonette, later known as volleyball. On a court that was split into two halves by a tennis net that was elevated six feet and six inches off the ground, the game of mintonette was played. 

Players utilized the rubber bladder contained inside a basketball to play the game, and they did so by hitting the ball back and forth over the net until one of the teams could not return it. As a result of the continuous act of volleying the ball over the net during the game, the name of the sport was later changed to volleyball.

Volleyball was played for the first time in a competitive setting in 1896 at Springfield College. In only a few short years, new rules were developed, and existing ones were altered to make the game more organized and competitive. 

At the beginning of the game, a team was permitted to have unlimited hits and as many players as they could fit on a court that was 50 by 25 feet. In the end, each squad’s maximum number of players was capped at nine before decreasing to six. In other laws, the number of interactions was determined to be three hits on each side. 

In addition, the first iteration of the volleyball rules stipulated that a team needed to score 21 points to win a match. 1917 saw a reduction from 21 to 15, bringing the total to the current amount.

Over time, various adjustments were made to the settings. The early volleyball nets were just slightly higher than the height of the typical adult male. The net’s height was increased by roughly 18 inches to provide more of a challenge to players. 

In 1900, Spalding created a one-of-a-kind ball intended only for use in the sport of volleyball. The weight and form of the ball were also reasonably comparable to what we use now in terms of standardization.

The first volleyball games were played by middle-aged men in a gymnasium in the U.S. These guys were the pioneers of the sport. The game has become more popular over the years, and now people of all ages and genders can be seen playing it all around the globe. 

The men from the YMCA in Holyoke brought the game to the schools run by missionaries in Asia. Russia and the Philippines are two more nations that took up the sport quickly when it became popular. The United States Volleyball Association was created in 1928, while the Federation of International Volleyball was established in 1947. 

Both organizations are considered to be the “fathers” of modern volleyball. A year later, the game was played on the beaches of southern California, taking it out of the gymnasium for the first time. Volleyball is currently played in several different environments, a testament to the sport’s widespread popularity worldwide.

How To Wager On Volleyball

Getting started in volleyball betting isn’t difficult. The first step is to have an account with a sportsbook that offers volleyball odds. Today, most reputable sportsbooks do.

Create a Sports Betting Account 

The top volleyball sportsbooks online are the ones that offer the best features and odds. It is strongly recommended that you join up at one of those sites since they are all well regarded in the industry and provide a comprehensive range of possibilities for betting on volleyball. 

To create an account, go to the site’s sportsbook section, and follow the on-screen instructions. The registration process will take just a minute of your time, and all that is required from you is basic information like your name and email address.

Add Funds to Your Account

After you have opened an account, the next step is to add funds so that you can make bets. Then, proceed to the cashier part of the sportsbook that you have selected and choose the option to make a deposit. 

Because there will be various options for making deposits, such as using a credit card or one of the numerous electronic wallets, depositing money online should not be difficult. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact customer care; they will be happy to assist you.

Place Your Volleyball Bets

Explore the various volleyball picks and historical data on the teams. Follow trends in the sport to understand the best way to wager.

Volleyball Betting Tips

When betting on volleyball, it is vital to have a solid understanding of the most important scheduled competitions. The Olympic Games occur every four years and are given the utmost prominence in betting on volleyball.

A spot in the Olympic Volleyball Tournament may be earned by competing in the World Cup. Other competitions that take place every year include the World League Volleyball for men and the Grand Prix Volleyball for women. The European and South American Championships are both continental competitions with local leagues.

When it comes to volleyball, the team’s overall quality is more significant than the quality of the players on it individually. When a club has a more extended regular season, there are more possibilities to wager on that team. 

The periods between volleyball matches are often short to allow teams to rest and recover. The squad’s rest and recovery time between games will depend on the schedule. Specific matches are not as urgent, which provides opportunities to recover fully.

When determining how to wager on volleyball games, the location of the matches is another critical consideration. The layout, as well as factors such as height and distance, will have a significant effect on the squad’s performance. 

When placing bets on volleyball, it is essential to remember the 80/20 rule, sometimes known as the Pareto Principle. You should expect a higher accuracy rate when betting on less popular sports. Betting on volleyball could be more productive than betting on a more well-known sport. This idea exists as a result of there being less competition and more difficulty in the information that is provided. 

Types Of Wagers In Volleyball Betting

Point Spreads

The use of point spreads helps level the playing field when comparing two teams that are not of equal strength. If you bet on a game with a point spread, the favorite must win by a score greater than the spread number, and the underdog must not fall behind by a score greater than the spread number.

You will find this information when you place a bet for yourself. The point spread will be of an amount, with a negative value for the favorite team and a positive value for the team that is the underdog.


The term “moneyline wager” refers to a wager placed only on the game’s outcome. Bettors need to be aware that money lines have an additional connection to the amount shown to determine their payback percentage.

A positive moneyline says that you win that much for a wager of $100, whereas a negative moneyline indicates that you need to place bets of that amount to earn $100. The moneyline will always have a disadvantageous position for the favorite and an advantageous one for the underdog.


Total bets, often commonly known as Over/Under bets, are wagers placed on the total number of points that will be scored throughout a game. You may, for instance, place a bet on the total sum of the final scores for both teams.

The totals may refer to the whole game or a specific segment alone. You can place a wager on whether the final point total will be higher than or lower than a specified sum established by the relative bookmakers.


A wager on many events compiled into a single ticket is known as a parlay bet. For the wager to be successful, each outcome of the individual bets must come out as predicted. Players will lose their parlay stake if even one of their bets is unsuccessful.

This not only makes parlays more dangerous but also much more exciting. Because of the increased stakes, winnings from parlays are much higher than those won from a series of straight bets on the same events.

If Bets

If Bets are wagers that link many independent bets in a chronological order arranged beforehand. Each wager in the sequence is only activated if the one that came before it was considered successful (or a push, if chosen).

You have the opportunity to boost your victories by adding the amounts you’ve earned from the previous stages to the stakes for the following competition. This is a possibility because the outcome of the leg before it determines who wins the current leg.

Prop Wagers

Prop Sports betting is a fantastic and pleasant technique of wagering on sports that do not require the bettor to either forecast the result or put excessive stress on the winning side. You don’t need to be an avid game fan or a pro at handicapping to place bets on athletic events using prop betting. All you need is a basic understanding of how the game is played.

That should not be taken to indicate that professionals never participate in prop betting. On the contrary, bettors who are new to the sport or have never made a wager on a sporting event should know how easy it is to place money on propositions.

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Volleyball Betting FAQs

You need not be concerned about your safety while using a sports betting site as long as you have selected a reliable website to make your wagers. However, by doing a little bit of research like you are doing right now, you can ensure that you will not fall into the trap of choosing a site that is not credible.

You have the option of signing up for an account with several betting companies if you believe you are capable of doing so. However, even while the lines are primarily identical or quite similar, there are occasions where things might diverge depending on where you are.

The only thing you need to use on a volleyball betting site is a tablet, phone, or laptop computer. If you purchased your smartphone during the last ten years, there is a good chance that you will be able to use it with a mobile site that offers sports betting. Simply give the website you are contemplating joining a go with your device to determine whether or not it is compatible with the site.

Before making bets on a volleyball betting site, you must decide which site you wish to use. Researching several websites is something that professionals recommend doing before choosing one to use.

After you have decided on a website, the only things left to do are set up an account and provide funding. These two are often enjoyable and accomplished in a short amount of time. In addition, you can begin taking sports bets on the website as soon as your cash has been deposited.

It shouldn’t be difficult to deposit or withdraw money from an account. Nevertheless, you need to choose a website that provides you with the banking options you want. For example, choose a volleyball betting site that allows your preferred mode of payment, such as PayPal, if you’re going to use that service.