Why bet with Bitcoin?

Why bet with bitcoin? How it works with Moneyline, Point Spreads & all Types of Bets

The use of digital currency to place wagers on sporting events is being actively promoted by increasing online Bitcoin gambling sites and sports betting sites. In addition, several of the best betting with cryptocurrency sites accept Bitcoin, which simplifies the process of placing wagers on the sports you follow most. Check this Why bet with bitcoin? guide.

Because the player’s identity is not connected to the transactions, crypto sports wagering may be enjoyed in perfect anonymity. Due to an increase in the number of websites that take cryptocurrency tokens and other blockchain-based solutions, the cryptocurrency sports betting sector is seeing a boom in popularity. Because it is often quicker, Bitcoin betting sites have risen to the top to be among the most popular kinds of sports betting with cryptocurrency platforms. 

Sports wagering websites that accept cryptocurrency typically provide customers with access to a diverse selection of wagers on various sports, with a live betting with cryptocurrency arena that is both safe and secure. If a user desires to make a payment by bank transfer, they will be required to show their identity. On the other hand, bitcoin transactions may take place immediately.

The benefits of using Bitcoin vary from generous bonus offers to the lightning-fast transactions it enables. New and seasoned bettors should investigate and analyze the factors contributing to this cryptocurrency’s success at online betting sites, as well as how sports bettors may join in on the action. 

Why Bet with Bitcoin 

Various positive aspects are associated with placing sports wagers using Bitcoin. Thankfully for privacy-concerned bettors, Bitcoin is primarily anonymous, in contrast to fiat, which governments issue. 

When you acquire a Bitcoin wallet, you will be provided with a private key belonging to you and no one else. In addition, Bitcoin has many additional benefits outside its privacy, including the following: 

Riding the Lightning

When placing sports wagers with Bitcoin, speed is an important consideration. Compared to using conventional payment methods, the process of depositing into your sportsbook account using Bitcoin is far more practical once you have first acquired Bitcoin from a cryptocurrency exchange and then stored them in your crypto wallet. In addition to this, withdrawals happen much more quickly. 

Because Bitcoin transactions are so lightning-fast, users don’t have to wait hours, days, or even weeks for their money to be delivered. The processing of your wins will take no more than a few minutes at most. 

This may vary depending on the load (number of transactions) on the Bitcoin network and from operator to operator, but Bitcoin is nearly always significantly quicker than conventional payment methods. Traditional payment methods can take a few minutes to sometimes days to complete. 

Gain Access to Better Bonuses

Bonuses have the potential to make your sports betting with cryptocurrency experience significantly better. They can increase the enjoyment of placing sports wagers and make the most of your money. There are various bonuses, including those for signing up, referring friends, and matching deposits. 

You should hunt for sportsbooks that provide unique benefits for using Bitcoin like crypto reload bonuses, and you should do so right now before you sign up at another sportsbook. You are, in essence, being rewarded for choosing Bitcoin over more conventional currencies when you take advantage of such incentives. 

Unbeatable Reliability

When it comes to team sports, and particularly when it comes to those on which you place prop bets, you often look to dependable players with the knowledge that they will reach their milestones. Bitcoin’s dependability is one of the arguments in its favor as a payment method over fiat. 

Using conventional payment methods to fund your account at an online sportsbook is becoming an increasingly challenging endeavor. However, Bitcoin operates as intended, which makes it simple to use. 

If you’re sick of having your deposits refused, or your transactions fail when you attempt to put money into your betting account, you won’t have to worry about any of that when you use Bitcoin. The use of virtual currencies eliminates the need for third parties to handle payments, making it possible for you to deposit Bitcoin into your betting account in an uncomplicated and reasonable manner. You will want to make the conversion so that you can continue placing reliable bets as the use of cryptocurrency grows increasingly widespread and, in some cases, is the only choice available. 

Defend Against Volatility 

Your Bitcoin deposit will be converted into US Dollars when you deposit at the sportsbook so that you won’t be as vulnerable to fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price. You may have observed that the cost of Bitcoin is constantly changing, which may be a concern for some players. 

However, once you’ve deposited an online sportsbook using Bitcoin, the Bitcoin is immediately converted into dollars. As a result, you won’t need to worry about the price of Bitcoin when participating in betting. When you are ready to withdraw, the dollars in your account will be converted back into Bitcoin.

The Minimal Cost of Transactions 

Every single e-commerce business has the potential to earn revenue from the transfer of cash, like when a customer makes a deposit or a withdrawal. Like any other company, online sports wagering companies tack on high transaction costs when customers use conventional forms of payment. 

You could retain a more significant percentage of your profits if you played at a traditional online sports betting site because the transaction costs on the blockchain are far cheaper. When you have more money in your pocket, you have more time to spend placing your desired wagers on sports. 

The transparency of cryptocurrency transactions is another perk of using them. Because of the public ledger, all of your transactions are seen by everyone. To put it another way, you can prove that you deposited while also demonstrating that the Bitcoin casino processed your withdrawal request. 

Acceptance on a Global Scale 

Cryptocurrencies aim to create a decentralized global payment system that is independent of banks and governments and is not subject to their control. No matter where you are in the world or whatever Bitcoin casino site you use, the way Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies function is the same. 

This is because there is no governmental or institutional control of the cryptocurrency market. This makes Bitcoin pretty much the ideal payment method for betting on sports.

What To Look For


Using your funds is required to participate in online sports betting. Therefore, experts feel that the whole experience should be fun and risk-free. As a direct consequence of adopting this strategy, you should always investigate and learn about the legal background of the sportsbook you are considering choosing.

Because of how this is handled, one should be assured that their evaluation is not based just on the experiences of a single individual but rather on everyone as a whole. Consequently, bettors can better communicate their perspectives on placing sports bets to the broader populace. 

Feedback from Customers 

Learning about a sports wagering website by reading the feedback from others who have used it is an excellent approach. Reading evaluations of a product or service might provide helpful insight into what you can anticipate when using it. 

The assessments indicate that many sports wagering websites are not to be trusted and provide unfair treatment to their users. Consequently, maintaining vigilance with regard to websites of this kind is of even greater significance.

Types of Bets to Place with Bitcoin

Moneyline Bets 

The moneyline bet is the form of wager that is both the easiest and most prevalent to place. When you bet on the moneyline of a team, you are placing a wager on that squad’s success. 

For instance, if you think the New York Yankees will prevail, you may wager on the moneyline associated with their team. Your wager is successful if the Yankees come out on top. However, should the Yankees come up short, so will your bet. 

Point Spreads 

A point spread bet is another prominent bet that is often placed. When you bet on a spread rather than the overall outcome of the game, you are placing your wager on the winning or losing margin of one of the competing teams. 

The symbol for a favorite is a minus sign, whereas the character for an underdog is a plus sign. For instance, if a team is given odds of -9.5, it must win the game by a margin of at least ten points. In this scenario, the other side would be given a price of +9.5, which indicates that for them to cover the spread, they must either win the game outright or lose by a margin of nine points or less. 


The points total is the most common wager in sports, even more so than the moneyline and spread bets. Because you are wagering on whether a total will be higher or lower than a specific point value, these bets are often called “over/under” bets. 

When you bet on the total, you are placing your wager on the sum of the points that both teams will score. For the sake of illustration, let’s say that the total for the football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants is 52 points. If the final result is Eagles 21, Giants 17, 38 points will have been scored. As a result, the successful bet was on the under. 

Parlay Bets 

A wager placed on the outcome of many wagers is known as a parlay bet. For a parlay to be successful, all of the individual wagers, or “legs,” that make up the parlay must come out on top. If you have a bet with four legs in a parlay, and only three of those bets win, then you have a losing parlay ticket. 

Because your earnings are doubled after each victory, a parlay is an option that many sports bettors find appealing because it allows them to win a more considerable sum of money with a smaller initial investment. This is one of the reasons why parlays are so popular.

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Why bet with bitcoin? FAQs

There are several benefits to betting with Bitcoin. First, Bitcoin is primarily anonymous, unlike currencies issued by governments. 

For Bitcoin sports bettors, deposits and withdrawals happen much more quickly and with more significant limits. When you place bets using Bitcoin, you get higher bonuses. With Bitcoin, you can rest assured that it is dependable.

Using cryptocurrencies to fund betting wallets is extremely easy. The process takes only a couple of seconds, which means bettors are almost instantly able to place wagers. On the other hand, withdrawals are also easy.

If a hard drive fails or a virus corrupts data and the wallet file, Bitcoins are essentially gone. And sadly, there is nothing that can be done to get it back. As a result, those coins will permanently be abandoned in the system. This can instantly bankrupt a healthy Bitcoin investment with no chance of recovery. Nevertheless, such instances are infrequent.

Bitcoin, the first virtual money, was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin.org was registered as a domain name on August 18, 2008. The Bitcoin whitepaper, which covered P2P electronic money in great depth, was released on October 31 of that year. 

Computers known as miners verify the data in each Bitcoin wallet as well as network transactions. But unfortunately, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery in 2022. Despite the many hypotheses, nothing definitive has been found.

As a safe measure, it’s a wise habit to research a sportsbook’s past online. You may also read the reviews posted online to find out what other people think of a website. 

Check the Reddit message board’s Bitcoin sports wagering area to see if anybody else has first-hand information about the platform you are considering playing. It will make decisions much simpler when you can draw from various user reviews.