WNBA Betting Guide

Learn how to bet on WNBA & How to read the Odds

Getting Started with Betting in WNBA

The adrenaline rush, the changing character, and the incessant rhythm that usually mark the essence of their games make basketball an ideal game to bet on. Fundamentally, in real-time, since it can be a most dynamic and entertaining experience, basketball is one of the most prominent sports in the world. With it comes the NBA and WNBA. So, check How to bet on WNBA here!

Without having the notoriety of soccer worldwide, basketball is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports on the planet.

The Women’s National Basketball League is one of the top leagues to bet on. Learning how to bet on WNBA can also allow fans and bettors to get into WNBA action and games. 

Betting on the WNBA can be beneficial and fun in equal parts if you have the necessary knowledge about this sport and online betting.

In case you are not familiar with the terms and types of markets used and set by most sports betting providers, it’s important to review relevant information to become an expert in betting focused on the WNBA.

What Is the WNBA?

The WNBA dates back to 1996 when it was created. The first official game was played just a year later. The regular season is between May and August.

Most WNBA teams have their equivalents in the NBA men’s league. The idea of ​​creating a professional women’s basketball league came long ago.

It was on April 24, 1996, when the WNBA approved the creation of the WNBA. It is not the first American women’s professional league since the WBL (Women’s Basketball League) was previously played.

WNBA First Seasons

Still, it is the first to have the protection of the WNBA since the WBL was independent. The first seasons competed with the ABL league, also defunct.

The first game was between the New York Liberty and the Los Angeles Sparks, on June 21, 1997, at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles. The Liberty won that game 67-57.

The first champions were the Houston Comets in WNBA history, with players as outstanding as Cynthia Cooper, defeating the Liberty 65-51 in the final.

WNBA Brought Equality

It was quite a game and proved that the women’s sports leagues were just as exciting and thrilling as men’s. On June 14, 1999, the first All-Star Game was played, with the victory of the West team over the East by 79-61. 

That is why learning how to bet on WNBA has become such a prominent move for bettors. Getting started into one of the most important professional leagues in women’s sports is more than just exciting and thrilling; but can allow bettors to make money along the way.  

Breakdown of the League

In terms of teams, there have been a total of 17 teams in WNBA history. Some of them have already disappeared. Among these are the:

  • Cleveland Rockers
  • Miami Sun
  • Charlotte Sting
  • Portland Fire

Three other teams, the Utah Starzz, the Orlando Miracle and the Detroit Shock, were relocated to San Antonio (Texas), (Silver Stars), Uncasville, Connecticut (Sun), and Tulsa, respectively.

Currently, these are the 12 teams that make up the WNBA:

Eastern Conference

  • Atlanta Dream
  • Chicago Sky
  • Connecticut Sun
  • Indiana Fever
  • New York Liberty
  • Washington Mystics

Western Conference

  • Las Vegas Aces
  • Los Angeles Sparks
  • Minnesota Lynx
  • Phoenix Mercury
  • Seattle Storm
  • Dallas Wings

How to bet on WNBA

Basketball has some peculiarities when it comes to betting that other sports do not have. The information before the match seems essential to assess whether the quota has value or whether it is better to wait for events to decide whether to enter or not. That is why learning how to bet on WNBA is vital. 

On some occasions, the fact that a certain player plays or does not play will cause a shift in the odds and that what was previously a good bet becomes not valuable and vice versa.

That is why we have thought of you to leave you, from our point of view, the best tips for betting on basketball. 

The Closer the Better

Here bettors must be clear that in basketball, the closer the match to play, the closer you will be to knowing if your bet has value.

That is why most experts advise bettors to take a tour of the markets on the day of the match. By doing so, you will be able to explore all the offers. It will be up to you to determine how you want to proceed based on the data. 

Reading WNBA Odds

Before explaining how to bet on the WNBA, which is very similar to NBA betting, you should know how the WNBA odds work at an online bookmaker.

Odds are always shown with a minus (-) to designate the favorite and a plus (+) for the underdog or non-favorite team. This would be an example:

  • Los Angeles Sparks -110
  • Washington Mystics +110

The numbers following the plus and minus signs are the current odds, based on $100 bets. In any case, you should know that you do not have to bet that exact amount. You can invest $5, $1,000, or the amount you want.

Excessive Loses

However, it’s important to always be cautious and avoid giving rise to excessive losses that make a dent in your wallet.

Betting on the Sparks to win would earn bettors $100 for every $110 bet, while betting on the Mystics at +110 would earn bettors $110 for every $100 bet. 

WNBA Popular Types of Bets

As in the case of top college basketball betting guide & sports betting, here are some of the most popular bet types when it comes to WNBA:

1. Game Winner

This type of bet stands as one of the most common. In general, it is an easy bet, but if you do not do a good job of sports research, it can be difficult to predict the winner since bettors have to know how the teams have been performing during the season. 

Although, in general, it is one of the best ways to get into basketball with sports betting since a great depth of analysis is not required. 

3. Point Spread

Another popular alternative bet type to favor WNBA and how to bet on WNBA is the points spread. It is determined when there is a clear favorite between the teams and a certain difference between points is also predicted. Therefore, the majority who bet in this way tend to support who is the favorite.

But, to understand it better, here we have the following example. Suppose the Sparks and Mystics clash. The Sparks are the clear favorites and there is a big difference between the players on both teams.

In this way, the point difference could reach up to +4.5 points, which means that the Sparks are favorites to win the match by a difference of 5 points. And, if the prediction for the points is not fulfilled, it cannot be recorded as a win.

4. Over/Under

Another classic option for basketball betting is the over/under. The goal is to predict whether the number of accumulated points will pass a certain number. 

In such a way that, if we find a couple of very effective teams, at the moment of scoring, we can bet on “Over 210.5 points,” ensuring that they surpass that barrier of 210 points. Bettors can also move in the opposite direction and bet on the under. 

5.Props and Futures

These types of bet forecasts can allow bettors to enjoy an ample selection of possibilities. These types of bets may require bettors to look at a long-term prognosis that is not immediate. While the special bets focus on the performance or confrontation of specific players.

Bettors can bet on which team will win the WNBA championship, which team will score the most points, which player will win the MVP award, and others. The categories are extensive and entertaining.

How to bet on WNBA: factors to consider

The objective of basketball betting strategies and how to bet on WNBA principles lies in trying to reduce this unpredictability factor as much as possible or teach the bettor the steps to follow to respond to any range of unpredictable events. These will most likely occur and are as common as top players shooting baskets.  

That is why betting on sports is all about reducing the risk that could jeopardize the success of the prediction.

This is a circumstance that tends to occur much more often than one might think, which is why every strategy counts.

Other Types of Betting Strategies

On the other hand, and as is the case with other types of betting strategies, basketball betting strategies require prior learning and experience to perfect and correct possible errors that can affect decision-making processes and ultimately impact bets.

However, the main advantage of a sports betting strategy is that it can be applied, in general, in a fairly high percentage of cases.

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How to bet on WNBA FAQs

Yes. If the betting provider offers the sport as an alternative, bettors can bet on WNBA games throughout the season. Learning how to bet on WNBA is important to make the most of every dollar. 

Yes. Like in top leagues such as Euro Basketball or NBA, the WNBA can lead to bettors nailing and achieving solid results when it comes to making money.

Absolutely yes. WNBA stats are vital and will allow bettors to make the most of every dollar bet on the sport. They allow bettors to stay informed and make smart bets.

Of course. Perhaps this is one of the most attractive current features in basketball. It allows bettors to stay hooked to every minute of the game and enjoy the sport.

For any sport, it is best to avoid betting on our favorite team. As fans, bettors usually decide with their hearts rather than with their heads. This means that bettors can be blinded by their emotions. Picking the best team might sometimes mean betting against one’s favorite colors.