X Games Betting Guide

Getting Started With Bet on X Games and Tips to Apply

Sports betting has become a top alternative for almost all to mix the best of various sports dynamics with wagering. Given that it is a legitimate form of entertainment, global sports betting also includes multiple events that deviate from conventional sports betting with which most fans are familiar.

Events and sports such as horse racing, tennis, football, and baseball will pop into bettors’ minds when they think about sports betting. The high level of entertainment and excitement of global sports betting includes events like the X Games, which have become a worldwide phenomenon

Learning about the best strategies to bet on events like X Games might just be a start for bettors who want to break away from traditional betting dynamics. Betting on X Games has become ideal for some, and there are excellent reasons to back this up.

What are the X Games?

Skateboarding, BMX, and freestyle motocross events are held within a festive atmosphere designed to celebrate a way of life for young people, or at least that is how experts define X Game events. With decades of being considered some of the most extreme and outside-the-box sports, most of these events have continued to inspire young athletes to the point of also becoming Olympic events.

The first X Games occurred on June 24, 1995, in Providence and Newport, Rhode Island. The events were born as a part of a television stunt in which major TV networks, such as ESPN, were expanding and looking for alternative programming.

90s X Games

Back in the 90s, the idea was to create a type of extreme sports competition that resembled the Olympic Games in terms of structure. Back then, sports like street luge, sky surfing, windsurfing, and climbing would top the list. In addition to these sports, BMX, skate vert, skatepark, and BMX dirt were also added to the repertoire.

Back then, top names and athletes like Jay Miron, Taj Mihelich, Bob Burnquist, Kevin Robinson, Dennis McCoy, Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, and the legendary Tony Hawk inaugurated the sport. It then became an event with almost 400 athletes spread over 30 disciplines.

Since then, more than 4,000 athletes have participated in the X Games. More than 25 years later, the X games now include 150 athletes in 19 disciplines. What was born as an experiment has become an event that reaches 158 million viewers in almost 200 countries and territories, with multiple venues throughout the year. The X Games have also snatched the attention and interest of hundreds of thousands of sports bettors worldwide.

How are the X Games Split?

The X Games are made up of two main categories, which are the winter and summer X Games. Some events continue to be popular year after year. These include motocross, mountain biking, skateboarding, and BMX.

Various skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobile competitions are held during the winter stage of the X Games. Big air, slopestyle, superpipe, and snowboard X are different events that fit within the snowboarding category. 

Competitors in snowmobile races can choose between freestyle and speed modes to take their game to the next level. Past winter activities include ski boarding, ice climbing, and mountain bike racing.

How to Bet On the X Games

The X Games are compared to the Olympic Games in many ways, including the method betting categories are arranged for online sports betting sites. So, to bet on X Games events, bettors could try to dive deep into some of the popular events of the competition.

Most of the bets on these events include markets such as moneylines and the number of points scored in each competition. Futures are also one of the most common bet types in X Games competitions, where fans can predict the winners in each category.

Regarding strategy, bettors interested in X Games betting can employ similar tactics to other online sports tournaments. In that sense, bettors can focus on one or two installments of the X Games competitions and take on those challenges. Again, this will allow all bettors to have a chance to analyze all the competitors beforehand and narrow down the analysis to only a few categories.

It can be challenging to get sports information about the list of participants in each discipline and additional stats before the main sports tournaments. Fortunately, all accepted athletes are listed on the official X Games website, where players can find more background information.

Before betting on sports tournaments, players can check all competitors’ past performance, age, and other relevant sports information about X Games athletes. It’s a great place to start one’s X Games betting research and make the most of free event data.

What are Some Tips to Bet on the X Games?

These betting tips apply to all sports, including the X Games.

Consider All Factors

Bettors already know that several factors can define a game or an event. This seems obvious and is only sometimes considered when making betting recommendations. For example, have participants suffered from recent injuries? Are weather conditions favorable for all participants? These parameters are on everyone’s mind, yet bettors can take it a step further.

Have participants shown recent top-level performance in past competitions? This factor is crucial at any level of the X Games competitions. These are betting tips based on bettors’ experience when they bet on X Games and consider all relevant sports information.

Don’t Always Opt For Your Favorite Participant

Most sports bettors are also sports fans. There’s no doubt that it’s difficult to separate these two forces. One’s favorite competitor at a specific event is the one who always tries the best, makes the most effort, and has some of the flashiest tricks. However, it’s not about personal preferences but about points and performance.

Some bettors will stick to believing in bad luck with injuries or a bad day at the skateboard park. Yet, in the end, following your heart only sometimes works in sports betting. Players should always prioritize numbers and stats over any other type of reference.

Identify Top Category Contestants

Skateboarding fans should consider top names such as Jimmy Wilkins, Elliot Sloan, Mitchie Brusco, and Bucky Lasek. Then, look at all participants and ensure that you select the best choice in every competition. Researching and analyzing stats, numbers, and other information might take some time. However, this will give you an edge when placing a bet on competition winners.

Learn to Make Smart Bets

The last trick to win at X games sports betting might sound obvious. However, making smart bets doesn’t just mean rooting for one team over another, and it doesn’t just mean going for the safe options, either. Sometimes bettors need to add some risk to their bet to increase their profits.

Data can give all players an idea of how to win sports bets. So, that’s a starting point. Yet, bettors should always look at the best odds, stats, news, updates, and even their budget to make the best bet possible. 

However, sometimes a combined bet will do. Although adding too much risk might be unnecessary, in the end, it’s about learning how to make the most intelligent bets on the event.

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Bet on X Games FAQs

As with any sport, there will always be athletes who have managed to stand out in the last few decades. Some top athletes that have competed in past X Games include Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek, and Andy Macdonald in skateboarding events. 

For BMX riders, Dave Mirra and Mat Hoffman have become legends of the competition. And finally, for motocross, riders like Travis Pastrana and Brian Deegan have stood out over the years.

Yes. The X Games have become very popular over the last decade. Men and women will compete in the various disciplines as the event has now reached millions of followers worldwide. These numbers have continued to increase since certain sports were included as part of the Olympic Games.

First, bettors can opt for the big air competition. Here, athletes compete on a 91-meter course made up of a single 24-meter hybrid jump. It was back in 2017 when the first X Games hosted a competition for men and women in both the skiing and snowboarding disciplines. The big air competition debuted as an Olympic discipline for the first time in Pyeongchang in 2018.

Slopestyle is also a top favorite. Here, competitors will face a 518-meter-long track with six ramps and a vertical drop of 88 meters. In addition, athletes attempt multiple tricks along their course on specially designed jumps, rails, boxes, and other obstacles.

All bettors must be at least 21 years old to make legal sports bets on the X Games.

Yes. Moneylines, futures, totals, and combined bets are some of the most popular alternatives for the X Games.