Yankee Betting System

The Yankee bet is supposedly named after a U.S. soldier who first used the system to place a bet at a U.K. bookmaker and made a fortune when all his bets hit.

Yankee bets are most commonly made in horse racing, but the strategy can be used in other sports.

As far as combination betting is concerned, the Yankee bet is one of the easiest to place and costs less than other combination bets like Super Yankee. 

Yankee’s System Combinations

The Yankee system combines 11 separate wagers on four different events. Some online bookmakers don’t require the player to place the sub-bets individually.

Many automatically offer the Yankee bet as an option once four selections have been made on the bet slip. 

A Yankee bet is a complicated form of combination wager that gives the option to place many different bets at the same time.

Strategy’s Potential Losses

Players considering using the Yankee system should think carefully about this strategy’s potential losses and how much they stand to win. 

The conditions of the Yankee betting system state that players must make four selections from different events.

From those four, eleven bets are made, which gives the bettor some security if not all of their choices win. Because of the number of bets made, they have a chance to at least make a small profit. 

How It Works

A Yankee bet is made up of the following:

  • Six double bets
  • Four treble bets
  • One four-fold accumulator bet

The wagers are placed using only four selections from a betting market, with the same wager amount placed on each individual sub-bet.

For a Yankee bet to be profitable, there must also be at least two winning underdog selections.

How to Place a Yankee Bet

The first thing to do when placing a Yankee bet is to pick four selections in betting markets that are pretty sure winners.

Higher-risk Bets

The higher-risk bets will be reserved for single wagers, as the primary goal of the Yankee system is to get the maximum payout when all four selections win. 

In the Yankee betting system, the construction of the bet requires the player to include each of the four selections in at least one double bet, one treble, and one four-fold accumulator using all the other selections.

Those making the wager online will have to make their bets manually unless they use a site that has Yankee betting as an option on the betting slip.


Once the selections have been made and double-checked, the wager can be placed by entering the stake amount.

Players should remember that the amount of the bet will be multiplied by 11, with an equal bet placed on each of the individual sub-bets. 

If at least two selections win, the bettor will generate a payout with at least one of the doubles hitting. If two selections win with odds that are high enough, the player can take a small payout.

However, at least three wins are required to be assured of making an overall profit.  

Yankee System Strategy

The best strategy for Yankee betting is to make four selections of strong favorites to ensure all of the four sub-bets, including the four-fold accumulator, are winners.

Yankee Strategy Giving a Solid Chance

The way to do this is to make all selections that are highly likely to win, giving the player a solid chance to win the Yankee bet. 

Although this strategy will win more often, it usually results in a smaller payout which can sometimes be less than the original stake.

This is different than the type of profitable wins most bettors are looking for when making a Yankee system bet, so to make a more attractive profit, bettors will want to place wagers on higher-priced selections.

Let’s Bet on the Underdogs

The strategy of using underdogs with Yankee betting is the same that players should use when making a single wager.

They should be very familiar with the sport and do their research on each event to identify the best value. Bettors should also take their time and make sure they’re getting the best balance of value and chances of winning on every wager included. 

Players should carefully consider the amount they want to stake on a Yankee system bet and remember that it is typically a high-risk chance.

Staking in the Player’s Bankroll

Staking a large amount can put a dent in the player’s bankroll, and if it doesn’t win, they’ll be looking at a significant loss. 

Bettors should instead consider constructing a Yankee bet that gives them a chance to make a big profit while betting a modest amount.

Although this requires the player to choose higher-priced bets, reducing the probability of winning, most of the risk is on the losing bet, lowering the potential to lose a big amount. 

Profits on a Yankee Betting System

Profits on a Yankee betting system can multiply very fast, as the bet provides wide coverage, and players can make a profit without winning all selections.

Players thinking about placing this combination bet can go online and use a free Yankee bet calculator to see what their potential returns can be compared to the betting markets they normally wager. 

Super Yankee

The Super Yankee betting market takes the system to another level.

It’s somewhat more complicated than a regular Yankee bet but is simple to construct using a Super Yankee bet calculator that can be found in many places online.

What Is a Super Yankee?

A Super Yankee is a wager on five selections consisting of 26 total bets. These bets consist of ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-fold accumulators, and one five-fold accumulator.

Returns on a Super Yankee bet also depend on each runner, which means a single loss can significantly reduce the player’s profit.

Lucky 31 Bet

This variation is similar to the Lucky 31 bet, which is also made up of 26 wagers but adds another five single bets, one on each selection. Bettors will also make a profit on a Super Yankee bet when as few as two selections win. 

Pros and Cons of Yankee Bets

The Yankee bet can minimize the bettor’s risk by spreading it around through multiple bets. The eleven combinations guarantee a win if only two selections are hit. There is also more potential to make a profit.

Yankee Betting System Disadvantage

The major disadvantage is that the Yankee bet requires making a higher stake, making the bettor consider whether or not the higher risk is worth taking for a chance at a higher payout. 

Another downside is that the Yankee system requires the bettor to have some skill to use the betting strategy effectively.

This is why it’s recommended that novice bettors avoid using this strategy or at least learn to use a Yankee bet calculator before proceeding. 

Yankee’s Bet Difficulty

Yankee bets can be complicated for some players to understand but can be a good option for players who want a higher likelihood of winning.

However, they should also beware, as anyone making a Yankee bet should be very familiar with the sports market they’re betting on and the teams and players that make up that market.

They should also take the time to shop around and explore the odds available at various online bookmakers to get the best value. 

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Yankee system FAQs

Horse racing is where Yankee betting is most commonly used, but it’s now being seen in more popular markets like football and hockey. Any player who is confident that two or more selections will win can use the system for almost any sport.

Yankee bets work the same way with every sports market. Players only need to select the four horses they think will win across four different races. If at least two of them win, they will receive a payout. If just two horses win, the player would be paid out on the one double they created, with everything else being a loser.

Yes. An each-way Yankee bet works the same way. There should be a box next to the bet slip that says “E/W.” Clicking this will make another Yankee bet, raising the total number from 11 to 22 wagers. The each-way bet means the player is backing all their selections twice – one wager for the selections to win and another on the same selections to lose.

Players need to keep in mind that when wagering on the Yankee bet market, the stake entered on the bet slip will be multiplied by 11 to cover all the wagers being placed. This means they should always double-check the amount being staked before placing the bet.

Most online sportsbooks offer the Yankee betting market. Not only do they offer the option, but they will make it as easy as possible for bettors to make these combination bets. After researching the different choices available, players just need to find the one bookmaker that meets all their needs. 

Players can also check the various independent online sportsbook reviews to see which providers most players prefer when making Yankee bets.