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MLB Player Stats

The tradition of keeping player statistics began in the 19th century under the practice of Henry Chadwick; the history of MLB stats has since evolved and expanded, adding things such as earned run average, errors, and many more to the traditional hits and final score.

In 1969, MacMillan Publishing released its first computer-printed Baseball Encyclopedia, which tracked every stat the year prior. Morden baseball is much different, however, both in terms of what types of numbers players are putting up and what areas are being tracked.

Modern baseball focuses on power and aggression more than anything, whether that be with rocket-armed relievers or superstar sluggers whose sole intent is to smack the ball into orbit.

How to bet on players using MLB stats

MLB stats, specifically MLB players’ stats, can be a great tool used by bettors to help secure a hefty return.

For example, pretend that Bobby Bobertson is hitting .245 this season— nothing too special— but he is hitting .334 against left-handed pitchers. That would mean two things: first, he really, really needs to improve his game against traditional righties, but secondly, it means that he would be a great prospect to bet on for at least getting a hit in an upcoming game against a southpaw starter.

Another example of using MLB stats to help formulate bets would be a player’s history against a certain team, or even a division, especially if their upcoming opponent plays in the same division they do. Pretend that Andrew Ambert, a Chicago White Sox player, has 14 home runs this season but 11 have come against the Baltimore Orioles, where he spent the early years of his career before they traded him away. Andrew would have a level of familiarity with the Orioles’ organization but could also be motivated by revenge, which is why his home run total is so high. 

With this in mind, a bettor would be wise to consider throwing some money on Ambert hitting a home run in his next game against Baltimore.

Advantages of betting on the MLB with stats

Stats do not always tell the truth, but they rarely tell a lie; what this means is that stats should not be the sole reason a bet is placed, but they should provide a framework for bettors to operate within and increase their chance of beating the MLB odds.

Projections are always more important than the past, and factors such as style and circumstance play heavy roles in bets, but stats can help highlight trends if there are any existing ones. They also provide a factual basis to a theory or can disprove one entirely.

MLB Stats Frequently Asked Questions

MLB betting guides will be quick to point out the glaring storylines, but looking for anything such as strikeout history to batting average in a particular stadium could give you a leg up.

As previously said, stats are never wholly indicative, but they do not lie about what has happened.

MLB stats are available on the league’s website, in betting guides, or on sports media companies’ pages.

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