MLB Teams Stats

Baseball is a game chock full of numbers to play around with and analyze, but when it comes to betting, keep it simple when looking at team statistics.

In the batter’s box, it’s better to see higher percentages. The opposite goes for what happens on the mound.

Offensively, some of the most important stats to consider when preparing to wager on the MLB are collective batting average and on-base and slugging percentages. The higher each of these is, the more opportunities arise for a team to plate some runs.

You should also take into account how many extra-base hits an effort is typically good for, especially home runs.

Patience at the dish can lead to bases on balls, so don’t forget to check out how many walks a team usually works out. In a sport where even the most successful players fail over half the time, you’ll take what you can get.

No matter how they put their base runners on, the best teams are the ones that can string together knocks and make the most of their opportunities to push runs across.

Although they’re becoming more of a rarity, the number of stolen bases a team gets can help create even more chances.

On the flip side, it’s wise to look at the pitching staff’s marks, the most important of which is a team’s earned run average. WHIP is also a very telling stat of how hurlers perform. 

As a game gets deeper, teams throw in fire-spitting throwers. When this happens, the velocity with which relievers pitch can make it considerably harder for lineups to string worthwhile plate appearances together. 

Saves are a measure of how effective closing pitchers are when they come in to finish things out. Odds are if the team you’re placing money on has a solid bullpen, things can go well.

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