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Chicago White Sox History

The Chicago White Sox has a history that was, at one point, marred by controversy. The controversy in White Sox history is the 1919 World Series, where the White Sox faced the Cincinnati Reds. At the beginning of the match-up, the Reds were huge underdogs but would win the World Series. An investigation into the conduct of the White Sox players due to large amounts of bets on the Reds stemming from rumors that White Sox players would fix the World Series game.

The assumption was that the White Sox threw the World Series in exchange for money from Arnold Rothstein, who ran a gambling syndicate in New York City. It would lead to a public trial of eight White Sox players accused of fixing the World Series. The scandal would be known as the Black Sox scandal and would cost them a chance at the AL Pennant in 1920 due to the suspension of seven players for the last three games of the season.

Even though Bill Burns, who was part of the fixing scandal, testified that the White Sox did throw the games, the eight players charged with conspiracy to defraud were found not guilty. Even though the players avoided criminal prosecution, they would be permanently banned from professional baseball.

Currently, the team play their home games in the Guaranteed Rate Field.

Historical Chicago White Sox Stats

The White Sox haven’t consistently ranked at the top of the league statistically. They have been a team with flashes of brilliance but haven’t quite translated that into consistent success.

2021 Standouts: The 2021 season was a high point. With a winning record (93-69) and a first-place finish in the AL Central, the White Sox looked like a team on the rise. However, they fell short in the Division Series.

Inconsistent Follow-up: The 2022 season saw a dip in performance (81-81) and a second-place finish in the division. There were managerial changes during the season, highlighting some growing pains.

2023 Disappointing Record: The White Sox finished with a dismal record of 61-101, placing them last in the AL Central. This marked a steep decline from their 2021 success.

Championships Won by the Chicago White Sox

Since the team was founded in 1900, the White Sox successfully won some titles in MLB. The White Sox have won three World Series titles, six AL Pennants, two AL West Division titles, and four AL Central Division titles. The White Sox would win their three World Series titles in 1906. 1917, and 2005. Their AL Pennants would come in 1901, 1906, 1917, 1919, 1959, and 2005.

When the White Sox were in the AL West, they would win that Division title in 1983 and 1993. After MLB moved them to the AL Central, the White Sox would win that Division title in 2000, 2005, 2008, and 2021.

Important Team Events

One of the most significant events for the White Sox is the Crosstown Classic that sees the White Sox face their Northside rivals, the Chicago Cubs. Many other names are also given to this event, such as The Windy City Showdown, the BP Crosstown Cup, and the Red Line Series. The first-ever postseason meeting between the two teams happened in the 1906 World Series. The White Sox would win the Series 4-2 and take home the World Series title that year.

Another great rivalry game for the White Sox is their games against the Detroit Tigers. The rivalry between these two heated back up at the end of 2021 when Tigers pitcher Alex Lange hit a White Sox player with a pitch in the ninth inning. This would lead to a bench-clearing between the two teams. A fight, however, didn’t break out as a result. But will that be the case in 2022 when the two teams face each other again?

Top Players

The White Sox have plenty of past, and present players considered top players for the team. Looking back in time, one of the best sluggers for the White Sox was a first baseman, Frank Thomas. His nickname was “The Big Hurt,” and for a good reason. Thomas is in the top ten in the AL for home runs (521), RBI’s (1,704), and walks (1,667) in his career. The White Sox counted on him during his time with the team.

For 2022, the White Sox will lean on their pitching crew, who were some of the best in the AL for 2021. This crew consists of starting pitchers Dylan Cease, Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, and relief pitchers Kendall Graveman and Craig Kimbrel. The White Sox added Kimbrel during the 2021 season, and Graveman signed with the Sox at the end of the 2021 season.

Top Coaches

A few past coaches come to mind when you look at the White Sox. Fielder Jones, who managed the White Sox in their first World Series championship win, comes to mind. He also, to this day, still has the best overall winning average in White Sox history with a .591 winning percentage. Another top coach for the White Sox was former player Ozzie Guillén. Guillén would take over in 2004 and take the White Sox to their first World Series win in 87 years when they won in 2005.

Current Manager: Pedro Grifol

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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the White Sox won a World Series title?

The last time when White Sox won a World Series title was in 2005.

What event led to a forfeiting of a game between the White Sox and the Tigers?

Disco Demolition Night on July 12th, 1979, led to the White Sox forfeiting the second game of a double hitter with the Tigers. This was due to a riot that broke out on the field after Steve Dahl blew up disco records on the baseball field after the end of the first game of the double hitter.

Why are the 1919 Chicago White Sox known as the Black Sox?

The team has the Black Sox nickname due to a game-fixing event during the World Series involving White Sox players.

What was the original name of the Chicago White Sox?

The original name of this team was Chicago White Stockings from 1900-1903.

What is the best season record by the White Sox?

The 1917 White Sox team had a 100-54 record for the season. That posted the most wins by a White Sox team to date.

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