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Team Summary

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a Major League Team based in Los Angeles, CA. They compete in the National League Western Division.

The Dodgers color scheme consists of Dodger blue, white, and red. They have played at Dodger Stadium since 1962.

The team’s existence stems all the way back to 1883 when they were first introduced as the Brooklyn Grays. After undergoing a number of different nicknames throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Dodgers were chosen for the 1913 season. But the organization dropped the name in 1914 and chose the “Robins” instead.

Finally, in 1932, the Dodgers nickname was re-implemented and has stuck ever since. But it was not until 1958 that the franchise left Brooklyn and became the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Los Angeles Dodgers Stats

Los Angeles Dodgers History

The Dodgers have won seven World Series titles over the course of their existence. But they did not win their first title until the 1955 campaign. Their most recent World Series victory came in 2020.

Los Angeles has won 24 National League Pennants 19 NL West division titles and has clinched three Wild Card playoff berths.

The team spent much of the 1880s in the American Association before officially joining the National League. They won their first National League Pennant in 1890 under the name of the “Bridegrooms.”

They moved to the historic Ebbets Field prior to the 1913 season, which was also their first year going by the Dodger nickname. They would call Ebbets Field home until 1957 when they moved to Los Angeles.

The Dodgers saw more consistent success in LA, as they won six of their seven World Series on the west coast.

Historical Los Angeles Dodgers Stats

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a juggernaut in Major League Baseball. Here’s a deep dive into their recent seasons, showcasing a team built for consistent winning and championship glory.

Dominant Stats: The Dodgers boast a recent win percentage near the top of the league (.631), consistently exceeding 90 wins. They lead the pack in several offensive categories, including team batting average and home runs. Their pitching staff is no slouch either, ranking highly in strikeouts and ERA.

Postseason Regulars: The Dodgers have become synonymous with playoff appearances. They’ve reached the postseason in eight of the last nine seasons, including a World Series win in 2020. This consistency speaks volumes about their ability to build a well-rounded team year after year.

Stars and Depth: The Dodgers have a formidable lineup with superstars leading the charge. However, their success isn’t solely reliant on a few big names. They have a deep roster with talented players who can contribute consistently.

Looking Ahead: With their impressive recent track record, they remain a favorite to contend for another World Series title. However, the ever-competitive nature of baseball means they’ll need to continue performing at a high level to maintain their dominance.

Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Appearances

The Dodgers did not win a World Series until 1955. This would end up being the team’s only World Series Title in the city of Brooklyn. But they immediately saw a drastic increase in championship success in LA.

The Dodgers won the World Series in 1959, 1963, and 1965. With Hall of Fame pitchers Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale leading the charge, a dynasty had unquestionably been formed in Los Angeles.

Following the 1965 victory, the Dodgers went into a minor championship drought. It was not until 1981 that they won another World Series Title. They added one more during the decade which came in 1988. The ‘88 World Series also gave birth to one of the most iconic World Series moments of all time.

Superstar slugger Kirk Gibson was injured entering the World Series. However, late in Game One, manager Tommy Lasorda called upon Gibson to grab a bat and pinch-hit against one of the best relievers in baseball in Dennis Eckersley.

After a long at-bat and a number of painful-looking swings from Gibson, the left-handed masher got a hanging breaking ball over the middle of the plate, which he sent into the right-field bleachers to give the Dodgers the walk-off win.

They went on to defeat the A’s and win the World Series.

Important Team Events

The Dodgers move from Brooklyn to LA re-branded baseball on the west coast. The majority of the great teams had all been in either the central or eastern part of the country, with teams like the Yankees, Cardinals, and Philadelphia A’s dominating the league.

But the Dodgers brought more than just popularity to the west coast. They also brought championships, winning three World Series titles within their first eight seasons in Los Angeles.

California now has five MLB teams, and baseball is as popular on the west coast as it is anywhere else in the country.

The 1988 Kirk Gibson moment is legendary. The great Vin Scully was on the call, and the Dodgers and A’s were two talented and exciting California-based teams. Gibson’s iconic fist-pump while rounding second base lives on in the hearts of Dodger fans.

The Best Dodgers Players

The Los Angeles Dodgers organization has produced some of baseball’s best players.

Duke Snider is arguably the greatest Dodger of all-time. The outfielder hit just under 300 home runs while finishing with a career batting average of .300 during his time with the team.

You can’t talk about Dodgers’ history without discussing Jackie Robinson. In addition to breaking baseball’s color barrier, Robinson finished his Dodger career with a .311/.401/.473 line to go along with over 100 home runs and over 190 stolen bases.

There are two Dodger left-handed pitchers from completely different generations who signify the excellence of the organization. Sandy Koufax ended his Dodger career with a 2.76 ERA and over 2,300 strikeouts. Clayton Kershaw, a free agent, owns a 2.43 ERA and has struck out more than 2,600 batters.

Both pitchers are two of the best to ever don the Dodger white and blue.

Top Coaches

The Dodgers have also seen a significant number of incredible managers over the course of their existence.

When discussing their greatness, managers such as Walter Alston, Tommy Lasorda, Leo Durocher, and so many more come to mind.

Alston led LA to four World Series championships. Lasorda was a part of two World Series titles and four NL Pennants. Durocher led the Dodgers to one World Series championship as a player/manager and enjoyed a number of winning seasons.

Current Manager: Dave Roberts

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Who is the Dodgers’ all-time leader in home runs?

Duke Snider (389)

Who is the Dodgers’ all-time leader in strikeouts?

Don Sutton (2,696)

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