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MotoGP, or Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing, is the top division of motorcycle racing events held on road circuits sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme FIM. It is considered one of the oldest established world championships in motorsport. Different motorcycle brands of the world compete in the MotoGP.

The battle is always incredible, and we witness various talking points from each event. It is the ultimate ground for testing the connection between man and machine. The best riders go head-to-head to win battles and come out on top. There is a lot to know, and you can engage in MotoGP betting as it is one of the biggest sports today. 

MotoGP Relevant History

The first official FIM road racing world championship GP was organized in 1949. Throughout the 1950s and for most parts of the 60s, the classes were dominated by four-stroke engines. However, through the 60s, the machines began to advance, and we started getting two-stroke engines taking root in the lower classes. 

As we approached the 1970s, some rule changes were introduced. The FIM cited high development costs for non-works teams because of the rules that allow for a diversity of gears and cylinders, which brought in new regulations restricting all the classes to six gears, with most of them restricted to cylinders. 

Technological advancements kept coming, and we got more exciting competitions with new machines. We saw the engine capacity increase to 500cc. It also came with the CRT (Claiming Rule Teams), which gives them more engines per season with more giant fuel tanks, making the machines more competitive.

The MotoGP era started in the early 2000s as it replaced the 500cc class, and four-strokes were re-introduced. The growth continued, and the 2010s brought us more excitement; we saw different top battles, and MotoGP increased the maximum engine capacity to 1,000cc. So, the competition keeps improving.

Betting Strategies for MotoGP

When you want to engage in MotoGP betting, you should know that, like every other sport, you need a strategy that would help increase your chances of winning. Coming up with a betting strategy can be tricky because it doesn’t guarantee that you will win, but it gives you the chance to win more than you lose. 

There are different aspects to bet on when it comes to the MotoGP. Your strategy should be based on the market you’re focusing on. You can also combine different markets to create a proper strategy. Below are some of the betting options to consider.

Drivers’ Championships

In this case, you’re simply betting on which rider would win the championship at the end of the season. This option almost always comes with high MotoGP odds, even if you’re betting on the favorite riders. 

Constructors Championship

It is similar to the Drivers’ Championship, but in this case, you’re betting on the constructors you think would win the championship. And the odds are also generous for this option. 

Race Winner

This simple option allows you to bet on a single race, where you get to back a particular rider to win the race.  


If you think a rider would finish high in the race, but you’re not sure they can win the race, you can go with the head-to-head option. In this case, two riders are pitted against each other, and you can bet on the one you think would perform better. 

Pole Position

You can also bet on the qualifying rounds. You can go with the rider you think would take the first grid position. It is a one-lap race that can be pretty competitive. 

Fastest Lap

In this case, you’re betting on the rider you think would produce the fastest lap in the race. Where they finish doesn’t matter; you’ll win once your pick gets the fastest lap time. 

Top Three Finish

If you believe your pick would perform but can’t tell if they would win, you can back them to finish in the top three positions after the race. 

Qualification Winning Team

This bet is on what team you think would come out top in the qualifying rounds. So, you can back a team you think has the riders that can compete for the win.

Race Winning Margin

This one has generous odds because it is difficult to predict. You’ll need to predict the margin by which a rider will win the race. 

Betting Tips for MotoGP

Betting on MotoGP is like placing bets on any other sport. So, there are no guarantees, and upsets are part of the game. The key to winning to having a solid knowledge of the sport and riders whenever you want to place your bets. When you do that, you can make better and informed bets, helping you win more. 

There are a lot of things you need to consider when you want to place bets on MotoGP. You can begin with the most obvious: how the riders have been performing in recent races. Also, it is good to know how they’ve been faring on specific tracks. Aside from that, you should consider the riders’ trends on a particular race track. 

In addition, you should follow these tips to help you increase your chances of winning and safeguard your bankroll when you bet on MotoGP.

  • Do your research before the race.
  • Look at the individual riders and teams’ stats
  • Consider the odds
  • Use historical data

MotoGP Odds Frequently Asked Questions

To bet on MotoGP, you need to find a top sports betting site that offers MotoGP betting to join, and you’re good to go. 

How MotoGP riders get their numbers is pretty tricky. While some have a specific number they use throughout their careers, some are allocated at the start of the championship.

The timing pass is an advanced analysis that you can use to follow the action as it unfolds, giving you an extensive update on the championship.

The first 15 of the 24 riders get allotted different points, with the 15th-placed rider getting one point and the first getting 25 points.

Yes, you can use your mobile to bet on MotoGP events. You just have to find a top mobile sports betting site to use. 

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