Aragon Grand Prix

MotoGP Aragon Grand Prix

The Aragon Grand Prix is one of the most exciting new MotoGP races to follow in the MotoGP calendar. The race hasn’t been around for too long compared to some of the top races on the calendar. However, the Aragon Grand Prix has been a race to anticipate every season for some years. 

Since the first race, the competition has had different names because various sponsors put their names on it. We continue to enjoy this incredible race’s excitement and look forward to the next one. It is an impressive race that will keep giving us memorable moments.

Aragon Grand Prix History

The story of the Aragon Grand Prix started in 2010. The race takes place at the MotorLand, with its roots firmly established because of the street racing activities in Alcaniz that hosted the events from the mid-1960s until 2003. After many years of enjoying this event, safety advice warning against the continuation led to creation of a sporting complex.

The complex was dedicated to motorsports, introducing different Grand Prix races, including the Aragon Grand Prix MotoGP race. Although a Grand Prix is already happening in Spain, the Aragon Grand Prix was a joyous addition that gave us some of the best experiences. 

From 2010, we continued to get different actions at the MotorLand Aragon venue. The first sponsor for the event was A-Style, giving the event the Grand Prix A-Style de Aragon name. In the following year, there was no official sponsor for the race. Therefore, the name remained Aragon Grand Prix.

But from 2012 to 2013, Iveco was the official sponsor, and the name was added to the event. In 2014, 2015, 2016,  2017, and 2018, Movistar sponsored an event called the Aragon Grand Prix. However, in 2016, the name was GP Movistar de Aragon. After that, the MotoGP race has had Michelin, Tissot, and Amnimoca Brands become the official sponsors. 

History shows this is an exciting event, and we hope to get more Aragon Grand Prix with different riders battling it out for the Aragon crown.

How to Bet on the Aragon Grand Prix Race

If you’re planning to bet on this game, you need to know a few things. You should look for a sports betting site that accepts players from your country or region and lets you bet on MotoGP races. Once you’ve found a reliable bunch, you should go for the best. So, you should vet each of them before you begin. 

After you are done checking and picking sportsbooks, you should go on to create an account. You can do this by looking at the sports betting site’s registration process and following the instructions from start to finish. Once you’re done, you should have completed your profile and get login access to an account at the sportsbook. 

So, you can go on to deposit money into your newly created account to kickstart your playing journey. You should ensure that you deposit at least the minimum amount. But we recommend that you deposit enough money to cover your betting plan. 

If you’ve done that, go to the MotoGP section to kickstart your betting experience. Check if the Aragon Grand Prix race is part of the list to make your bet. You should only bet money you can afford to lose. Also, you should take the time to analyze the event and participating riders. That way, you can make more informed bets. 

Taking the time to research games and ensuring that you’ve checked the riders will make you win more than you lose.

MotorLand Aragon Circuit Fun Facts

Since 2010, the MotorLand Aragon circuit has been the hosting venue for the Aragon Grand Prix. The circuit has had some of the best and most exciting moments of the various Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix races. As we look forward to more events at the MotorLand Aragon Circuit, let’s look at some fun facts about this exciting Motorcycle racing venue. 

  • The MotorLand Aragon Circuit is located in Alcaniz, Aragon, Spain.
  • The circuit broke ground in December 2005, but it wasn’t officially opened until the 6th of September 2009.
  • Hermann Tilke was the architect in charge of the project. 
  • The Circuit is 3.155 miles long with 16 turns for motorcycle racing. 
  • The MotorLand Aragon Circuit is the sixth circuit to host a Grand Prix event in Spain. 

Top Five Major Aragon Grand Prix Crashes

Even though the Aragon Grand Prix race hasn’t been around for too long compared with other top MotoGP races, it has had its fair share of crashes. Over the years, some riders have had unfortunate moments that saw them crash out of the event. So, let’s look at some of the top five major Aragon Grand Prix crashes. 

  • Fabio Quartararo and Marc Marquez 2022
  • Dani Pedrosa 2014
  • Valentino Rossi 2012
  • Marc Marquez 2015
  • Jorge Lorenzo 2018

Top Five Aragon Grand Prix Facts

The Aragon Grand Prix race has had some incredible moments since the first race was held in 2010. The competition is among the best in the MotoGP calendar and has given us top-notch experiences. Let’s look at some facts about this impressive MotoGP race as we wait for the upcoming event. 

  • Casey Stoner won the first Aragon Grand Prix with Ducati.
  • The MotorLand Aragon Circuit has hosted the Aragon Grand Prix since 2010, a year after it was opened. 
  • The Aragon Grand Prix is one of the five MotoGP events in Spain. 
  • The MotoGP race has had six different sponsors since it was inaugurated in 2010.
  • Honda is the most successful manufacturer at the Aragon Grand Prix.
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Aragon Grand Prix FAQs

Casey Stoner won the first and second MotoGP races, although he did it with two different constructors; Honda and Ducati.

Marc Marquez is the most successful rider at the Aragon Grand Prix, and by extension, Honda has won the most races at this event.

To bet on this MotoGP event, you need to find a good sports betting site with MotoGP as part of its betting option. Create an account, deposit, and place your bets.

Spain has produced the most number of winners since 2010. After Stoner’s consecutive wins, we got nine consecutive Spanish winners until Francesco Bagnaia broke the streak in 2021.

To learn more about this event, you should go to the MotoGP official website and look for the Aragon Grand Prix section.

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