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Austrian Grand Prix

The Austrian Motorcycle Grand Prix, is one of the top European MotoGP races to enjoy throughout the year. Since the 70s, the MotoGP race has been part of the motorcycle racing season, giving us some of the best moments until it went on a break, only to return a few decades later. 

The Austrian Grand Prix is an exciting racing event that we’re glad is back in the fold. Since the return, we have kept getting some of the best racing moments, with top riders competing for the Austrian GP crown. We expect more exciting moments when next the Austrian Grand Prix comes around. 

Austrian Grand Prix History

The first Austrian Grand Prix race was held in 1971 at the Salzburgring. The Salzburgring remained the Austrian Grand Prix’s racing venue from 1971 to 1994. At the turn of the 1995 season, the MotoGP race was removed from the calendar because it was concluded that the Salzburgring was too dangerous. 

However, in 1996, the Austrian Grand Prix returned with the event moving to the Osterreichring, which eventually became the A1-Ring. It was named after the Austrian mobile network at the time. However, it wasn’t long before the event was scrapped from the MotoGP calendar because the number of spectators was too low. 

From 1998 to 2015, we didn’t get another Austrian Grand Prix race. But in 2016, 19 years after the scrapping, the event returned with a bang, and this time, the race holds at the Red Bull Ring, and since the return, we’ve been getting some of the best racing moments that are making the Austrian Grand Prix one of the best events in the MotoGP calendar. 

The Red Bull Ring is an upgraded A1-Ring. So, technically, the Austrian Grand Prix has only used two circuits throughout its history. Aside from that, the MotoGP race has enjoyed different sponsorships, which has resulted in various name changes. In that case, the history of the event is pretty exciting. 

How to Bet on the Austrian Grand Prix Race

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Red Bull Ring Fun Fact

After the Salzburgring venue was changed, we had a different experience at the Austrian Grand Prix. The Red Bull Ring is much safer, and as a result, it has remained the hosting venue for the Austrian Grand Prix since its return. In that case, let’s look at some of the facts about this motorcycle racing venue. 

  • The Red Bull Ring is located in Spielberg, Styria, and has a capacity of 105,000.
  • The ring was initially opened in 1969, closed in 2004, and re-opened in 2011. 
  • The Red Bull Ring has an FIA grade of 1.
  • The ring was formerly known as Osterreichring from 1969-1995 and A1-Ring from 1996-2004.
  • Jorge Martin holds the fastest lap record for this event

Top Five Major Austrian Grand Prix Crashes

The Salzburgring was a dangerous terrain for riders, and as a result, we experienced some crashes at the Austrian Grand Prix. It didn’t end there, as crashes still happen at the Austrian Grand Prix even with the venue changes. In that case, below are some of the top crashes at the Austrian MotoGP over the years.

  • Johann Zarco 2020
  • Franco Morbidelli 2020
  • Hans Stadelmann 1977
  • Jack Miller 2016
  • Andrea Dovizioso 2020

Top Five Austrian Grand Prix Facts

The Austrian Grand Prix has given us some of the best moments. It is an incredible MotoGP race with many talking points. And as we look forward to more Austrian Grand Prix races, let’s look at some interesting facts about this MotoGP race that makes it so exciting. 

  • The Austrian Grand Prix went on a 19-year break after it returned for two years from its 1995 break.
  • The race has had two different circuits since the first race was held at the Salzburgring venue. 
  • Giacomo Agostini and Angel Nieto share the spotlight for the most successes at the Austrian Grand Prix.
  • Honda is the constructor with the most wins at the Austrian Grand Prix. 
  • Giacomo Agostini is the first rider to win at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Austrian Grand Prix FAQs

Giacomo Agostini was the first rider to get consecutive 500cc wins at the Austrian Grand Prix, and he also got consecutive 350cc wins. 

Ducati is the constructor with the most consecutive Austrian Grand Prix wins, winning the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 races.

Yes, the Austrian Grand Prix has registered a death throughout its history. It was in 1977 when Hans Stadelmann was involved in a fatal accident at the Salzburgring. But since then, there haven’t been any death at the Austrian Grand Prix.

To bet on this race, you need to find a suitable sports betting site to join. You can find one at any top review site. Pick one from their lists, register, deposit money, and start betting on the race.

To win more bets on this race, you should go through the different trends, stats, and odds to see which rider has the most potential to win the race so you can bet on them.

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