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Grand Prix of Portugal

The Grand Prix of Portugal is one of the top motorcycling road racing events in the MotoGP schedule for the season’s world championship. The Grand Prix is among the most anticipated for riders and fans as it gives us some of the best racing moments, thanks to its incredibly tough terrain and circuit. 

The event has been around for some years now, and we’ve enjoyed some incredible experiences throughout the time it has appeared on the MotoGP calendar. The Grand Prix of Portugal remains one of the best in the business and will continue to give us incredible moments from time to time. 

You should continue reading this guide to learn more about the Grand Prix of Portugal’s history, facts, and other exciting information. 

Grand Prix of Portugal History

The first Grand Prix of Portugal race was held in 1987 at the Jarama Circuit. Although it was the Portuguese Grand Prix, the event happened in Spain, and this was because the Portuguese Circuit de Estoril wasn’t fully ready at the time, and the country wanted a MotoGP race that year. So, they had to use one of the circuits in the neighboring country.

The following year, the race was moved to another location, but it was still in Spain. The Jerez Circuit was selected instead of the Estoril Circuit, making Portugal the only country to host multiple Grand Prix under their emblem at locations outside the country. It wasn’t until 2000 before the Grand Prix of Portugal returned to the Circuit de Estoril. 

The 2000 Portuguese GP was the third time the country hosted a motorcycle race GP. And for the next 12 GPs, the Estoril Circuit was home to the Grand Prix of Portugal. Although the Portuguese Government and the Estoril Circuit owners agreed to end the partnership, the Gran Premio de Portugal was dropped for the Americas GP in 2013.

It wasn’t until 2020 before the Grand Prix of Portugal returned to the MotoGP race calendar, and since then, the Portuguese Grand Prix has become one of the top races in the MotoGP Championship. It also became the season opener in 2022, held between the 24th and 26th of March.  

How to Bet on the Grand Prix of Portugal Race

Like every other MotoGP race, betting on the Grand Prix of Portugal is pretty straightforward. Once you understand how to place bets on MotoGP, you won’t have issues with this one. You need a reliable sports betting site to join if you’re new. Fortunately, there are many sportsbooks online you can consider.

The only problem is that you must find one that will give you an incredible playing experience. To do this, you’ll have to vet through a heap of sports betting sites, which is a tedious exercise. However, you will find different review sites that provide different lists of sportsbook sites to choose from. 

Pick one that works for you from the review sites and create an account. After that, fund your account. Once your bankroll is credited, you can start placing bets on the Grand Prix of Portugal races. You just need to go to the MotoGP section to pick the options under the Portuguese Grand Prix menu.

In no time, you’ll get your wagers in, and you just have to wait until they are fulfilled. Depending on your bets, you might have to wait for the races to be done before you can see if you’ve won or lost. Not to worry, if you win, the sportsbook will automatically credit your account with the amount you win.  

Algarve International Circuit Fun Facts

In 1987, the Jarama Circuit was the hosting venue for the Grand Prix of Portugal. For the 1988 event, the Jerez Circuit became the hosting circuit. But after that, the Grand Prix of Portugal went on a 12-year break before returning in 2000, and the Circuito do Estoril was the hosting venue until 2012. 

The Portuguese Grand Prix went on another eight-year break, and after the return, the Algarve International Circuit was the racing ground. So, here are a few fun facts about this circuit. 

  • The Algarve International Circuit is the third venue to host the Grand Prix of Portugal races. 
  • The circuit is 60 laps long and has a race distance of 306.826 KM.
  • The Algarve International Circuit, also called the Portimao Circuit, consists of 16 turns. 

Top Five Major Grand Prix of Portugal Crashes

Crashes have become part of the sport, different events have had their fair share of crashes over the years, and the Grand Prix of Portugal is not left behind. In that case, we’ve mentioned some of the top Portuguese Grand Prix crashes in the list below. So, let’s get into it.

  • Alex Marquez 2022
  • Raul Fernandez 2019
  • Jonta Van de Gorberg 2022
  • Marc Marquez 2017
  • Aron Carnet 2019

Top Five Grand Prix of Portugal Facts

The Grand Prix of Portugal is one of the most exciting events in the MotoGP calendar. Since the first race, it has grown to be one of the most anticipated, despite the years it was away from the MotoGP schedule. The race has had its impact, and below are a few facts about the Grand Prix of Portugal. 

  • It is the first MotoGP race held multiple times outside its home country.
  • The race went on a combined 20-year break, using four different circuits as its racing ground during its active years. 
  • Honda, Aprilia, and Yamaha are the most successful constructors at the Grand Prix of Portugal.
  • The Grand Prix of Portugal has had seven different sponsors since the inaugural race. 
  • The circuit selected for the 2020 return was a reserve circuit before it became an international circuit, thanks to the Grand Prix of Portugal. 

Grand Prix of Portugal FAQs

Five riders have won at the Gran Premio de Portugal since moving to Portugal in 2000.

Yes, you can place bets on the Gran Premio de Portugal once you find the right sportsbook to join that has MotoGP as part of the sports you can bet on.

You can check out the live Gran Premio de Portugal standings on the MotoGP official website. Or, you can use any app that covers MotoGP races or sports in general.

Honda, Yamaha, and Aprilia are the three most dominating constructors in the Gran Premio de Portugal. These three have produced the most number of winners since their inaugural race at the event.

To start betting on this race, you should check out different lists of MotoGP sportsbooks, pick one, create an account, deposit, predict, and place bets on your prediction.

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