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When you want to bet on MotoGP races, you must familiarize yourself with the standings. You don’t want to miss out on the critical information that comes with checking the standings. One of them is that you’ll know how individual riders are performing. Also, you’ll know how the teams are faring for the season. 

Looking at the MotoGP standings, you would see the overall performance of each rider throughout the season, helping you gauge their season. So, it would help you make better decisions when you want to bet on the upcoming races. Aside from that, it can give you insight into the new season. 

So, the MotoGP standings are one of the most crucial pieces of information you should familiarize yourself with when you want to bet on this sport. You should keep reading this article to learn more about the standings and how they work.

Historic Winners of MotoGP

Since its inauguration in 1949, the MotoGP has produced many incredible winners. We’ve since discovered many exciting riders who championed various venues and gave us memorable moments throughout the calendar year. The first-ever 500cc/MotoGP championship winner was Leslie Graham, making AJS the first constructor to win the title. 

Umberto Masetti soon followed them with Gilera, winning two titles in three years as Geoff Duke took the 1951 Championship with Norton. But, in 1953, Duke moved to Gilera and won three consecutive titles. Then, John Surtees and MV Agusta became the second team aside from Gilera to win a championship title between 1950 and 1957.

The Gilera era ended in 1958 when John Surtees won his second championship with MV Agusta, launching the MV Agusta era, and from 1958 to 1974, the constructor produced the championship winners. We got the likes of Mike Hailwood, who won four consecutive titles, and Giacomo Agostini, who got seven consecutive titles. And Phil Read, who won back-to-back championships. 

In 1975, the MV Agusta era ended, and we entered the Japanese constructors’ era with Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda dominating the championship. From 1975 to 2006, Honda, Suzuki, or Yamaha produced the winner. During this period, we had the Mick Doohan era, where he won five consecutive championships. 

We also got the Valentino Rossi era, where he won seven titles with Honda and Yamaha, and five of them were consecutive titles. And from 2012 to 2019, we were launched into the Spanish domination era, with Marc Marquez winning four consecutive titles and six championships overall. 

Importance of Standings for Bettors

When you want to bet on a sport like MotoGP, where points are accumulated, you need to be familiar with the standings. Doing this will increase your understanding of the current season, and you can tell what rider is performing the best rather than relying on their popularity and old stats. 

In that case, the importance of standings for bettors can’t be overstated because many advantages come with using the standings to place bets. For a start, you’ll see the numbers for each rider and how they’ve performed since the start of the season. You should know that the MotoGP results for each race affect the standings. 

In addition, you should keep in mind that the standings are not only for the riders. There is also a table for constructors, ranking each based on their form and results in the previous races. The importance of this table can also not be understated, especially when you want to bet on team-based betting markets. 

So, when you look at the standings, you can tell what rider has won the points based on their records in each of their previous races. As a bettor, you should always look at the standings to see how close the riders are on the table. Also, before you start betting, you need to know how the standings work. 

How MotoGP Standings Works

Before you can start betting, you need to know how the MotoGP standings work. First, you should keep in mind that after every race, the top 15 riders are allocated different points based on where they finish. These points determine their position on the table. The best performing riders will sit high on the table.

The more points the riders accumulate, the higher their position on the table. This also applies to the constructors. The best teams have a higher position on the table. The more points they get, the higher their position. At the end of the year, the team and rider with the most points will win the championship. 

Points Sharing for Riders

So, you might wonder how the points are shared to determine who gets the most after every race. First, you should know that the points are shared based on how the riders finish the race. Starting with the top three riders, the one in the first position will get 25 points, while the second and third will get 20 and 16 points, respectively. 

Outside the podium, the fourth, fifth, and sixth riders will get 13, 11, and ten points.  Riders below these positions are given single points. The seventh position will get nine points. Eighth will get eight. The riders in ninth and tenth positions will get seven and six points, respectively. Outside the top 10, the riders in the 11th, 12th, and 13th positions will get five, four, and three points. 

Finally, the 13th and 14th riders will get two and one. And the riders that finished between the 16th and 21st positions are not eligible to win any point. They would have to try again in the following races because their points tally would not increase after the event. 

Points Sharing for Constructors

For the constructors, the points-sharing system is a bit different. Since each constructor has different riders participating in the event, their points are affected by their riders’ performances. Each point the riders get will be added to the constructor’s total points for the race. 

So, for instance, if the constructor has two riders and finishes first and third, respectively, the points will be added together for the constructor. In this case, it is 25 plus 16, making it 41 points for the constructor in that race. 

MotoGP Standings Frequently Asked Questions

Each result in a MotoGP race determines how the points will be shared among the riders and team. Therefore, the points play a huge role in the MotoGP standings.

Yes, the constructors’ table is for the manufacturers in the competition. And there is the riders’ table for the various athletes.

When you want to bet on MotoGP, you should use the standings to ensure that you have more insights to make a proper and informed decision.

The standings are calculated based on each rider’s points from various races. The more points they get, the higher their places on the table.

You can check the official MotoGP website to see the live table for the current MotoGP standings.

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