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The Valencia Grand Prix is another top Motorcycle racing event in Europe. It has been around for some years now, and undoubtedly, you can tell there are many exciting moments in this MotoGP race. The Valencia Grand Prix brings top-notch challenges to the MotoGP calendar. 

For many years, you can tell that there are incredible races in this event, and the riders look to win the crown. Many riders have taken the first position in this race, and we look forward to more winners in the coming races. The Valencia Grand Prix remains a top choice in the MotoGP schedule. 

Valencia Grand Prix History

The history of the Valencia Grand Prix started in 1999. And for a couple of decades, it has served us with some of the best motorcycle racing experiences. It is a top-notch event that has been around since the first race was held at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, and it hasn’t missed a year. 

For every season, including the years that saw some races canceled because of the pandemic that ravaged the world, the Valencia Grand Prix has held. We’ve gotten excellent motorcycle racing activities that have given us some of the best experiences. 

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best European races, and we look forward to the next one. The Circuit Ricardo Tormo remained its home since it hosted the first race in 1999, and since that race, the event has had many sponsors. As a result, the competition has had different names over the years. 

Some of the major sponsors of this MotoGP race since the first one in 1999 include MoviStar, Marlboro, BetandWin, Bwin, Generali, and Motul. These sponsors changed the event’s name, and for the years they sponsored, the event took on their names. However, the excitement was never affected. 

How to Bet on the Valencia Grand Prix Races

Betting on the Valencia Grand Prix is easy because many online resources teach you how to get started. You only have to find the right one to help you start the process. If you want to get started, you are in the right place, as we have put together this guide to help you bet on the Valencia Grand Prix.

For starters, you need to find a suitable betting site to join. You can do this by looking for a top-notch sports betting site. There are numerously available, but you must take the time to vet each of them to ensure that you don’t end up with the wrong betting site. You should check if the sportsbook is licensed, secured, and covers MotoGP events.  

Once you find a sports betting site you can join, you need to take the time to go through the steps to become a member. Fortunately, you can create an account without stress at most online sports betting sites. And after your account is created, you can proceed to the next process phase. 

With an account at a reliable sports betting site, you need to deposit money into your account. Find the deposit page, pick a payment option, enter the amount you want to deposit, and confirm the process. In no time, your account should be credited. And once that is done, you can go on to place your bets based on your predictions. 

Circuit Ricardo Tormo Fun Facts

The Circuit Ricardo Tormo has been the Valencia Grand Prix racing venue from the get-go. And ever since the first race, we’ve enjoyed some of the best racing moments in MotoGP history. As an anticipated MotoGP race and venue, we want to look at some fun facts about the Ricardo Tormo circuit.  

  • The Circuit Ricardo Tormo has a capacity of 120,000 with an FIA Grand Prix Grade of one.
  • The venue broke ground in 1998 and officially opened in November 1998, hosting its first MotoGP race in 1999.
  • The circuit has 2.488 miles with 14 turns. 
  • Andreas Zuber is the fastest race lap record rider at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo. 
  • The Circuit Ricardo Tormo also hosts other motorsports events. 

Top Five Major Valencia Grand Prix Crashes

Even though the Circuit Ricardo Tormo isn’t very dangerous and hasn’t recorded too many incidents, we’ve had quite a few crashes over the years. The Valencia Grand Prix isn’t left behind regarding crashes during races and qualifying rounds. So, here are a few of the most significant Valencia Grand Prix crashes. 

  • Nicky Hayden 2003
  • Jorge Lorenzo 2012
  • Valentino Rossi 2018
  • Marc Marquez 2017
  • Francesco Bagnaia 2019

Top Five Valencia Grand Prix Facts

The Valencia Grand Prix has been around since 1999, working its way up the MotoGP calendar. It has had some fun moments over the years, and we’ve seen many riders try to be among the top, trying to etch their names in the history of the Valencia Grand Prix race. Below are some facts about this MotoGP race.

  • Nine constructors have produced winners at the Valencia Grand Prix since 1999.
  • The Valencia Grand Prix race winners have either come from Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, France, Portugal, San Marino, the United Kingdom, or Brazil.
  • Yamaha was the first constructor to produce a 500cc/MotoGP race class winner.
  • Dani Pedrosa is the most successful rider at the Valencia Grand Prix.
  • The Circuit Ricardo Tormo is the only venue to have hosted the Valencia Grand Prix.

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Valencia Grand Prix FAQs

Spain is the country hosting the Valencia Grand Prix, and the race takes place in the city of Valencia.

To bet on the Valencia Grand Prix, you need to find a suitable sports betting site, register, deposit money, make predictions, and start betting.

Fortunately, the Valencia Grand Prix has not had any deaths since the first race in 1999.

Regis Laconi won the first MotoGP class Valencia Grand Prix race with Yamaha. Gianluigi Scalvini won the 125cc, and Tohru Ukawa won the 250cc.

The Circuit Ricardo Tormo has been hosting the Valencia Grand Prix since the first race in 1999 and remains the racing venue for this Motorcycle Grand Prix event.

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