YellaWood 500

Talladega Speedway Track
Talladega Speeday Location

Lincoln, Alabama, United States


NASCAR Cup Series race at TSS

Talladega Speedway Track

Race Track

Madison, Illinois, United States

Madison, Illinois, United States

Sunday June 5, 2022

3:30 pm ET

Madison, Illinois, United States

October 1, 2023

12:00 PM

Betting Insights for YellaWood 500

Chase Elliot continues to top the standings and holds the number one spot as the top driver in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series. He leads with just one win, three top-five finishes, and nine top-tens. However, this has allowed the Number 9 driver to reach the very top of NASCAR Race Predictions as one of the top seeds to win the championship at the end of the season.

Consistency, however, has become Kyle Busch’s central pillar, and the Number 18 behind the wheel of Next Gen’s Toyota NASCAR model remains the third overall seed in the Cup Series. Busch is now just 37 points away from Elliot and has ten finishes in the top ten this season.

Ross Chastain has climbed to the top three in the NASCAR Cup Series, pushing Ryan Blaney to the fourth spot. Chastain is now second overall and looking to enhance his 455 points and build a gap between him and third overall seed Busch. However, Chastain is holding onto three stage wins and eight top-ten finishes.

How To Read NASCAR Betting Odds

Like other sports, NASCAR Race odds are as easy to grasp and comprehend as those with different prominent dynamics. Individual racing events, such as the YellaWood 500, will have a series of odds generated for each category the race comprises. These categories or classifications will usually include the winner of the race and the top three drivers to finish the event. Odds are then set for each specific classification accordingly.

Odds tend to function in the same manner they do in most major sports when placing bets. For example, if a driver is expected to win an odds at -160, bettors will need to wager $160 to record a $100 profit. On the other hand, if the bettor is on a hunch that the underdog will win the race, then a $100 bet at +160 odds will give the bettor a $160 profit.

Futures Betting

Futures bets are a type of prop bet which entails betting on the future results of a certain driver or team. Common examples could be; will Kyle Larson repeat as the NASCAR Cup Champion? Or which race team will finish with the most wins in 2022?

History of this race

The YellaWood 500 was first held at Talladega Superspeedway back in 1969. Since then, although the name has been changed a few times, the race remains one of the main events in the NASCAR Cup Series. Being held at historic Talladega Superspeedway makes the event one of the top races to keep an eye on during the Round of 12 playoff events to advance to the next stage of the NASCAR Cup.

Fun Facts about NASCAR YellaWood 500 race

  • Dale Earnhardt has recorded the most wins at the YellaWood 500 with 10.
  • The YellaWood 500 is a 500-mile event totaling 804.67 km, the equivalent of one-fifth of the entire distance from LA to New York.
  • The YellaWood 500 made its debut in 1969.

NASCAR Standings

Division line NASCAR

NASCAR YellaWood 500 Betting tips

It is difficult not to rely on consistent performances. That is why Kyle Busch should remain one of the bettors’ top picks. Busch might not be the fastest or the driver with the most wins with ten top-ten finishes, yet he stands as the most reliable pick for NASCAR this weekend. Expert Pick: Kyle Busch.

Chase Elliot should top every bettor’s NASCAR predictions in this week’s Pick List. This also translates to one of the experts’ top choices for the fastest track leader category. Currently standing as the top seed in NASCAR’s 2022 Cup Series, Elliot is one of the men to keep an eye on.

So far, Elliot has only one win, yet he still holds nine top-ten finishes and three top-fives. Elliot’s confidence could boost midway into the season and help him reach the very top of specific upcoming events such as the YellaWood 500. Expert Pick: Chase Elliot.

Chase and Busch top the charts as the drivers experts think will win the event. However, although he is still holding on to the ninth place in NASCAR Cup Standings, Kyle Larson could quickly gain momentum as he continues to get used to his Chevrolet Nex Gen car. He might become the top seed to favor when it comes to futures betting midway into the season if he does. Expert Pick: Kyle Larson.

How To Sign Up At A Betting Site

You need to do your research and find a betting site that you will be able to review different sportsbooks and the wagering options they have available. Some sportsbooks offer more sports or entertainment options. Do your due diligence and find the one that suits your betting style!

Joining sportsbooks is a very simple and painless process. You just need to fill out your basic personal info, such as name, birthdate, email, phone number and mailing address. You don’t have to make a deposit to view the book’s information and options. At this point, you have just built a basic profile before making a deposit to start betting.

After you choose the sportsbook where you want to place your bets, you then have to deposit funds in order to be able to place wagers. Books will offer several different options such as credit cards or crypto currency. Remember to always wager responsibly and deposit an amount that you are comfortable losing and make sure all your personal needs are taken care of before you deposit money into your account.

Now that you have found a sportsbook to your liking and have made a deposit into your account, you can now start placing bets. Simply look for the type of bet you’d like to place, find the bet you want to wager on, and place your bet. Good luck!

YellaWood 500 FAQs

Yes. The YellaWood 500 is part of the Round of 12 Playoffs.

The YellaWood 500 is held at the Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, Alabama.

Bubba Wallace Jr. won the 2021 YellaWood 500.

Yes. Bettors are recommended to check the full range of NASCAR Cup Series Events offered by the sportsbook of their choice.

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