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NBA Teams Stats

Maybe more so than other major sports leagues, team statistics in the NBA provide accurate insight as to how a team will do on the hardwood.

Basketball is a game that props its stars up, specifically those who can pour in impressive sums on a nightly basis. It’s cliche, sure, but one player doesn’t account for all of his team’s production.

While it’s a fun talking point to compare the most notable bucket-getters, it’s wise to look at how much help they’re getting from their teammates and how the group is doing as a whole.

In theory, teams put up so many shots during the course of each game that overall shooting percentages – from inside the arc and beyond it – become increasingly accurate as the campaign wears on.

With how important the three-pointer has become at all levels of sports (thanks, Steph Curry), be sure to consider how a team does from long-range.

Rebounding is a particularly important category, as well. On the defensive end, the better a team does at pulling down missed shots, it limits the chances of those in different-colored jerseys.

Conversely, if a team does well on the offensive glass, more opportunities come about to redeem them for points. The pace is also a good indicator of chances created.

You’ll also want to take a look at how the team you’re thinking of sports betting on does with its easiest scoring opportunities – free throws.

Some players dominate from the field and have trouble from the charity stripe, which can take away from the whole’s output. Opponents are typically sure to be aware of such instances. Look up the term “Hack-a-Shaq.”

The assists per game stat shows how often teams share the ball and how adept they are at doing so. Blocks and steals will give a glimpse at how sturdy the team’s defense can be as a whole.

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