NCAAB Matchups

One of the most popular college sports in the world is college basketball. It has to compete with college football but during the winter and the spring it is in a league of its own. The NCAA Tournament is one of the most watched postseason events in the country and everyone swarms to spots to watch the games. The NCAA Tournament is annually one of the best sporting events in the entire country.

The NCAAB tournament is very interesting because you know that there will be millions of eyes on each game. The matchups for the NCAA tournament are pre-determined but the NCAA committee is always looking for ways to make their event better.

NCAAB Scores and Matchups

NCAAB scores are pretty straightforward. If you make a basket inside the 3-point line then you get two points. If you make a shot outside of that line then you get three points. If you make a shot from the free throw line then it is one point. This is one of the more complex rulesets that we have as far as game scoring though.

With the matchups for the NCAAB schedule looming we should take a quick look as to how those matchups are set. The conference schedule is set pretty much every year as teams do a round robin format for most of them. The coaches and/or the Athletic Director help to schedule the non-conference matchups.

Understanding NCAAB record and point spreads

NCAAB’s records are fairly straightforward as they are much like everything else. If you are 4-1 that means that you have four wins and one loss. The point spreads are also just like anything else. If Team A is favored by 6.5 points then Team A will need to win by more than 6.5 points to win the bet. The point spreads in NCAAB are some of the most bet events of all time as they are always very close to hitting them.

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