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NCAAB stats, just like the professional game, have expanded and advanced throughout history, ultimately leading to the highly detailed, up-to-the-minute stage in the modern era. 

Changes to the game have affected many of the stats, although defense remains king at the collegiate level. Shooting percentages are often much worse than in the professional ranks as teams devoid of overwhelming talent tend to prioritize defensive integrity and toughness, making it hard on their opponents. 

With that being said, the modern era is not the same one that Lew Alcindor— more commonly known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar— dominated in, one in which dunking was banned, limiting his effectiveness and advantage rest of the nation while at UCLA. Now, players are more prone to launching contested three-point shots and avoiding mid-range jumpers, shaking the basketball purists to their cores.

How to bet on players using NCAAB stats

NCAAB players stats can be beneficial in determining, or at least hypothesizing bets, although it is important to remember that they are not the end-all-be-all in sports betting.

For example, pretend a player is only shooting 34% from beyond the arc this season, and his three-point total for an upcoming game is set at 3.5— that does not sound like an appealing total for a player that has been inconsistent from outside. However, let’s say that same player made at least five threes in six of his last eight games and has doubled his three-point attempts during the same stretch. All of a sudden, the 3.5 total looks a lot better.

Factors such as a reluctance to drive the rim and potentially miss free throws, a structural change, or even growing confidence from extra hours in the gym could be why the player’s game had shifted so much, but only stats will show the trends in player performance.

Another good example of using stats to bet would be if a particular player averaging 5.6 rebounds per game has an over/under of 7.5 rebounds, which on the surface, sounds like a terrible deal— however, that player might be going against a team that is among the worst in college at rebounding, and perhaps he is also filling in at center due to an injury. Again, this bet now seems to have a much greater likelihood of coming true through a simple statistical analysis.

Advantages to betting with NCAAB stats

NCAAB betting guides will typically point out the overarching storylines in a game, but it is essential for bettors to research stats independently.

Stats do not predict the future, but they are incapable of lying.


You should always understand stats to have a basis for your theories, but just because a trend has been going a certain way does not guarantee that it will continue.

NCAAB stats will be available on team websites, sports media pages, betting guides, and other informed outlets.

You are looking for anything that sticks out, whether it be statistical anomalies or trends, matchup history, systemic advantages, or anything else that bears an impact on the event.

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