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Alabama has gotten off to a very good start to their campaign as they sit at 11-3 and tied for 1st in the SEC. They are currently ranked #15 in the country and continue to play really good basketball. This year they have notable wins over Gonzaga, Houston, and Tennessee. Their three losses have come to Iona, Memphis, and Davidson. Continue below for more Alabama Crimson Tide Stats.

Alabama is scoring 82.2 points per game this season and has allowed 72.7 points per game. They are shooting 46.3 percent from the floor while pulling down 41.0 rebounds a game.

Alabama grabs 41.0 rebounds per game and dishes out 15 assists a game. The Crimson Tide swat 4.9 shots a game and grab 7.1 steals a game so far this year.

Alabama is off to a great start to the year, and do not look like they will slow down anytime soon. They are contending for an SEC championship this year and should be right there at the end of the year. Look for Alabama to continue their momentum. Get the latest news on betting for this team in Insiders Digest.

Alabama Crimson Tide Stats

The Alabama Crimson Tide Stats are a crucial source of information for fans and followers of the team. These standings reveal their current position and performance in various sports, including football, basketball, and more. Stay up-to-date with the latest rankings and results as the Crimson Tide continues to make their mark in collegiate athletics.

Alabama Crimson Team History

Alabama plays in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and has reached the NCAA tournament 22 times in school history. Alabama has reached the Sweet Sixteen nine times and the Elite Eight just once in their history. The Crimson Tide has reached the top spot in the country just once in their history, and that came in 2003.

Alabama has been ranked in the AP Poll 19 times in the preseason rankings and has been ranked 16 times in the final AP Poll. They have been ranked in the AP poll for 313 total weeks.

Their inaugural season was in the 1912-13 season as they went 7-4. Alabama has a record of 1730-1072-1 overall, good for a .617 winning percentage. Alabama has won the conference title in the regular season 11 times and has won the conference tournament eight times in their history.

In SEC play, Alabama only trails Kentucky in conference titles and is third behind Kentucky and Arkansas in total wins. The Alabama Crimson Tide Stats were recognized as the pre-NCAA Tournament national champion in the 1929-30 season by the Premo-Porretta Power Poll.

Alabama has had 22 former players be named to the All-American team, some of which have been named multiple times. JaMychal Green, Herb Jones, Joshua Primo, Collin Sexton, and Kira Lewis Jr. are the five former players from the program currently playing in the NBA.

Key Stats

Alabama has had a successful year up to this point. They are 11-3 and are sitting at the top of the SEC. Jaden Shackelford leads the team in scoring, averaging 16.3 points a game.

He is shooting 42 percent from the floor as well. Keon Ellis leads the team in rebounding as he has grabbed 6.5 rebounds a game. Jahvon Quinerly has dished off 4.4 assists per game to lead the team.

Alabama is scoring 82.2 points a game and is allowing 72.7 points a game this season. They are shooting north of 46 percent from the floor and have been solid on the boards as they have grabbed over 40 per game. Defensively, Alabama has been excellent as they are blocking 4.9 shots per game and have stolen the ball 7.1 times a game this year.

This success on both ends of the floor has led to a great start to the season for Alabama. Look for Alabama to continue their dominance this year on March Madness and on the back of their solid offense and suffocating defense.

Championships Won by the Team

Alabama has won the SEC title in the regular season 11 times and the conference tournament eight times in their history. They have won the conference tournament title in 1930, 1934, 1982, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, and 2021.

They won the conference regular-season title in 1930, 1934, 1939, 1940, 1956, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1987, 2002, and 2021. Alabama is one of just two teams in the SEC to have won the conference title three years in a row.

Alabama has never won an NCAA tournament or won the NIT tournament after the end of the season. They were named the pre-NCAA tournament champion in 1929-30 but have never won the entire event.

Alabama is still chasing a title and can hang their hat on their conference titles, the second-most in the SEC.

Important Team Events

Alabama has a few events for the team that have been notable. During the coaching tenure of Mark Gottfried, students created an organization called “Mark’s Madness”. This was one of the biggest student organizations on campus when Gottfried was the coach.

Alabama went 137-27 when Gottfried was the head coach showing the success that this organization had on the student body. When the Gottfried tenure ended in 2009, that meant the end of the organization.

The new student organization was born later that year and was dubbed “Crimson Chaos”. This helped the Crimson Tide nab their first undefeated season at home as they completed a perfect 19-0 record.

Crimson Chaos also expanded out to all sports for Alabama, giving them a ton of credibility as they went forward throughout the season. This group also tried new cheers and events at games, which was a hit with students attending contests.

Top Players

Alabama has had two players garner three-time All-American honors. Reggie King was an All-American in 1976, 1978, and 1979 while Leon Douglas was an All-American in 1793, 1975, and 1976.

Alabama has also had four players garner All-American honors twice in their career as Jerry Harper, T.R. Dunn, Eddie Phillips, and James Robinson all accomplished the feat. Their most recent All-American was Collin Sexton in 2018.

Reggie King is the all-time leading scorer in school history as he scored 2,168 points throughout his career. King is also in the top ten for career scoring in the SEC. With the list of star players in the SEC, being inside the top ten is a great accomplishment.

Eddie Phillips is second on the list as he scored 1,937 points in his career. Scoring-wise, John Petty is the all-time leader in career 3-pointers for the school, which he broke last season.

Alabama currently has five players in the NBA and has had 31 other players reach the NBA. One of the most notable Crimson Tide alumni in the NBA was Latrell Sprewell, who played in the NBA for 13 years. He played for the Warriors, Wolves, and the Knicks and averaged over 18 points a game across his career.

Other notable NBA players from Alabama were Mo Williams, Antonio McDyess, Gerald Wallace, Derrick McKey, and Ennis Whatley.

Top Coaches

Alabama has had 23 coaches in the program’s history, and none have won more games than Wimp Sanderson. Sanderson was the head coach from 1981 to 1992 and finished his tenure 267-119. Sanderson finished with a .692 winning percentage, the fourth-best in team history.

Despite all of the wins, Sanderson only coached his way to one regular-season SEC title. However, he did win the conference tournament five times and led the program to the NCAA Tournament 10 times.

Hank Crisp was another coach who had great success at the helm of the team. He finished 264-133 in 20 years of coaching. Crisp would have easily finished with the most wins in school history, but he averaged less than 20 games per year of coaching.

Crisp also was not a beneficiary of extra games in the NCAA tournament as the tournament did not start until after his time.

The current head coach is Nate Oats, and despite being at the helm of the team for just over four years, he is already 11th all-time in wins with 53. Oats has also reached the NCAA tournament once and has won a regular-season conference title and has won a conference tournament.

Depending on how long Oats stays at Alabama, he could become one of the top coaches in school history.

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Alabama Crimson Tide FAQs

109 seasons (1912-13 to 2021-22)

The farthest that Alabama has gone in the NCAA tournament has been the Elite Eight.

Alabama has appeared in the Sweet Sixteen nine times in their history.

Alabama’s all-time leading scorer is Reggie King, as he scored 2,168 points in his career.

Nate Oats is the head basketball coach at Alabama.

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