NCAAF Standings

NCAA Football Standings

NCAA Football standings are lists of teams within a division or conference arranged according to their current win/loss records. A chart or table is typically used to display the list, which compares the teams by ranking them in order of their records. These tables help determine which teams in the standings will become the champion of that conference or advance to postseason bowl games or playoffs.

The standings display where each team ranks within the conference by their season records or winning percentage. Some standings may display additional statistics, including wins, losses, and ties. They may also show points scored, points allowed, and each team’s home and away records to give bettors a clearer picture of how to bet on NCAAF.

Importance of NCAA Football Standings for Bettors

Most bettors know that it would be impossible to make their NCAAF picks without standings. The standings are pretty easy to understand, even for novice bettors. Some bookmakers will provide bettors access to the standings if they have an account registered with that provider.

Based on the information provided by the standings, bettors can take multiple pieces of information and make an analysis. If they are somewhat familiar with the teams in the conference, the standings let bettors see how each team is playing so far. The most important statistic is wins and losses, but players must also look at how teams have performed in previous matchups to understand better how the teams will play in upcoming games. 

How the NCAA Football Season Works

The NCAA Football season usually starts in late August or early September, with most teams playing a 12-game regular-season schedule. FBS conferences will then hold a championship game between the top two teams to determine the conference’s winner. 

Schools can schedule matchups for non-conference games during the regular season against any other team, regardless of the conference they play. A few teams are independent, meaning they don’t play in a specific conference. Those teams are free to schedule matchups with any team they prefer, while the NCAA controls the conference schedules of all other teams. 

Teams will play conference and non-conference games and a conference championship if they qualify. The top teams may participate in one bowl game after the regular season, with only four teams possibly playing in two. 

These teams are four of the top-ranked programs in the country by the College Football Playoff Committee and will play in a semifinal game. The semifinal winners then play in the CFP Championship game to determine the NCAA Football national champion for that season.

NCAAF Standings Frequently Asked Questions

Teams are ranked before the start of the season by taking a poll among selected coaches and media members. They are based on the voters’ opinions and are essential in determining which teams will advance to play for the national championship.

FBS teams are ranked throughout the season, and the teams with the best records are eligible to play in postseason bowl games. The teams are ranked by performance in the Coaches Poll and the Associated Press poll.

The current system was implemented in 2014, when the rankings began to be used to establish who would participate in which bowl game.

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