Deadpool 3 Prop Bets 

Deadpool 3 is taking over the entertainment news, with the announcement of its scheduled release for November 8th, 2024 so let the hype begin.

With Black Panther: Wakanda forever opening up to a $180 million box office debut in 2022 and some experts projecting it could reach $1 billion there doesn’t appear to be any superhero movie fatigue. 

More Deadpool prop bets will surely be released as the film moves along in development, but there are a few wagers already on the board.

These so far mostly deal with the collaboration between Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Rob McElhenney. 

Reynolds and McElhenney are business partners under the RR McReynolds, LLC moniker The duo purchased the Welsh football team Wrexham A.F.C. and released a subsequent documentary about the process titled “Welcome to Wrexham.”

Fans of both Deadpool and Welcome to Wrexham should find some success with this type of entertainment betting. Deadpool 3 Prop Bets.

Deadpool 3 – Rob McElhenney to Make an Appearance

Rob McElhenney is a big star in his own rights, but he’s not above making a cameo.

McElhenney, a huge Game of Thrones fan, appeared in the GoT episode “Winterfell” playing a guard that takes an arrow to the eye – you didn’t see that offered in movie lines betting.

Yes -500 | No +140

Deadpool 3 – Deadpool to Wear Anything Wrexham Related During the Movie

Deadpool is the expert of being subtly not-so-subtle so it would be easy to see him wearing some sort of Wrexham kit in this movie.

Why would you not take the opportunity to introduce millions of potential new eyes to the football club that you own.

Deadpool wears a Wrexham hat and instantly the Google searches go up 2000% – it’s hard to buy that type of advertising. 

Yes -180 | No +140

Deadpool 3 – Number of Times ‘Wrexham’ Is Mentioned in the Movie

Deadpool, even dating back to his comic days, had a trademark of breaking the fourth wall; he’d do the play-by-play of his own beating, for example, and frequently talk directly to the audience.

That’s what makes Deadpool prop bets so hard to handicap because this is very much a meta-movie. 

It wouldn’t be a shocker at all to see Reynolds turn to the camera at the end of the film and say, “for those of you who bet on how many times Wrexham is mentioned in this movie.

Wrexham, Wrexham, Wrexham, Wrexham, Wrexham, Wrexham” so you have to take the ‘over’ here. 

  • 5+ Times +125
  • 3-4 Times +150
  • 1-2 Times +225
  • 0 +375

Deadpool 3 – Character From ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ to Make an Appearance

Ok at a certain point, you have to wonder if Deadpool 3 is a crossover event with Welcome to Wrexham, kind of like they used to do with CSI or Law & Order.

The thing about bringing in too many characters from Welcome to Wrexham is that they could easily fall flat – liking comic books and fifth-division soccer clubs from Wales are too highly different interests. 

According to Deadpool prop bets, the most likely Wrexham character to make an appearance in the Marvel film is Paul Mullin at -140. Mullin is Wrexham’s best player, the entire National League’s golden boot, and player of the season award winner. 

Behind Mullin at -115 is Humphrey Ker. It would make sense that he gets an appearance in Deadpool since he is actually an actor, a member of the sketch comedy troupe Penny Dreadfuls.

It was Ker who piqued McElhenney’s interest in purchasing a football club while always watching the sport on the set of their Apple TV+ show Mythic Quest, but that also doesn’t automatically get you an appearance in a Marvel movie.

Some longshot Wrexham characters to appear in Deadpool 3 include Simon Cooke (+850), the team’s social media manager; Shaun Winter (+500), a local painter/fan who rose to the job as club promoter; and Jordan Davies (+275), a player for the club. 

What we know about these Deadpool prop bets is that Reynolds wants to mix in some Wrexham references in the film; the big question is how much – if anything – Marvel will let him get away with. 

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