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What hit will Rihanna kick off the Super Bowl with?

The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most anticipated entertainment events of the year. The Super Boel show gives fans a chance to take a break from the on-field action. This year’s halftime show marks a huge Rihanna Super Bowl appearance as the main attraction.

Sportsbooks have already begun releasing odds on Rihanna Super Bowl halftime prop bets. The following list shows the most popular Super Bowl halftime show prop bets available.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Prop Bets

What Will Be the First Song Rihanna Sings?

  • Don’t Stop the Music (+300)
  • Diamonds (+500)
  • What’s My Name (+500)
  • Stay (+600)
  • Umbrella (+600)
  • Lift Me Up (+700)
  • We Found Love (+700)
  • Where Have You Been (+800)
  • Higher (+1500)
  • Needed Me (+1500)
  • Work (+1500)
  • Rude Boy (+1600)
  • Hate That I Love You (+2000)
  • Unfaithful (+2500)

The first song in the Super Bowl halftime show is meant to get the crowd pumped up. Also, the first song must be a popular hit, especially when an artist is making a return, such as this Rihanna Super Bowl performance.

Rihanna’s Songs to Be Performed

  • Umbrella – Yes (-5000), No (+1000)
  • We Found Love – Yes (-2000), No (+750)
  • Where Have You Been– Yes (- 1429), No (+650)     
  • Rude Boy – Yes (-333), No (+230)
  • Don’t Stop the Music – Yes (-1000), No (+520)
  • Only Girl (In the World) – Yes (+150), No (-200)
  • Diamonds – Yes (-250), No (+180)
  • What’s My Name? – Yes (+180), No (-250)
  • FourFiveSeconds – Yes (+300), No (-455)
  • Man Down – Yes (+300), No (-455)
  • S&M – Yes (+250), No (-370)
  • Pon de Replay – Yes (+150), No (-200)
  • Stay – Yes (+400), No (-667)
  • Disturbia – Yes (+900), No (-3333)
  • Work – Yes (+250), No (-370)
  • Russian Roulette – Yes (+520), No (-1000)

Expect Rihanna to perform her most popular hits. While some longshots might make their way into the set, the safe money is on Rihanna’s most popular songs, such as We Found Love, Umbrella, and Diamonds.

How Many Songs Will Be in the Set?

  • Under 9.5 (-105)
  • Over 9.5 (-125)

Entertainment betting odds favor a shorter set, as the Super Bowl halftime show generally lasts under 20 minutes. So, the 9.5 under-pick makes the most sense.

What Color Will Rihanna’s First Outfit be?

  • Black (+125)
  • Gold (+500)
  • Silver or gray (+600)
  • White (+600)
  • Green (+650)
  • Purple or pink (+800)
  • Red (+800)
  • Yellow (+800)
  • Brown (+1000)
  • Blue (+1200)
  • Orange (+1800)

A black outfit seems like the safest choice when betting on entertainment props.

What Will Be Rihanna’s Hair Color?

  • Black (-600)
  • Blonde (+500)
  • Bright Red (+500)

Rihanna has been known to experiment with her hairstyles. However, she’s gotten older and seems more mature. So going with black seems like the safest choice. Plus, black hair works well with any color outfit.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Specials

  •  Rihanna To Conform Her Lyrics Censored by the NFL (-105)
  •  Rihanna To Open an Umbrella (+275)
  •  A$AP Rocky To Appear on Stage During Her Performance (+300)
  •  Jay-Z To Appear on Stage During Her Performance (+300)
  •  Drake To Appear on Stage During Her Performance (+350)
  •  Rihanna To Suffer a Wardrobe Malfunction During Her Performance (+500)
  •  Rihanna to Wear a Bucket Hat (+700)
  •  Rihanna To Announce That She Is Pregnant (+800)
  •  Rihanna To Announce Her Son’s Name (+800)
  •  Rihanna To Trip and Fall Over (+1600)
  •  Rihanna To Propose Marriage To A$AP Rocky (+2500)

Expect Rihanna to present a female-centered show. Thus, it seems unlikely that any male artists might appear on stage. Given that some of Rihanna’s songs contain strong language, the censorship bet might be a good choice.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Ratings

  • Under 101 million (-105)
  • Over 101 million (+105)

This market is the most interesting among entertainment props. Super Bowl halftime show ratings have fallen in recent years. However, Rihanna is a big draw. So, her Super Bowl appearance should spur viewership. This bet on entertainment could be a good option for those wanting to wager on a long shot.

The Final Verdict

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show marks Rihanna’s return to the big stage. So, fans and bettors should expect a top-notch performance headlined by her most popular songs. Of course, Rihanna will try to look her absolute best, so a combination of black hair and a black outfit seems the likeliest choice.

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