The Five Best Gambling Movies to Watch if You’re Feeling Lucky

Sometimes a movie will just get you in the feels and make you feel motivated. Whether it be a thrilling documentary or seeing the main character get their way and win it out at the end to get the girl or even what we are talking about today.

Sometimes the good guy wins a lot of money gambling. This used to only be reserved for typical mobster flicks but they have graduated over the years to some incredible cinema of all genres.

Here are the top five best gambling movies to watch if you are feeling lucky! Also, spoiler warning for these films because duh. You might want to try and bet on this movie list before we dive into it. 

Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems is the most recent film on this list and that’s because Benny Safdie’s thriller is incredibly exciting to watch.

The film revolves around Howard Ratner, a New York City jeweler who is trying to stay afloat with his mounting debts and collectors wanting their money.

The ending of the film is essentially Ratner placing a bet where the Boston Celtics win the opening tipoff, Kevin Garnett (a star in the movie) to have a combined 26 points and rebounds, and the Celtics on the moneyline. 

The thrill of the final 30 minutes of the film seeing if his bet will hit with so much on the line is incredible to say the least and that’s all we ask to feel throughout the ending of the movie. 


Casino is easily one of the best gambling movies ever made, I mean look at the title and you know what you are getting.

It follows Sam “Ace” Rothstein, an expert handicapper to oversee the operations of the hotel and casino at the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This movie is star-filled with:

  • Robert De Niro
  • Sharon Stone
  • Joe Pesci
  • James Woods

As well as being directed by the great Martin Scorsese.

This gives the audience a view of how a Vegas casino can look and that always makes me get in the gambling mood.

The incredible layout of the casino being the backdrop for a lot of the movie adds to the excitement of a high-stakes game to play and makes me want to sprint to the blackjack table. 

The Color of Money

Not all gambling movies have to be with the backdrop of a casino or dealing with sports in order to get the feeling still across.

Have you ever played a game of pool and thought that you have the ability to make some money? Well, that’s the premise of this film almost as a sequel of “The Hustler”. 

“Fast Eddie” Felson decides he wants to get back into the game and takes a disciple in the raw but talented Vincent Lauria.

Felson is teaching Lauria the tricks of the trade of how to scam people into playing and wagering, thinking they are not that good at the game but after a falling out, they will ultimately play as rivals. 

This movie is exciting and easily better than the first film and makes me feel like I want to go to a pool hall and play. 

Molly’s Game

Nothing hits home like a good true story and Molly’s Game is about Molly Bloom, a young Olympic skier who had her career cut short due to an injury and ended up running the world’s most exclusive poker games for almost a decade before the FBI figured out. 

Some of the players were some incredibly important people such as business titans, Hollywood stars, sports athletes, and the Russian mob (without Bloom knowing who it was).

This is an incredible film that shows the audience the ups and the downs through gambling and still makes it fun and exciting.

Guys and Dolls

I always have a soft spot for Guys and Dolls and though it might not be on any other list, it’s gotta be here. The focus of the story is on Nathan Detroit who needs to figure out the location of his craps game and he needs $1,000 to host it.

He wagers Sky Materson that Sky cannot get a date with Sarah Brown and eventually the story is developed by the game in itself. 

Incredible Cast

The cast is incredible with Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, and Jean Simmons starring in it but this 1965 classic gets me excited to go roll some dice right away.

This is the best list of movies on bets out there and if you are wanting to bet yourself now, make sure to check out some betting guides at your disposal to be ready. 

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