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LoL LCS: Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 Betting Analysis and Predictions

The opening week of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2022 Summer will feature a plethora of interesting matches, but the clash between Team Liquid and Cloud9 stands out. As two title contenders, the teams will have two games to war up against this affair, which could have implications on the final standings, and it will definitely give one team bragging rights until they meet again later this split.

Today, we will look at the clash between two of North America’s top League of Legends teams and provide an in-depth preview with all the information you’ll need to make smart League of Legends betting picks.

Last game records

Team Liquid and Cloud9 will have already played two games ahead of this bout, but since we don’t know how they’ll do, we don’t have any past results of the teams to analyze. We have to go way back to the LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs to see how the teams did in their most recent matches, but given all the meta changes and even roster moves at Cloud9, those results hold no weight.

Interestingly Liquid and Cloud9 have not met once in the playoffs, largely because C9 crashed out in the second round against Evil Geniuses (0-3) – the same team that swept Liquid in Round 3 and ended up winning the trophy.

Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 Betting Analysis

The League of Legends betting odds for this match show Cloud9 as the underdogs (+120) and Team Liquid as healthy favorites to come out ahead. That makes sense largely because Team Liquid are expected to compete for the title this season, whereas it’s hard to know what to expect from Cloud9.

Admittedly, these are both great teams, filled with talented players, but if you compare them lane-by-lane, Liquid come slightly ahead. Moreover, Team Liquid have not made any roster changes this offseason, so they should enter LCS 2022 Summer with strong synergy.

On the other side, Cloud9 have restructured its roster, suggesting the team might be going through some growing pains at the start.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid are easily one of the most stacked teams in the league, with excellent players in all five roles. This also explains why Liquid is one of the favorites to win the LCS crown; granted, they were the top dogs in LCS 2022 Spring, yet they couldn’t deliver.

We can’t really blame them, knowing how good Evil Geniuses proved to be in the final stretch. But their 0-3 defeat in the third round of the playoffs doesn’t mean that Liquid will be worse than EG this term. However, we would still argue that EG have a higher ceiling, but that’s beside the point.

The only limiting factor on Team Liquid is jungler Sanotrin, who we don’t consider an elite-level player. But we don’t expect his weaknesses to show before Liquid face international competition at LoL Worlds. He’s still one of the top-three junglers in the league, and that’s more than enough for Liquid to win the title and defeat other top dogs, including Cloud9.

In other positions, Team Liquid are solid and very stable. So when you look at this team, you don’t necessarily have to ask yourself whether Liquid have enough talent. But rather whether they’ll be able to show it.


Cloud9 moved Fudge back to the top lane for this season, and that’s a fine choice. He was – and still likely is – one of the best top laners in the LCS, so we don’t really see a problem with that. Keeping Summit would perhaps benefit Cloud9 more, but we must also note that Fudge is a better top laner than he is a mid laner, so it’s a fair tradeoff.

Moving down the list, Cloud9 fields Blaber, who is easily one of the top junglers in the league, and we don’t see a problem with C9 fielding Zven as support. He is an established ADC who should know his way around the role and level up C9’s bottom lane.

The only real question is mid laner Jensen, who has been out of action since December 2021, when he left Team Liquid. Although we have seen in the past that players can come back and do well, he is still somewhat of an enigma.

Still a very established and talented player, but it might take Jensen some time to adapt to a new team and the competitive scene.


Team Liquid enter the new split with the same roster that represented the squad in LCS 2022 Spring. Meanwhile, Cloud9 have made some adjustments, which aren’t necessarily terrible, but they had lowered the team’s ceiling internationally.

Top laner Summit left the team after one split to return to Korea and was replaced by Fudge, who has returned to the top lane after one split as a mid laner. In Fudge’s place, Cloud9 re-signed Jensen, who was a part of the team way back in 2015-2018 before he spent three years with Team Liquid.

Besides the one roster move, there isn’t much that has changed in the teams ahead of the LCS 2022 Summer. But we would keep an eye out on any social media updates from C9 and TL ahead of this match.

Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 Betting Preview

Talent-wise, Cloud9 and Team Liquid aren’t that far apart. In fact, it wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that they’re extremely close, so the question of which team will win does not necessarily come down to which has better players but which roster will step up.

Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 Betting Prediction

If you’re betting on esports and want to figure out which of the two teams has a better chance of winning, there is no clear answer to that. Both Cloud9 and Team Liquid are highly talented teams that can beat each other on any given day.

We are leaning more towards Liquid due to the stability of the roster, but then again, they are not flawless and can crack against a strong opponent.

How to bet on Team Liquid vs. Cloud9

This could be a messy game, and while we expect Liquid to come out ahead, they’re not a good pick at the offered League of Legends betting odds. Instead, we’ll take under 22.5 kills, mainly due to the current state of the game.

With the new patch, the games have slowed down significantly, and barring any early snowballs; this could be a scaling and low-scoring game.

Prediction: Under 22.5 kills

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