Clay Collard vs. Alexander Martinez Betting Analysis and Predictions

The PFL comes back with their second round of regular-season matchup for the lightweight division on June 16. Collard (21-9) is tied for third place with Martinez (9-2), and they will have a big fight to see who moves up in the rankings going into the third round of the regular season.

Last Fight Record

Both Collard and Martinez are coming off decision wins in their last fights. Collard knocked off a tough opponent in MMA veteran Jeremy Stephens, and Martinez beat Steven Ray in April.

Clay had a very good start to his 2021 campaign that ended in a very controversial decision loss to the 2021 PFL champ, Raush Manfio.

Collard vs Martinez Betting Analysis

Clay Collard

Clay Collard is a jack of all trades in the combat sports world. Being active in boxing and MMA has only helped his performances in the PFL over the last two years. He needs to get more credit for his durability and commitment to combat sports at such a high level. He fought eight times in a pro boxing ring within two years. Three boxing and three MMA bouts in 2021.

He is tough, has great hands, and is very adaptive in any way the fight ends up going. He knows how to win fights, and he has the confidence to make his run at a PFL title this season because he believed he should have been champ last year. This momentum is something that can be massive for a fighter to ride on, especially in this PFL format of fighting.

I believe he will have a size advantage in the cage against Martinez. He also will have confidence in being able to trade shots with Martinez because Collard has only gotten KO’d once in his MMA career. He is comfortable on his feet at an MMA distance, and with the boxing experience, he will be tough at any distance on his feet. 

Alexander Martinez Content

Martinez will have a tough test-taking on Clay Collard. He will need to be durable, tough, and have his cardio at an elite level to outlast Collard in this one. The issue is he will probably have to beat Collard for over 15 minutes. 

Martinez hasn’t proven he can finish anybody at this high level of MMA. Collard is a tough one to finish for anybody, even a much harder hitter in Jeremy Stephens. Martinez is a tough kid too. He hasn’t been finished in his MMA career, and it will be tough for Collard to get him out of there.

Martinez is coming off a very close win that many people think he lost, even with live scoring for the audience. This will be an interesting matchup to see if Martinez can show up in this big fight.

Collard vs Martinez Betting Preview

Collard can be found in most MMA betting sites at a -200 favorite. MMA odds can be quickly changed throughout the weeks leading up to a fight for many reasons. MMA betting trends are discussed a lot, with all these different styles clashing.

Collard has the advantage in the cage in this one. He has more experience, is on a hot streak in the cage, and really wants and believes he is a PFL champion. Collard will look to stuff takedowns and hurt a smaller Martinez on the feet with a variety of strikes. He can turn up the pressure and force Martinez to make mistakes there.

Martinez is a very technical fighter and is good on the ground and gaining positions where he is in control. This will be a big test for Collard if it goes to the ground. Martinez’s standup game isn’t quite to Collard’s level, but he will always be looking to be in the proper position and use his techniques wisely.

Collard vs Martinez Betting Prediction

Collard is ready to make that leap in his combat sports career. That PFL lightweight championship belt and that $1 million check is motivating him to make that push this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the first person to finish Martinez in his career so far. Those bonus points will go a long way this season in the PFL, especially with Anthony Pettis sitting on top with six total points right now.

I think Collard’s toughness and pressure will be too much for Martinez to handle, and it will take a lot to try to take this win away from a hungry Clay Collard. On paper, it is Collard’s fight to take, and I think he will take it in an impressive fashion.

Final Prediction: Collard to win -186 (best odds)

How To Bet On Collard vs Martinez

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